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Makes more sense.
yeah this guy and I are making a war game and it is centered on it is 1970 and the Greater German Reich collapsed in 1964 cause it went broke and could not afford the six puppet states, twenty seven colonies, and the mild insurgencies in each area.

Unlike NWO and such TL’s this is “democracy won” in 1970.

So what does a UK in 1970 look like when for almost 25 years it was being made into a fortress to fend off the Germans.

What does America look like when a political party was pro-Reich (heavy isolation on all sides in the USA but one party wanted to befriend the Reich and “expand” into South America) and the Reich is now gone.

Hell what does Japan look like in this world where “technically” it is now the master of the Pacific and Asia.

But we want more fun crap alongside the doom and gloom. So Nazi jet fighters and Japanese samurai with assault rifles.