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Exploring Alternate Wars of the Roses: King Holland

Something I didn't mention in the article was that Exeter and Dorset have a vague familial connection. Exeter's aunt Constance had married Dorset's great-uncle Sir John Grey. Their mutual cousin, and Dorset's namesake, Thomas Grey Lord of Richemont, had been something of a henchman for Exeter in the 1450s, and was ultimately attainted and executed in 1461. Exeter may also have been acquainted with Dorset's father John Grey, given both fought for Henry VI at St Albans (where Grey died).

Don't think either of those facts would be able to elicit any more than teeth-clenched teamwork between the two, though.

I really like the points of 'yeah on technical grounds his claim would be more legit but bollocks would that matter'
I mean, Tudor did a pretty good job proving such legal niceties didn't especially matter IOTL.