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Election maps and assorted others

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The Asakusa line literally has through services from Narita Airport to the tip of the peninsula in southeast Kanagawa. Namboku line trains run to Yokohama on Tokyu track, then onto the Minatomirai line of the Yokohama metro and to its outermost terminus. Really stretching the definition of "line" here if you ask me.
Its such a glorious mess isn't it.


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Anyway, today's progress:


This is basically all of the old Yamanote ("foothills") part of the city, which was traditionally the better-off part. The Tokugawa retainers were given plush houses in the foothills behind Edo Castle, the provincial daimyo followed them when they were required to take up residence in the city, and this development continued through industrialisation, boom and bust, although Yamanote now stretches much further west than it used to, and the Tama area west of the city contains neighbourhoods of both high and low social standing.

The poor, who couldn't afford to live in Yamanote, clustered around the harbour and the river delta east of the castle, creating what became known as Shitamachi ("lower city"), and that's where we're going next.


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Some of those 'half the line fully accessible, other half with one or two accessible stations' cases are due to more recent extensions I assume?
In some cases. The case of the Tozai line, which is probably the most egregious example, was probably mainly because it was just easier to do on the extension - everything east of Nishi-kasai is above ground.
There are countless foreign metropolises that @Ares96 has never been in, and wouldn't be able to speak the local language there.

However, if dropped in any one of them, you can count on that he would be able to do perfectly navigate his way through any one of them, and make wry comments about decisions regarding specifics of the city-planning.
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I entitle this work "Hungary in 1900, or How Far East Did the Counter-Reformation Reach?"
I always forget that after Scotland and the Netherlands, Hungary is the one country in Europe with the highest concentration of Calvinists.

Also, the Reformed Church in Hungary is the only Calvinist denomination in the world that adheres to an episcopal church government.


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The Ballad of the French King's Musicians
Frans Gunnar Bengtsson
Published in 1923, free translation

We have come from Burgundy and bright Guienne,
from Brabant and from the fields of Normandy
We have never ever seen those lands again
Since we joined the royal drummers' company
Where the Alps rose to the heavens, we heard "Come,
with King Charles and with his banners toward Rome!"
And the winds of the blue sky
Kept our standards rising high
'Til the lilies brought all Tuscany to bloom.

Oh, the women of the grain and linen fields
dropped their harvest-loads and gazed at us in trance
as we raised our trumpets high against the walls
"Men of Florence! Make way for the King of France!"
The doncellas of the squares gave out their blood
for our courage and our manhood, it would flood
when we swore that to the south
marching to the Tiber's mouth
not a virgin would be left, if God was good.

We have marches high and music for the balls,
litanies of dream and songs of Charlemagne.
We have played the clavichord and virginal
to an Aube and to the ballads of Bretagne.
We have rhymes of Blanchefleur and of Floris
and refrains of the Sieur de la Palice.
And as the Pope his blessings gave
for the courtesans' conclave,
we sang the Ballade des Dames du Temps-Jadis.

Ghibellins and Guelphs and Spaniards and the Pope,
we have followed all these men to Hell and back.
We have served the lords as long as they could cope,
'til they left this land in carriages of black.
Year by year, we change our costumes bright and fair
Of the fortunes of our masters, all that's there
the worn coats from some fete
black for Sforza, green for Este
and for Borgia, red as the Papal daughter's hair.

Do they still remember us in bright Guienne?
Does the spring still light the fields of Normandy?
We have never ever seen those lands again
as we march on Rome in Frundsberg's company.
Between Espérance and saddle
with Orange and Connétable de Bourbon.
What along the march we saw
that inspired fear or awe
we have transubstantiated to a song.


Godlike Hunchback
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Neat map! FYI, Tsipras has changed the electoral law to remove the 50 seat bonus to the largest party, but because the Greek constitution-makers knew how Greek politicians operate, the changes can not kick in until after this year's election.
It’s no surprise he doesn’t like it, it was basically a coin toss that let ND win it with 18% of the vote in the first 2012 election.


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It’s no surprise he doesn’t like it, it was basically a coin toss that let ND win it with 18% of the vote in the first 2012 election.
I like how the Greek electoral system basically consists of taking party-list PR, and then adding back in all the bad things PR advocates in the UK complain that FPTP has, but without any of the good things.

Fantastic work, I assume this is meant for comparison with the upcoming election.