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Current kicks and bans

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Baron Ciclavex of Wales-on-Schuylkill
Patreon supporter
New Sweden
The Lone Centurion has been banned from this forum. As the final reason for the ban was due to PMs, and thus the ban message is not publicly viewable, I have provided it below for the purposes of openness between the moderation staff and the community.

Ciclavex said:
I and the other moderators of the Sea Lion Press Forums have received reports of your harassment of several members through unsolicited and unwelcome personal messages including very questionable content indeed. This incident follows repeated infractions against this community’s rules, for which you have racked up a long series of actions in the form of warnings and kicks.

The last time I addressed you regarding these infractions, I told you that you were on your last chance.

That chance has now expired.

You are permanently banned, with immediate effect, from the SLP Forums community.
Given the circumstances, I would like to make a request that no member of the forum like this post. Any user who has questions or objections regarding this action may PM me or the other moderators, or Meadow, for any clarifications.

The Lone Centurion will be added to the bans above with a link to this public ban post.

Thank you.
Not open for further replies.