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collaborative Rockefeller for president timeline

Any one can collaborate on this but you cant jump ahead but you can go past the first event date.;)
February 13. 1968
Johnson speaks to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller." I dont believe Humphrey can beat dick Nixon "the presdient tells the New York Governor in a confidential talk at Rockefellers New York mansion.
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Yokai Man

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No offense,but you miswrote February and President my dude. Also some punctuation is missing.Like,I’m usually not one for grammatical perfection,but still.

Again,I don’t mean to offend you. It’s just a bit distracting,that’s all.


We have no choice but to say: Ye, Aaron Burr
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Army of the Potomac
1968 is too late for Rockefeller to beat Nixon for the GOP nomination. At that point the real question is if Reagan can beat him from the Right. No Divorce in 1964 and he can probably beat Goldwater though.
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