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Chris Huhne instead of Nick Clegg


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Sodomy and the Tory Tradition
The News of the Screws knew of Huhne's affair as early as 2009, they put it on ice because of who he was at that time.

When Holy, Holy Leader Chris Huhne starts getting all nasal and pontificating during expenses, I'm betting his affair comes out.

If Price comes forward on roughly the same timetable as OTL, that would mean Huhne would be being interviewed by police just around the time the general election would fall.


Sodomy and the Tory Tradition
Ironically by almost solely focusing on constitutional issues this nicely demonstrates part of the reason why the Lib Dems went down shit creek in government.

This is a good demonstration of that weird tendency in AH that if leaders had just been a lot more muscular everything would have been great and in this case Here's how the coalition could still win.

I think Huhne over Clegg can be a way to save the Lib Dems from themselves but not like this. My scenario above is a possible disaster scenario, but you could also say that Huhne's affair being broke in a different way would lead to Price coming forward quicker and the greater media pressure telling quicker. If Huhne ends up resigning in early 2010 only months before a general election then the party might coalesce around Cable as an already known quantity to the public. I'm not sure it would be enough but that would probably be the likeliest means of aborting coalition altogether in favour of a looser arrangement. It would certainly at minimum result in coalition being done and progressing much differently to OTL.
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