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Blackentheborg's city council archive filing cabinet

Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
Something I'm trying to sort out.

There Is Power In A Union

How America
Lost Its Chains and Got The Goat
Oh Blacken how you tease, I’m guessing it’s a place where a Social Democratic/Labour Party managed to emerge and gain power?


Llareggub, Wales
Lets get YOLKED

Kingdom of England -
1066 – 1075: King William I (House of Normandy)

Wounded during a small-scale rebellion led by Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury, aiding Dukes Ralph de Gael and Roger de Breteuil, 2nd Earl of Hereford. Later died of infection.
1075 - 1102: King Robert II (House of Normandy)
- Died in battle.
1102-1103: King Henry I (House of Normandy)
- Underwent the repurposing of the former Kingdom of England, now admitted to the Norman Bine.

Kingdoms of New Normandy -
1103 - 1128: King Henry I (House of Normandy)
caretaker > Queen Matilda of Blessed Memory (House of Normandy-Dunkeld)

- Died of food poisoning, specifically eating "too many lampreys".
1128 - 1135: [vacant]/"the Anarchy"
> Disputed between William III (House of Hauteville), Conan III (House of Cornouaille), and Tostig Godwinson (House of Godwin)
1135 – 1154: King William II (House of Hauteville)
- Scion of the Hauteville dynasty, ruled largely as a caretaker puppet to Normandy instead of an independent lord. Deposed.
1154 - 1171: King Meilyr I (House of Normandy)
- Ascended with the assistance of William Ironarm of Ypres. Slain in battle during the Godwin Insurrection.

High Lords of Dubh Linn, Gallowa and Bamburgh -
1165 - 1168: Tostig Godwinson [uncrowned] (House of Godwin)

- Returned home to rally forces for another rebellion. Died of old age.
1168 - 1189: Echmarcach mac Ragnaill (House of Uí Ímair)
- Successfully lead rebellion against New Normandy. Declares "old Angoland is dead!"
1189 - 1202: Diarmait mac Máel na mBó (House of Uí Ceinnselaig)
- Standards of Britons, Irish and Scots go up dramatically, soon leading the world.
1202 - 1???: Anund Uppsale (House of Björn Ironside)
- Trading vessels are sent to establish permanent colonies in Helluland.


Llareggub, Wales
I don't wan't AOC to run in 2024 - she needs more experience - but if she HAD to;

Pres: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
VP: Cori Bush
State: Ilhan Omar
Treasury: Rohit Chopra
Defence: Matt Duss
AG: Larry Krasner
Interior: Raúl Grijalva
Agriculture: John Boyd
Labor: Julie Su
Commerce: Jamaal Bowman
HHS: Georges Benjamin
HUD: Rashida Tlaib
Transport: Ayanna Pressley
Energy: Andy Levin
Education: Zakiya Smith Ellis
VA: Tammy Duckworth
Homeland Security: Vanita Gupta

EPA: Mark Z. Jacobson
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Marie Newman
Office of Management and Budget: Brent Welder
Postmaster General: Mondaire Jones


Llareggub, Wales
And for bonus points, a potential Biden cabinet:

Pres: Joe Biden
VP: Kamala Harris
State: Susan Rice
Treasury: Raphael Bostic
Defence: Thomas Countryman
AG: Doug Jones
Interior: Jim Clyburn
Agriculture: Marcia Fudge
Labor: Julie Su
Commerce: Lael Brainard
HHS: Vivek Murthy
HUD: Alvin Brown
Transport: Polly Trottenberg
Energy: Arun Majumdar
Education: Lily Eskelsen García
VA: Robert McDonald
Homeland Security: Alejandro Mayorkas

Chief of Staff: Ron Klain
UN Ambassador: Sung Kim
EPA: Jay Inslee
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Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"

President Jesse Jackson pictured with his immediate Cabinet - Secretary of Energy Al Gore, Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of State Dick Gerphart, Secretary of Health and Human Services Paul Simon, and Secretary of Labour Mike Dukakis.
8/10, No Pat Schroeder.