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Time Enough

European Pollution Police Force
Actually, it's what would've become of the original original Rainbow Coalition.
Oh boy, I bet COINTELPRO is both happy and frightened. I like the idea of a Radical Socialist Party in American politics.

I bet Ralph Nader is an odd fit for the Rainbow Coalition though Nader is always an odd fit to any party.
2021-2022: Kamala Harris/[vacant]
defeated Donald Trump/Mike Pence, Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, others

When a whole bunch of raunchy escapades put a real weight on Biden, and Trump was caught literally with his pants down in the Oval, the prophesied T I E D E L E C T O R A L C O L L E G E ended up a reality. If that wasn't enough, the Democrats have enough gains in the Senate to force a tiebreaker stalemate, even with Pence trying his best to flaunt what little time he had left in the Oval. As the House appoints Harris as VP, the Senate remains staunch in refusing to do their job they were elected to do. Republicans wouldn't budge, neither would Democrats. Weeks turned into months and one deadline rolled over to the next.

2022-2023: Kamala Harris/Tulsi Gabbard
defeated Donald Trump/Mike Pence, Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, others

Following the absolutely disappointing result of the Democratic primaries, Hawaiian senator and former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard lost her incumbent House seat to challenger Kai Kahele. Surprisingly, tho, she was called back to congress a little more than a month after limping back to her home state, after the gridlocked Senate begrudgingly decided she'd be the perfect fit for Veep. The fact the Republicans put her name up for consideration at all was enough to mark her as a permanent person of interest when it came to accusations of Russian meddling. What was an already increasingly unpopular and controversial was made a bit worse when Gabbard announced she would be changing her party affiliation to Independent, following several rowdy confrontations with the Democratic party ordering her off the ticket come 2024.

2023-2025: Tulsi Gabbard/[vacant]

Harris was assassinated whilst doing a listening tour of Camden, New Jersey. Almost immediately a nineteen year old came forward claiming responsibility, insisting he was put up to the task as a gang initiation ('for clout'). The subsequent investigation by intelligence services quickly found that while the youth had indeed intended to 'disrupt the President's visit in some manner', he was later found to have no actual affiliation with local gangs (subsequent revaluation by contemporary historians theorise the youth was suffering from undiagnosed Histrionic personality disorder). The actual shooter, found less than a week later attempting to gain entry to Canada, was a fifty-something former coal miner and disenfranchised veteran. What really got people going was the sheer amount of alt-right stuff that was found on his internet history. Gabbard used that as fuel for rolling out Patriot Act III.

2025-2029: Sarah Palin/Nikki Haley
defeated Tulsi Gabbard/Sabrina Shrader (Tomorrow), Pete Buttegig/Dawn Addiego, others

When the President refused to appoint a new Veep until she's officially elected "because reasons", Republican anger came roaring back to attention, utilised by Palin, perhaps the most famous old face of the party, employing something pundits starts referring to as "Apple Pie Populism" or "Redneck Reganomics" or whatever you wanted to call it to avoid using "Trumpism". The actual inventor of his own signature populism brand, Mr. Trump, had actually just been found guilty by the New York court, which quickly became one of Palin's campaign planks; federal entities should be above the power of the law. Except if it was President Gabbard, of course, she was apparently guilty of as many crimes as they cared to list. And his platform of protecting the government, fiscal sanctity of businesses, privilege of religious groups and illusion of privilege to First Amendmentites would've been enough to crush any completion even if the incumbent wasn't heir to one of the most controversial elections in recent history.

2029-2037: Lee Carter/Joseph Stallcop
defeated Sarah Palin/Nikki Haley, others

If Palin gotten in a term earlier, or Trump had kept his hands above the table, then they might've been a bit more lucky. Because shortly after entering office the poor attempt the GOP had made at a nationalist economy came crashing down. It wasn't just a recession, oh no, it was a 'jump out the window of the stock market' situation. Membership applications for extremist groups on both sides of the spectrum quintupled overnight. You know those Reddit posts you see sometimes where Proud Boys get owned by ANTIFA mobs or vice versa? Picture that in the thousands, across every state. Palin wasn't prepared for this in the slightest. Solution? Haemorrhage American assets, suspend social security payments indefinitely and de-automate all American factories via Executive Order. If workers didn't get the chance to beat up car-assembly machines in the middle of abandoned fields a la "Office Space" en-masse, there would have been guillotines on the White House lawns by sunrise. In short, the perfect atmosphere for Carter, a pro-gun socialist from Coal Country, to clean house.
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Signatories of the Rainbow Coalition of Revolutionary Solidarity (proper);
  • Black Panther Party
  • Young Patriots Organization
  • Young Lords Organization
  • Students for a Democratic Society
  • Brown Berets
  • American Indian Movement
  • Lincoln Park Poor People's Coalition
Signatories in absentia and Later signatories;
  • Young Socialist Alliance
  • Revolutionary Youth Movement
  • El Comité
  • Third World Liberation Front
  • White Panther Party
  • Up Against the Wall Motherfucker
  • I Wor Kuen
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
  • Rising Up Angry
  • Venceremos
  • Republic of New Afrika
  • Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam

Time Enough

European Pollution Police Force
So @Blackentheborg you know your Rainbow Coalition timeline idea thing, well I have a good candidate for Washington State;
Patrick Haggerty, singer of Country Band Lavender Country, member of the Gay Libertarian Front, Communist and more. He’d be a fun character for the Rainbow Coalition to have.
1969-1972: Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew
defeated Hubert Humphrey/Edward Muskie, George Wallace/Curtis LeMay (AIP)

Through unknown means, the interior notes detailing Nixon usage of Anna Chennault to derail the Paris Accords find their way into the laps of the New York Times. What follows is a clusterfuck of Anti-War fury. The absolute sea of angry college students is more than enough to distract the secret service while on a goodwill visit to Ottawa -- Nixon was subsequently shot dead by a schizophrenic. His immediate successor, former governor Agnew, might have won himself the sympathy vote, but had made it very clear what he thought about the anti-war movement. They had tried his patience, and as a result, so too did his patience run out with Vietnam. A couple of phone-calls with General Westmoreland later, and Agnew was convinced.

1972-1973: Spiro Agnew/[vacant]
1973-1974: Spiro Agnew/George H.W. Bush

defeated Edmund Muskie/Terry Sanford

As nukes were flown in to Bình Phước, an ultimatum was issued to General Secretary Lê Duẩn; either turn Hanoi to the South, or have it turned into a glowing crater on the Indochinese Peninsula. Before the Secretary could even answer, North Vietnamese forces shot down an American bomber flying in the distance, not knowing it was carrying four AGM missiles, each with a yield f 210 kilotons. All subsequently airburst over Vietnam and lit the entire jungle on fire. America panicked, Russia panicked, everything almost ended very messily. All of this occurred just four months after Agnew was elected. You can guess how little the President avoiding his taxes actually mattered.

1974-1977: George H.W. Bush/[vacant]
1977-1979: Jerry Brown/Edwin Edwards

defeated George H.W. Bush/Bob Dole
1979-1981: Jerry Brown/[vacant]
1981-19??: Ronald Reagan/Evan Mecham

defeated Jerry Brown/Charlie Wilson, John Anderson/Frank Fasi (Indpt.)
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