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Based Slight Top
Based on an idea @Qaz_plm had where you base a list around a song

John F. Kennedy (Democratic) 1961-1965
1960 Def. (with Lyndon B. Johnson) Richard Nixon (Republican)
Barry Goldwater (Republican) 1965-1973
1964 Def. (with Bill Scranton) John F. Kennedy (Democratic) George Wallace (Unpledged)
1968 Def. (with Joe Foss) Pat Brown (Democratic) Robert Scheer (People's Union for Peace)

At the tone... 3 hours 21 minutes: coordinated universal time...

Max Rafferty (Republican) 1973-1977
1972 Def. (with William Avery) Clair Callan (Democratic) John Conyers (PUP)

Prepared in innocence to meet our King of Glory...

Elmo Zumwalt (Democratic) 1977-1981
1976 Def. (with William Gannon) George S. Benson (Republican) Ralph Nader (PUP) Sam Steiger (Write-In Republican)

And so we have this/You have your secret windows/And it takes understanding to understand it and bring it forth...

Robert Grant (Republican) 1981-1981*
1980 Def. (with William Dyke) Elmo Zumwalt (Democratic) Roger MacBride ("Goldwater" Republican) Ralph Nader (PUP)

It takes a minute detail/It takes a holy life...

William Dyke (Republican) 1981-1989
1984 Def. (with Hal Daub) Ernest Hollings (Democratic)

It takes emotions/It takes dedication/It takes dedication/It takes a death/And only God can allow it....

Phyllis Schlafly (Republican) 1989-1997
1988 Def. (with Woody Jenkins) David Duke (National Alliance) James Roosevelt III (Democratic) James Boren (Boren & Boredom)
1992 Def. (with Woody Jenkins) David Duke (National Alliance) Jim Hightower (Populist) Christopher Lydon (Democratic)

And you couldn't do it if you weren't the seed of God/And so the path through the great corridors/These are the corridors of perfection...

James Rowe Adams (Populist) 1997-1998
1996 Def. (with Wayne Dowdy) Woody Jenkins (Republican) Jim Traficant (National Alliance)

That is which the prophet and the Urim and the Thummim has penetrated/That is through the great sea of blackness/That I penetrated these corridors...

Bo Gritz (Military Alliance to Restore Godly Government) 1998-1999

And I went through this last segment/Where I went through these dark serpentines...

Hunter S. Thompson (Freak Power-Democratic Revival!) 1999-2001

I passed through that corridor/Where they sat, where they are/And when you penetrate to the most high God/You will believe you are mad/You will believe you have gone insane/But I tell you if you follow the secret window/And you die to the ego nature/You will penetrate this darkness...

Bob Jones III (Republican) 2001-????
2000 Def. (with Terry Dolan) Hunter S. Thompson (Freak Power-Democratic Revival!) G. Gordon Liddy (National Alliance) Wayne Dowdy (Populist) Christopher Buckley (True Conservative)
2004 Def. (with Terry Dolan) Jerry Brown (United) Willis Carto (National Alliance)

Oh yes there's many a man or woman/That's been put in the insane asylum/When this has happened to them...

Top 10 "Most Important" Historical Moments after 1960 (according to American voters, 2007):
1. Bo Gritz coup/Restoration of democracy (1998-1999)
2. Sino-Soviet nuclear conflict (1970)
3. Assassination of Robert Grant (1981)
4. Passage of the "Moral Bill of Rights" (1993)
5. "Sampson Option" (1975)
6. Formation of the "Protectorate of South Vietnam" (1966)
7. Second Invasion of Korea (1983)
8. Election of Hunter S. Thompson as Speaker of the House by "Democratic Revival Coalition" (1999)
9. First Anti-Corruption Trials (1979)
10. 1976 Republican Convention (1976)

Song: Storm by Godspeed! You Black Emperor
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gentleman biaggi

Based Slight Top
y'all ready for a real shit list?

Yo Pierre! - or, A Kennedy In All But Name

George H.W. Bush (Republican) 1989-1993
Def. (with Dan Quayle) Michael Dukakis (Democratic)
Pierre Salinger (Democratic) 1993-1994^
Evan Bayh (Democratic) 1994-2001

1992 Def. (with Evan Bayh) George H.W. Bush (Republican) Ross Perot (Independent)
1996 Def. (with Wayne Dowdy) Ross Perot (Let Freedom Ring!) Gordon Humphrey (Republican)

Colin Powell (Independent-"Moderate" Republican-"Majority" Let Freedom Ring) 2001-2005
Def. (with Frank Fasi) Wayne Dowdy (Democratic) Jerry Brown (Letting Freedom Ring For All The People) Ron Paul (Republican)
Jay Johnson (Democratic) 2005-2009
Def. (with Richard Riley) Kermit Brashear (Republican) Justin Raimondo (Get The Hell Out Of Haiti) Morry Taylor (Kill The Lawyers) Various (Let Freedom Ring Splitoffs)
Tom Coburn (Republican) 2009-2017

2008 Def. (with Charles Perricone) Jay Johnson (Democratic) John B. Anderson (Freedom)
2012 Def. (with Charles Perricone) Jill Docking (Democratic)
Robert Kagan (Democratic) 2017-????
Def. (with Mike Freeman) Charles Perricone (Republican) Justin Raimondo (Anti-War Coalition)