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Biaggi’s Lugubrious Vibe Chat

Dick Lamm/Lane Kirkland (Democratic) 291 EVs
Ronald Reagan/Ben Fernandez (Republican) 198 EVs
Mike Gravel/Frank Fasi (National Union) 49 EVs
Gene Burns/Sam Steiger (Libertarian) 0 EVs

Democratic: 52 +4 = 56 Seats

Republican: 48 -6 = 42 Seats
National Union: 0 +2 = 2 Seats

Democratic: 279 -2 = 277 Seats

Republican: 148 -4 = 144 Seats
National Union: 6 +6 = 12 Seats
Libertarian: 1 +1 = 2 Seats


Democratic: 37 -0 = 36 States
Republican: 12 -0 = 12 States

National Union: 2 +1 = 3 States
Jimmy Carter (Democratic) 1977-1981
Def. (with Walter Mondale) Gerald Ford (Republican)
Ronald Reagan (Republican) 1981-1985
Def. (with Phil Crane) Jimmy Carter (Democratic) John B. Anderson (Independent)
Dick Lamm (Democratic) 1985-1993
1984 Def. (with Lane Kirkland) Ronald Reagan (Republican) Mike Gravel (National Union) Gene Burns (Libertarian)
1988 Def. (with Lane Kirkland) Bill Jankow (Republican) Paul Tsongas (National Union) Ron Paul (Libertarian)
Bob Dornan (Republican) 1993-2001
1992 Def. (with Robert Michel) Milton Carr (Democratic) Lowell Weicker (National Union) Andy Borsa (Libertarian)
1996 Def. (with Robert Michel) Tom Harkin (Democratic) Bill Bradley (National Union) Larry Dodge (Libertarian)
Gar Alperovitz (Democratic) 2001-????
Def. (with Scotty Baesler) Clayton Williams (Republican) Ed Zschau (National Union) Carla Howell (Libertarian)


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Little Beirut
WI: The Carter Administration gives money to the Youngstown Effort, creating conservative rage and in response a more conservative economic policy and Gar Alperovitz becoming famous.
Very cool POD. Have you read Front Porch Politics by any chance? Great resource for under-studied social movements of this period including Youngstown.
Social Credit Members of Congress (2003-2005):
The Social Credit movement and party was the culmination of years of change in the American people’s philosophy of government and economic policy. The days of the New Deal and Kenyesian economics were dead, with the Libertarians promoting a freer economic and social system, the Democrats promoting the Commonwealth ideology, Republicans going for a mix of supply-side economics and conservative social issues, and the National Unionists were really the only ones who wanted to bring the old systems back. The Social Credit philosophy was spread to America by Minnesota Governor Tim Penny, who first heard about it via New Zealand’s Social Credit PM Stefan Lipa. In 1996, Penny formed the American Social Credit Party and left the Democrats. The ASCP nominated Bob Kelleher in 1996 who only managed 0.97% of the vote, with most of it coming from Penny’s Minnesota. In 1998, Penny lead the ASCP to its strongest pre-2002 result in his re-election campaign, as he won 20.34% in a very split field, but lost the election. From there, Penny attempted to spread the ideology, and in 2002 the party was able to make small house gains in opposition to some of President Gar Alperovitz’s social policies but agreeing on some points economically.

Tim Penny (ASCP-MN-01)
John S. Tanner (ASCP-TN-08)
Brad Asher (ASCP-NE-02)
My daily proselytizing political punk is now at SLP, in an official Bernie or Bust (TM) three-for-one deal!

Deal pending a Biden primary victory. Bernie or Bust (TM) is not available for any Trump victories that may occur as a result of Biden being generally shit. Any attempt to blame Bernie supporters for Biden being bad may have the following side effects: post morten depression, a Progressive kickback, radical centrism, or aiding the bourgeoisie. If you have any concerns about using this product, please consult your nearest constituent and remember: the majority of Americans support Medicare for All. Eat the rich!
what if gar alperovitz’s commonwealth ideology and minarchist libertarians cause a grand shrinking of the us government and more power given to regional governments

2050 we get warlord julian castro warring with warlord kevin johnson for control of what was once southern california