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Alternate Wikibox Thread


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A list of presidents in Willing the Delano.
Also, by a wide country mile, the longest wikibox I've ever done.

(This wikibox is so big I physically can't get it to load)
I think you may have messed up the dates on Ribicoff.
(Also the second FDR picture is viscerally uncomfortable to look at, well done)


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"Welcome to Peacock, NBC's online encyclopedia. You have one free article left. What information can we retrieve for you today?"

1972 Election

"There were 50 major elections held in 1972. Which country's election would you like to see?"

The United States

"There were many state and federal elections held in the United States this year. Would you like to see the Presidential Election, the Senate election, the House of Repre-"


"Retrieving The 1972 United States Presidential Election"

"... retrieving ..."

"... retrieving ..."

"... retrieving ..."

"A R T I C L E R E T R I E V E D"

"The 1972 United States presidential election was the 47th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 7, 1972. Incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon from California defeated the Democratic nominee, former Vice President Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota in an electoral and popular landslide. Nixon's victory in this election remains the largest margin of victory by a Republican Presidential nominee since the 1956 election."

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1972 United States Presidential Election.png

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No, bitch

"I'm sorry, I was unable to understand that entry. Please reply with yes or no"


"Understood. Thank you for using Peacock, NBC's online encyclopedia. Have a wonderful day in your pursuit of knowledge!"


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Cool, but I'm confused about Alabama. How did Wallace win the state and the 9 electoral votes if Schmitz is the AIP candidate (and Wallace is mentioned nowhere else)?
Unpledged electors.

The Spanish template doesn't show those under the candidates section at all, and I decided to keep it while adding the 'other candidates' section they have in the 2020 box. It says 10 electoral votes there, 9 for Wallace, 1 for Hospers and points out Wallace in the map key and the map itself while using a lighter purple, rather than the AIP shade


"You know my private opinion of Mr. Adams: Talents, virtues, and integrity, and I am free to declare that I have never changed this opinion of Mr. Adams since it was first formed, I think him a man of the first rate mind of any in America as a civilian and scholar, and I have never doubted of his attachment to our republican Government…[I am] at liberty to say in my name both to my friends and enemies — that I will as far as my influence extends support Mr. Adams unless Mr. Calhoun should be brought forward."

- Andrew Jackson, stating that he would commit to supporting John Quincy Adams for President in 1824 unless John C. Calhoun entered the race, in a personal letter to James Gadsden, December 6, 1821.