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Alternate Terminologies: Celeripedes, Selfmovers and Aerodromes


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I love the word aerodrome, and wish it had caught on, either as the name for airplanes or airfields.

"Dicke Autos" was the nickname given by Luftwaffe pilots to four-engined enemy bombers - roughly translates to "fat cars" but refers to what Anglophones call a "furniture van".


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A related discussion is, for instance, what kind of bike the word on its own implies - even leaving aside pedal vs push vs motor, in the UK I think it's gone from a more carrier type bike (or "roadster") to a road racing bike to a mountain or touring bike, while in the Netherlands I think it's still more what I think they would call a town bike if they had to specify. And I think referring to a "granny bike" in English in AH would imply a TL with a rather different evolution on cycling in the country in question postwar!