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Alternate Tastes of London

David Flin

Too stubborn to die
Recently released Alternate Tastes of London, by Andrew Brooks and Ekaterina Odnostorontseva.

12 months. 12 different histories, resulting in 12 different versions of modern-day London. Andrew and Kat take a tour around each of these, looking at the culture, sport, politics, society, and food. Essentially, everything that a tourist would need to know before a trip to the alternate London described, with each tour finishing up with some of the recipes to allow people to recreate the taste of each alternate London in the comfort of your own home.

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The End is Nigh / Eat at Joe's Cafe
Published by SLP
Based on a trip to Trafalgar Square where no-one could explain who Henry Havelock was. Never underestimate the obscurity of statues when they're not of someone really famous.
I remember doing a similar plot point in one story and someone saying it was unrealistic. Bit of Historian Bubble Thinking there.