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Alternate History Australia collection - call for stories!


The End is Nigh / Eat at Joe's Cafe
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Dear all writers, established and aspiring,

You may have seen our recent call for stories (now closed) for a WW1 themed anthology, and that collection will be published soon. But in the meantime, we issue a call for stories for a new anthology with a different theme...


Australia: the youngest continent in terms of recorded history, the smallest in population unless one counts Antarctica, yet still packed full of What If? possibilities. From Aboriginal civilisation to Gallipoli, from Cook and La Pérouse to Maintain Your Rage, the Land Down Under is begging to be the subject of more alternate history tales.

Now's your chance to write one.

This anthology will be edited by none other than @Jared Kavanagh, author of the greatly ambitious and justly popular Australian timeline Lands of Red and Gold (whose first volume was recently published by SLP). His submission guidelines are listed below.

- Alternate history set in (or mostly in) Australia, or otherwise which has a very strong link to Australia.
- Aiming for around 10-12 stories with a total length of 60-70,000 words
- Average story length should be 3000-8000 words, but flexible
- Focus is on realism rather than supernatural aspects, but contact me if unsure
- Closing date for submissions is 30 June 2020.

If you're interested in submitting an entry, first contact Jared Kavanagh at jaredkavanaghaustralia@gmail.com to discuss.

Will consider all entries, but lodging a submission does not guarantee inclusion in the final anthology.
Please make sure you use the email address jaredkavanaghaustralia@gmail.com to submit stories or make queries (rather than PMs or social media messages), as we want to limit the number of avenues of discussion to make sure no-one is overlooked by accident.

Come on over and give AH writing a go, we'll throw another shrimp on the barbie for you.


fatal softener
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Over the rainbow
Any particular time period you are looking for ?
Ideally I'd prefer to have a range of time periods. I've received quite a range in the expressions of interest so far, though of course an expression of interest is not a submission. The 3 completed submissions so far are pretty much set in the twentieth century (one just crosses over into this century).

The only periods I'd really suggest avoiding at the moment are future history (this is about alternate history, not future history) and stories which focus on contemporary politics. So if the story is political, it probably shouldn't be more recent than, say, the electoral defeat of John Howard. If it's non-political then it can be more recent. As always, though, if you have a particular idea I'd suggest emailing me to discuss.
I have written one alternate history short story and one piece of analysis (about Australian inland seas which were believed to exist in the 19th Century). I was a little dissatisfied with the short story but I put out the inspiration for it, in case anyone is interested in using that PoD. This was if the supposed plans of Napoleon to take over the western half of Australia had come to fruition and there was a dividing line between Anglophone and Francophone Australia roughly on the longitude of Darwin. I envisaged the 2000 Olympics being split between the cities [Darwin and Leclerc] either side of the line. Perhaps that was too modern for this anthology.