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Alternate Biography Titles: Lives that might have been

Alex Richards

She needs an artificial Mountain, not AV
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Love the sentiment, but it sounds a bit bombastic for Bobby.

I want to break free: the story of life without parole, by Ronnie Biggs.

And to tweak the theme:

Eight Days a Week: the fight for working-class leisure in the French Republic.
Yellow Submarine: A history of Sino-Korean naval tensions.


It smells like updanger in here.
Our brains are scarily similar. I was considering doing Oswald Moseley: his part in my downfall by Spike.
A part of one of the eleventeen British republics drafts had Milligan's books

· Churchill: My Part in His Downfall
· Monty: Private Who?
· Mosley: My Part in his Victory
· Maxton: His Part in my Downfall
· Goodbye Britannia.

Another draft had his book "God Sod the King"