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Alex's Comissions and Maps Thread


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et voila.

Oh god I'm in love with this new laptop. I literally was just like 'oh I'll review the exported file, no that line should be in Italics' and had it changed and re-exported in less than 30 seconds.

That used to be a 'euuurgh' moment.

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Very good work Alex, and I know what you mean re. new computers suddenly making graphics or video exporting trivial.

I once had a top-line computer built just to power through a bug in certain Word documents with a dodgy scientific add-on that made them freeze on other computers (of all things), there was something empowering about suddenly hearing the fan roar at full power and the processor and RAM blast through to let you edit it.

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And six weeks later :)

Remove Kreis Falkenburg back to Austria, mark Kreis Neustadt (OS) as to be decided (it will eventually be split).

Actually, can we take the minerals distribution off, sorry about this, but it's actually quite a lot more complex than it looks due to the presence of lots of deposits that were mined out by 1900, but would still be significant in 1730/1980.
Here you are.