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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
Parties of the United Kingdom of Great Britain as of the end of the Ostkrieg (1949-1965) [aka the final outcome of one KR game I had]

Well. I can't believe it's actually over. That we're finally at peace. First the Second Weltkrieg and now the Ostkrieg. Even Prime Minister Lloyd George looks tired while announcing what's arguably Britain's greatest victory ever. I mean, holy fuck we defeated India, China and Japan at the same time. But all those dead bodies and veterans limping back home. 35 million people died in all. At least this Lloyd George knows what happened last time this country went off to war, and has pledged to work with the rest of the Government to properly and truly make this country a home fit for heroes.

National Government (been in power for donkeys' years)

Liberal: There's talk of Lloyd George resigning. After all, he's in his late-60s and just oversaw the final end of the worst war in human history. Those that want to replace him often talk of Michael Foot, who is popular in Liberal commentary circles, even if not quite so with the other parties. Still, Lloyd George seems irritated by this talk, and has declared that he will step down when he deems it prudent, and no earlier. Meanwhile, drastic plans have been drawn up, many apparently from his old man's notes when he thought he would return to free Britain. I just hope those notes have been updated...

Conservative: Since Eden was forced to resign in 1962 after one too much humiliating defeats in Insulindia, the Tories have been quite peeved about not getting the Prime Ministership. Why can't Butler lead, the muttering goes. He has been an able Chancellor, why can't he lead the country? This is where the real mutterings of a need for another leadership change from the Liberal Gwilym to the Tory Rab comes from, mostly. Oh and of course there's Lord Salisbury on the hard-right saying that syndicalist elements meant the Ostkrieg took that long. He's... annoying, everyone agrees. Given quite a few Tory voters come from people who were generally fine with the syndies, and they don't know why, talk of "reconciliation" is key.

Labour: At once the "Party of Mosley" (boo hiss) and the "Party of Gaitskell" (yay), Labour is currently under the leadership of Tony Crosland, who is quite keen for the "Ostkrieg politics" of an increasingly-right-wing National Government to end, and hopes to exploit people's wishes for a better Britain (not a restoration of the Union, but you know, quite a few things we like in Britain those days are still from that era) to surge once more to their 1944 landslide. Is it possible? Well, who knows. But everyone knows that with Labour goes control of the House of Trades and hence any chance of legislating.

Opposition (they exist?)

Independent Labour: Not to be confused with Labour, this is the vaguely-syndicalist party that has safely been marginalised, and MI5 keeps a firm eye on them to make sure there's no more chances of a third British republic. Even the trade unions that are in the House of Trades prefer to side with Labour to ensure there's as much power for them. There's even talk the ILP is really just more MI5 than anything else those days.

Autonomist League: Only just got away from being banned by the sheer virtue of Mosley purging them and hence they were seen as the most anti-UoB elements apart from the Loyalists. Still perhaps one of the last somewhat-syndicalists left. Mostly only wins seats in Wales and Scotland, and lobby mostly for Home Rule, which gets general agreements from Liberals and a few Labour sorts, but Tories are opposed because they think it would just enable the split of the UK like what the Autonomist founder Niclas y Glais would have wanted. But then the Tories want them banned.

British Action: This is one of the two British Nat-Pop parties. Yes, we're that sort of country. Quite Francophile, they believe in bringing the French idea of integral monarchism to Britain, abolishing the House of Trades (which, okay yikes) and empowering the House of Lords. While Francophile sentiment in Britain has always been there on the left and right since the Revolution, this is the most simpering party ever. Their ideas of what count as "Anti-Britain" is fourfold - 1) Jews 2) Marxists 3) Freemasons and 4) Dissenters. It's the last bit that gets them the most controversy, as they're unrepentantly Anglo-Catholic in their belief, with even some muttering of "bringing London back into the Mother Church".

Protestant People's: This is the other Nat-Pop party. And yes it's just as crazy. It blames the French for well, everything, and believes Britain should align itself with the Reichspakt and away from the French. To them, the Ostkrieg was the French's fault, the Revolution was the French's fault, the First Weltkrieg was the French's fault, and everything great Britain had was ruined by the Entente. They're often the culprits for any anti-Catholic attacks, declaring that Britain is "a fundamentally Anglo-Saxon Protestant country". It... generally doesn't do well outside England. Or even in England for that matter. But both it and BA has seen greater numbers leading to mutters of extending the ban on most syndicalists to the far-right.
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Tsar of New Zealand

Sir Humphrey was the protagonist, change my mind
Where people are one and they get things done
53rd New Zealand Parliament, 14 October 2020

HM Government:
Labour are back, baby! Yes, we may have the worst infection rate in the developed world outside the UK (does America still count as 'developed'?) and Joyce left a cheery "we're broke, get fucked" note for Robertson on his desk, but back in power is back in power.

Labour [41.92%; 54 seats]: They did it. It took twelve years, five leaders, a pandemic and a recession, but they did it. A comfortable *checks notes* two-seat majority and a coalition with a party despised by a solid 40-60% of the population.

Now we just have to see how David Clark does at taking the reins of Coleman's dead horse and whether Twyford can make good on the promises to use the 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix our housing'. Given how thoroughly National has abdicated leadership, I've got a good feeling about this.

Greens [6.85%; 9 seats]: And lo, there came much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mike Hosking and Federated Farmers. Managed to get three Ministers inside Cabinet, a commitment to reroute the power from Manapouri to the general network, and whatever else lurks in the Coalition agreement.

HM Opposition: It'd probably be tasteless to say "a plague on both your houses", wouldn't it?

National [38.59%; 50 seats]: At last, Bill English can retire in peace, with only 37 stab wounds in the back.

ACT [4.11%; 5 seats]: Signs of the End Times:
  • Pestilence
  • War
  • David Seymour leading a caucus too big to fit in one taxi.

Signs this isn't the End Times:
  • ACT MP in the firing line for refusing to wear a mask in their Crown car as some sort of principled protest against "globalist tyranny".

Maori [1.88%; 3 seats]: Honestly, I didn't have anything written for this. I've had a fortnight to come up with something and I've really got nothing. But it's fucking glorious to see. And I thought ACT were the underdog story.

Parties outside Parliament

NZ First [2.45%]:
Winston put in all that mahi, screwed enough concessions out of Bill English to go into coalition, and he's only got a dole queue and some abandoned earthworks for a spur line to Marsden Point to show for it. Paula Bennett, whose career was sacrificed for this, is taking no small amount of pleasure in reminding us of how badly Winston has failed during her regular appearances on The Project.

New Conservative [1.08%]: Taking all bets, guys. Will they blame their defeat on the left or the gays?

Real New Zealand/HeartLand/Outdoors/BAN 1080 Alliance [0.87%]: Sound the microparty alarm: the freakish hydra came second in Port Waikato! Cue Shane Jones kicking off about the mass movement he's started, even as Mark Bell (who did all of the mahi for none of the treats) stands there bemused.

Opportunities [0.81%]: People for whom pitching herd immunity hasn't worked out: Anders Tegnell, Boris Johnson, Gareth Morgan. Gaweth has stepped down as leader, which would invite a comparison to rats and sinking ships if they hadn't jumped ship months ago and the ship wasn't already underwater.

Reset NZ [0.69%]: Demonstrating on Parliament lawn, again. Getting arrested for refusing to obey social distancing laws, again. Making incoherent posts on Facebook that your weird uncle on the West Coast is sharing, again.

Still, that voteshare is pretty lit.

Vision NZ [0.12%]: Hopefully they take the hint to just piss off already, but the Tamakis are the one thing more persistent than a case of long COVID.

ONE Party [0.09%]: Do you like insane Christian fundamentalism, but not the compromises with reality those conformists in the New Conservatives have made? Apparently, 2,423 New Zealanders do.

Social Credit NZ [0.04%]: Boosted their voteshare by 33% relative to 2017, which makes for an inspiring story of pensioner turnout amidst a pandemic.

Sustainable NZ [0.02%]: So much for the Teal Deal. Lol.

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Going a bit retro here

Progressing Though the Pandemic

Long Eaton Progressive Coupon:
On the one hand the suspension of the local elections for another year means a reprieve for the governing party in Long Eaton. On the other hand that just means more councillors can get involved in dog-fights over who managed to screw-up the High Street Bailout. Still, at least nobody's talking about the Midland Mainline Electrification anymore.

Wilne RDC Social and Liberal Democrats: Between their careful distancing from the Progressives in Long Eaton and the continued troubles with the Region over a lack of co-operation on some matters there's a possibility the whole local branch just leaves. Which ironically might just save the local Conservatives.

Wilne and Long Eaton Conservative Association: That majority in Wilne RDC back in 2017 is really looking like a poisoned chalice now. Handled the High Street Bailout better than the Progressives did in Long Eaton UDC but when you put that next to the care homes, and the furlough, and the fact that Kilroy-Silk appears to have driven everyone who might criticise his little jaunt to Penzance out of the local party...

Long Eaton and Wilne Combined Authority Labour Party: Between the general sense the Cruddas government has been handling the pandemic 'reasonably well' and the utter failures of local governments, LEWC Labour Party are pretty much guaranteed to take control in Long Eaton when the elections actually happen, and have a decent shot in Wilne.

Socialist Coalition (Long Eaton): 'A fresh rebrand is bound to let everyone know that we're still around and not just a splinter of discontented Labourites'. Might actually have worked if they hadn't ended up endorsing Piers Corbyn's anti-vax campaign.

Ecology Party of Long Eaton: Surprisingly they're fully on board with both lockdown restrictions and the vaccine. They're still massive racists however.

Ecology Party of Wilne RDC: Have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. Has anyone told them that the AIER believes climate change is a myth?

National Front (Derbyshire Committee): Half of them are in prison for hate crimes, the other half have either defected or are in the process of doing so.

Britons Against the Lockdown: Held a rally in Derby. One local policeman was photographed at it.

Veterans Alliance: Appear not to have done anything in 6 months.

National Vanguard: Will probably be banned as soon as normal business resumes.

Wilne Independents Alliance: The local remnants of South East Derbyshire Rural District Council Community Group since the formal split and the collapse of the Derby administration. Appear to be discussing joining the Wilne SLDs en masse. Which might explain a lot actually.

Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
Prime Ministers of the Federal Union of Britain:
2016-: Lisa Nandy (Progressive)

2016 (Majority) def: Alan Duncan (Conservative), Martin Daubney (Social Democratic), Ed Davey (Libertarian), Sarah Sachs-Eldridge-Sîan Berry (Red & Green), Andrew Murray (Independent Labour)
2020 (Coalition with Social Democratic) def: Jesse Norman (Conservative), Martin Daubney (Social Democratic), Cleo Lake-Sarah Sachs-Eldridge (Red & Green), Ted Miliband (Independent Labour)



Progressive: Lisa Nandy managed to set the world on fire in 2016, winning the first majority in 40 years against the shambling Conservative-Libertarian government of Alan Duncan (ha, remember them). Shame she was unable to continue that state it seems, though trying to centralise the regional Governments will probably do that. Also many on the Left of her party are worried by her coalition with the Soc Dems, who run counter to Nandy’s image as the next Roy Jenkins and all that entails.

Social Democratic: Henry Hyndman’s Spirit continues to dominate the party from beyond the grave it seems. Portrays itself as ‘Workerist’ party though I’m not sure what ‘Workerism’ has to do with making jokes about trans folk or complaining about Feminism (though amusing it has become the home of former Progressive MP Julie Burchill in recent years). Nandy has brushed them aside into the lower committees, so Andrew Adonis now gets to work with Tim Stanley on British Transport or Rachel Reeves having to work with Jared O’Mara on International Aid and I want to be in those rooms.

Jesse Norman is about as exciting as a bowl of plain weetbix but generally the Conservative’s don’t have much to say without him as the Social Democrats have stolen any Right Wing Populist thunder and generally going back to Duncan style Economic Libertarianism would go down like a cup of cold sick with the electorate (it’s embarrassing that the Conservatives nearly lost to the Soc Dems). Mainly it seems like he’ll be a seat warmer until Johnny Mercer is deemed ready by the Council of Elders...I mean the 1922 Committee.

Red & Green: Whilst former leader Jeremy Corbyn is a fucking annoyance who can’t keep his mouth shut, for the most part the Red & Greens have been enjoying there position as the relatively non cranky party of the Left...just as long as you don’t talk about nuclear power.

Independent Labour: The Laskites have beaten the Leninists yet again in a conference that was described as ‘Tedious’ but hey Teddy boy gets to stay on another four years and turn the ILP into the Left Wing Populist party that will shake the Class structure to it’s core. Just don’t talk about the ‘Milibabes’.

Regional Parties:
Pàrtaidh Sòisealach:
Has managed to set itself apart from it’s parent party of the ILP, it has an upcoming star in Monica Lennon and generally it seems it offers a firm rebuttal on much of First Minister Lamont’s policies. Shame that it’s current leader of George Galloway may follow in the less than noble tradition of Sheridan and Salmond in being found doing dodgy shit.

Plaid Cymru: Ron Davies’s Badger Watching Tours have done little to help the party’s struggling finances or the fact that the Welsh Conservatives have stolen it’s Welsh Nationalism Lark. Might as well fold into the Red & Greens at this rate as an affiliate and be done with it.

Mebyon Kernow: With the defection of Steve Gilbert from the dying Libertarians in 2017, MK now has representation in Federal Parliament. Julia Goldsworthy is happy because now with an Federal MP, MK can begin it’s long journey towards finally being it’s own prosperous nation outside of FBU rule. Well that’s what she tells the people, anyone with a lick of sense knows that Cornwall would be fucked without British or EC subsidies.

(Ashfield) People’s Voice: The once Ashfield based Left Populist Localist group has expanded into becoming a dominant force of East Midlands regional government. This may have to do with the fact that the husband and wife team of David Warwick and Alice Grice is generally more upstanding than Lee Anderson or Patrick Mercer in just about every way. There have been whispers that prominent Georgist intellectual and former Libertarian MP Jason Zadrozny maybe standing for the People’s Voice in the next election which would be something to say the least.
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Presidency of Cascadia, January 31, 2024

National Labour Party: Paterson is having another pissing contest with the Urban League, and honestly for the first time they're coming off better than he is. We do not, in fact, have to hand it to them, but with the entire Parliament traumatized by the experience of spending two years out of government, there really isn't any reason not to keep the only part of the Big Green Machine which actually knows how to do things well-oiled. ...I meant the Alki city government, to be clear, not the top of Arthur Chow's head. Though it is looking especially shiny these days.

Co-operative Party: I think a lot about @Pomegranate's point that every Co-op member has one weird obsession or galaxy-brain take, and Kim Olsen Cárdenas's main virtue as a leader is that she sees that in herself and others and is able to shuffle her reps around so that nobody notices. Anyway, KOC is recovering from childbirth this week, so we have Nate Almond saying calling flash music a "tool of corporate mind control", Zed Bennett convening hearings on whether the Latter-Day Saints and the Texians killed Bev Trelawney, and Vashti Dowling cracking what I think are jokes about French mind control agents in penicilligens. But hey, look at all the cute photos of the baby! (The baby is very photogenic, not going to lie. I expect her to show up in FH lists by Sunday.)

National Grange Alliance: Are there 4H Clubs in counties all across Cascadia, handwriting out thousands of postcards? Yes, yes there are. Do they have enough clout to gain back any seats outside of Elphinstone? Doubtful, but hardly inconceivable. Does Michael Scott sound very silly when he gets up in his little utility promotional cricket cap and his overalls and declares himself the Voice of the East? He does.

League of Independents:
I have to assume that the only reason Rick Galbraith hasn't rejoined National Labour is pure stubbornness. That and the fact that he probably gets better office space where he is now. He probably has a window and everything. Bart Kelso doesn't have a window. Bart Kelso doesn't need a window. Bart Kelso probably wants a window, but if he shows any sign of being anything other than a solid mass of dour Presbyterianism, he has to go back to Mount of Olives.

Labour-Liberal Party: Going to be honest, I haven't really figured out what Beth Pringle's deal is. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

The Reform Party has spent too long trying to figure out what it's about or who it wants to vote for them, but dad gummit, Jack Valentine's got it figured out. The Reform Party is the party of the suburban middle class. And also the exurban prairie aristocracy, and the young professional trying to get a nice starter home, and the doughty dryland rancher, and the terminally online hockey grandpa, and your middle school gym teacher who called you for travelling when your feet were right there the whole time, and Dolores Walsh for some reason, and

Catholic Action: Paul Moffatt does not have this problem. He is for a very specific type of person, the kind of person who will share Bright memes about refugees being Communist spies and has a Pope Urban dartboard despite showing up for church three times a week. This week he got into a shouting match with the Archbishop of Alki, carried out by couriers physically handing people pieces of parchment and then hanging out in the city until they have a response, because the Catholic Church is very Catholic and Paul Moffatt is very Paul Moffatt.

Social Credit: The top leadership went to the North American Social Credit Alliance conference in Terre Haute this week. I have to assume people kept asking Max McGee, "so, you were Prime Minister of Cascadia, how was that?" and he had to just mumble his answer and wander off awkwardly. Man, that was a good three weeks for sketch comedy.

Cascadian Section of the Workers' International (Loyalist):
Clare Wylie looked like she had a good time questioning Pat Weir about whether the Regional University System had anything to show for its existence except the only cricket team to have a Sea Saint for a mascot. It's nice to have a healthy outlet for your omnipresent murderous rage.

Cascadian Section of the Workers' International (Broad Front): Did Iain Nichols wish on a monkey's paw for someone to start returning his calls? He had some sort of interview with The American Worker where he very visibly realized halfway through who it was he was talking to. By March he's going to be addressing the Democratic Worker's Party of Florida.


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Adams-Van der Sloot-Oliveira Ranking of North American Universities, 2022

Public (flag)LocationChangePublic (non-flag)LocationChangePrivate (secular)LocationChangePrivate (religious)LocationChange
1.National Autonomous Royal University of TexasOxford, Texas+/-State University of Illinois at ChicagoChicago, Illinois+2Harvard UniversityCambridge, Massachusetts+/-University of MexicoMexico City, Mexico+1
2.California Central UniversitySan Luis Obispo, California+1University of Northern New JerseyBayonne, New Jersey+/-University of the NorthJanesville, Assiniboine, Canada+1Martin Luther UniversityGrand Forks, Chippewa-1
3.University of the Mexican NationMexico City, Mexico-1Puget Sound UniversityChikelis, Alki, Cascadia-2Princeton UniversityPrinceton, New Jersey+1Leavenworth Baptist UniversityLeavenworth, East Kansas+1
4.University of New England in MassachusettsSpringfield, Massachusetts+1Autonomous University of El PasoEl Paso, Texas+/-Yale UniversityNew Haven, Connecticut-2St. Catherine Tekakwitha UniversityChurchill, Hudsonia, Canada+2
5.University of IndianaIndianapolis, Indiana+2University of TorontoToronto, Ontario, Canada+2McGill UniversityMontréal, Québec, Canada+/-University of PortlandPortland, Maine+/-
6.University of HavanaHavana, Cuba+/-Yerba Buena UniversityYerba Buena, California+3Free University of AcadianaLafayette, Free Louisiana+2Sitka Orthodox State UniversityKechykhan, Sitka-3
7.University of VirginiaCharlottesville, Virginia-3Southeast Texas Regional UniversityBeaumont, Texas+1Columbia-Barnard UniversityManhattan, New York+/-Pontifical Catholic University of BexarBexar, Texas+/-
8.Free University of MemphisMemphis, Mississippi Valley Autonomous Region, Tennessee+4Université LavalQuébec City, Quebec, Canada-2York UniversityToronto, Ontario, Canada-2St. Andrew CollegeTurnerville, East Nebraska+1
9.University of New England in NewfoundlandSt. Johns, Newfoundland-1City University of DetroitDetroit, Michigan+2New Harmony UniversityInvictus, Kentucky+/-Ibrahim Ghosn UniversitySion, California-1
10.Pittsburgh State UniversityPittsburgh, Erie-1Long Island UniversityHamilton, New York-2University of ClevelandCleveland, Ohio+3William Blake UniversityGolgonooza, Texas+1

Time Enough

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Factions of the British Civil War (1985):
Well...Britain is on fire. This kind of happens when Monetarism and hung elections are the order of the day. It seems Britain may end being the first Trotskyist lead nation in forever so that's...fun.

National Government:
National Conservative:
Well Thatcher is dead, Norman Tebbit is part of the opposition and Airey Neave is leading the formation of death squads in Yorkshire so I guess Michael Heseltine has his work cut out for him. Maybe it would help if it seemed like he was actually in charge of more than the Watford Corridor.
National Alliance: Roy Jenkins and David Steel have decided that the best thing to do whilst Britain is on fire is to call for electoral reform and social market economics, because that worked so well when David Marquand tried to use it against the angry Trots and Miners who eventually strung him up.
National Labour: Let see, Denis is dead, Cook is disabled and Kinnock went missing and has never come back so I guess Labour's new leader...Robert Kilroy-Silk, well that or Peter Shore and even if the world was ending Shore wouldn't become leader, so Silk it is. Well at least they finally have someone who can deal with the Trots and the Hard Left I guess, even if decking Jeremy Corbyn isn't really anything to say.

'The Opposition': Given that the opposition is really just a dozen or so independent MPs it's not really a proper party, if more a gaggle of contrarians. Still we get to see the comedy threesome of Norman Tebbit, David Owen and Bryan Gould taking the government to account and also taking each other to account too.

Popular Front:
Left Front:
The Non-Trot Left, I guess. Tony Benn saw himself as the liberator of the Working Class but now that he took a bullet we're left with Corbyn and a depressed Skinner leading the the remaining non Marxists of the British Left I guess. Can't wait for Ken Coates and the CPGB to just muscle in and take over what remains given that Corbyn is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Workers Alliance: Look folks, the Trade Unions can unite and fighting against the enemies of the proletariat. Please ignore the fact that Arthur Scargill seems to make all the Trots near him vanish into the ether or the fact that Scargill seems to be bizarrely flushed with cash, seemingly from the same source as Colonel Griffin (thanks the other Colonel) so Tankies will be Tankieing I guess.
Militant: Ted Grant thought he could control them...then they beat him with pool cues so guess which direction the occupiers of Liverpool are going in. Why yes, Derek Hatton has essentially become 'if Del Boy was Lenin' so Red Terror for all enemies of the proletariat...whilst he swans around in shiny suits and drinks champagne. Real Hero of the Working Classes there.
Socialist Action: Ken Livingstone was going to be the future of the Left...then he got beaten to death by a mob of Fascists, so now it leaves John McDonnell leading what could be best described as 'woke' Shining Path I guess. So they won't kill you if your gay, but they will string you up if your a banker...which considering some of there allies in the Popular Front is probably better than it could be.
The Red Guard: Sid French and Harpal Brar have united forces and are essentially spending most there time trying to (poorly) bring Hoxha to Harrogate and mainly basking in that sweet, sweet support from the OIRA and Pyongyang without actually doing anything of note. Given the OIRA may start giving there support to the WA or Socialist Action, I bet there going to have to get there fingers out of there arses and join in the red terror.

The Nationalists:
Scottish National Liberation Army:
For such a grand name they mainly seem to consist of four men in a shed sending letter bombs out with poor Gaelic writing on them. To think these folks killed Thatcher.
The Group: Alex Salmond has untied force with Tommy Sheridan and the Glasgow Militant because he's a man who knows the best for Scottish Independence. Mainly the Group seem to have decided that taking over Glasgow and being able to keep the lights on is the first step towards the dream of Scottish Socialist Country and probably not the first step in being bombed by the RAF.
Siol nan Gaidheal: Willie McRae's plan to smuggle a dirty bomb into the British Parliament was stopped by the fact being that he's now slowly dying of radiation poising having been seen scooping up nuclear waste. Look I know it was a poetic idea but it was also incredibly fucking stupid.
Welsh?: Plaid Cymru doesn't have a militia and generally most of the fighting is between Miners and the Police so don't expect anything here.

British People's Alliance:
National Front:
Alan Clark said nice things about them at one point before he bit the bullet. It seems though, just being British Nazi's can only sustain you so long before the inevitable splits, more well funded militia groups and generally incompetence causes you to crash and burn. Still says there the main force of the BPA but is rapidly being outmanoeuvred by the British People's and John Tyndall is looking more desperate each day as he blames Britain's current civil war on the Jews again.
British People's Party: Airey Neave is leading death squads in Yorkshire, it seems that generally the paranoid delusions of every Left Wing intellectual from 1979 have come true. The British People's party also has the support from rebel factions of the Army, Air Force and Navy so unlike most of the militia's Neave can actually project strength. Some of his allies are worried about who Neave has been allying with so expect the Nazi's to also be destroyed any day now.
The New Men: 'Colonel' Nick Griffin has decided that the old institutions are corrupt and backwards, this includes the National Front it seems. What Britain needs is Third Position politics, Social Credit and Eco-Fascist communes it seems, without support from everyone's favourite Colonel too. Griffin has moderated on the Anti-Semitism stuff recently because he's allied with the BPP and is trying to woo the 'eccentrics' in the former Ecology Party to join him like David Icke. But one of these days once he has enough soldiers behind him, he'll strike against the old institutions and probably get himself killed in the process.
National Democrats: Peter Davies has to be an awkward bastard who doesn't want to be part of the BPP, so the National Democrats is his baby. No one really knows what he intends to do with it, since it just seems to be 'Tory Hard Right without a Milita behind it'. Still at least John Bercow has managed to find a political home for himself that won't string him up on sight.

Northern Ireland:
Irish Soldiers are occupying Belfast so guess how things are going there? At least Seamus Lynch can now win an election I guess.
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The Republic of West Britain
he/him, she/her
Factions of the British Civil War (1985):
Well...Britain is on fire. This kind of happens when Monetarism and hung elections are the order of the day. It seems Britain may end being the first Trotskyist lead nation in forever so that's...fun.
this is legitimately a hoi4 mod idea that me and some friends were discussing as i saw this

Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
unfortunately we did not, not lead by mcdonnell either
Tut tut, well if you want to rummage around that setting I did for ideas, go ahead. I would mainly say, Willie McRae making a dirty bomb is my favourite.


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This rundown is part of my weirdo FH worldbuilding project thing Wheels of Heaven. If you enjoy it, feel free to check out the main thread! Or don't. I'm a poster, not a copper.

The First Official US Political Party Rundown on ElectionGames.com!
Because if the Indians and the Brits can have one to open their threads, we can too!

Major Parties

Vanderwall isn't interested in running and supports the President 100%. He merely happened to bump into his good friend, the guy who owns Lockheed Martin, at a party by chance. He then had a nice, innocent, chat about sports. In a private room. For three hours. This is a normal thing people do. He's not running. (He's running.)

Columbia: Someone leaked the documentation for the rental of their convention next year. A bunch of people are up in arms because holding it in a church violates separation of church and state, a bunch of other people are up in arms because technically it's just a big convention centre in Atlanta that some of the Baptist groups use. What I'm getting from this is that the primaries can't start soon enough.

Working Families: Seb Ocasio says that he's exclusively going to do articles for the New Tribune now, to promote the paper. I'm not sure what's more touching: the belief that this time a WF party newspaper will work, or the belief that people will want to read Seb Ocasio's articles enough to buy a new paper.

Major Political Groups that aren't American political parties but we still need to cover them

Extinction Army: Apparently the Yellowstone Five were actually planning to use that backpack nuke to start the supervolcano eruption. You'd think that planning to set off a dirty bomb in the middle of a national park, in service of a fucking supervillain plot to wipe out 85% of the world's population, would cause an "Are we the baddies?" moment. I guess not.

Atomwaffen Amerika: Not to be outdone, they've announced that they have a genetically engineered nanite plague designed to kill all non-whites, because it's National Blofeld Week or something. Anyway I'm sure that five Nazi morons in a shed in the Palouse boonies could accomplish something most geneticists consider impossible.

Swamp Maoists: You know your terrorist org is doing great when someone finding one of your dudes' arms inside an alligator is the most proof found that you're still operating in several months.

Benedictines: New encyclical just dropped! Apparently taking in a dog from a non-local shelter is "trafficking with the infidel world" now. I'm just counting down the days until these fuckers all hermetically seal themselves into a Jesus dome and never bother us again.

The Autonomous Zones: The Zone Council for Detroit have suggested that the major Zones get a co-ordinating council together to facilitate co-operation. An over-arching governing body that regulates relationships between cities in accordance with a common goal? I have no idea what you'd call that, but it sounds familiar somehow...

AFL-CIO: Have announced that they'd be willing to support any potential candidates in the WF primary who reach out to them, while pointing repeatedly at a "#GovBulmer4Prez" screen and winking.

Deseret Unionists: Due to the Deseret authorities cracking down on them, they had their AGM in VR-Chat this year. You haven't lived until you've heard five disturbingly photorealistic Barry B. Bensons singing "Utah...This Is The Place".

Third Parties

Yes, I understand that they should technically be called fourth parties, ha ha, very funny, you're person 400000 to make that joke, etc, etc. It's just what we've always called them, because we used to have a 2-party system, and no-one wants to change.

Lone Star: Holding a party to celebrate coming second in the Bowie governor election. Second. American minor parties are such a joke.

Ennahda USA: Aren't currently endorsing the Democratic candidate for Twin Cities mayor, generating plenty of free press from journos who don't know that this happens literally every five years and as soon as they get a promise to build more community centres they re-endorse.

Lunar Representation Front: Skye McLaggan insisted that Spacers are the next civil rights frontier in the same meeting that Gale Walker called the Principe elevator an act of war. Ah, the the two polarities.

Rationalist Electoral League: Advertising a fun trip to Palo Alto for members who do sufficiently well on their IQ tests, where they can tour the Yudkowsky Research Centre, see some of the seasteads (from a plane) and even meet Musk III himself! The party isn't a Californian front though, I don't know why you'd think that.

White People's Republican Party: It's one of those irregular verbs, isn't it? I'm a patriotic Qite who's merely questioning a social construct, you're an evil socialist paedophile, he will now be doing 20 years.

Transcendence: Are demanding that the US impose sanctions on the UK because [squints] some weirdo who went through brain uploading couldn't stand in a special election for Bumblefuckshire-3 or whatever. This is somehow the most well-informed foreign policy of any third party (and yes I'm including the Rationalists in this because they might have a direct line to the Thiel Institute but they think people really live in those seasteads).

Anti-Natalist: As of last week, the argument about whether or not their conference should have a creche is now old enough that, if it were a person, its parents would be able to leave it at home instead.

Young Moors: Starting their own cryptocurrency. Called AfroCoin. I have nothing I can possibly add to make this funnier. Edit: according to @Arkestra this is actually a really smart move on their part, but I'm sorry, crypto is inherently silly, I don't make the rules.

Municipalist United Front: Organising a "Soy Raffle", which is like a meat raffle, but you get soy instead. Only it looks like the top prize is actually tinned jackfruit, and not soy-based at all. Yet more lies from these so-called socialists, I bet Ecosia isn't even Bookchin's first name smh my head.

American Democratic Workers Party: Are slamming Columbia pretty hard for "theocratic dominance" for a party that jumps whenever the Juche Tower say "frog".

Libertarian: So far, the bold new stance Earl Bono is taking for Atchafalaya is . . . that he wants the federal government to stop (and I quote) "occupying" Atchafalaya with the Climate Corps. Certainly a bold move to take in a state that's majority below sea-level.

La Raza Cosmica: The local chapter in Lincoln who got kicked out for recognising the Manila papacy are going to appeal to the central office based on religious discrimination. Given that their party doesn't let you join as a member unless you can trace your ancestry south of the border in at most 3 generations, I'm gonna say they're not likely to get back in.

Federalist-Pioneers: A New Tomorrow: Yes, their official website is somehow just a 2D Blogger page despite the fact Blogger stopped being supported in 2D 10 years ago. Yes, they count for this bit because they've got like 5 elected PTA members in Omaha. No, I don't know why they want to move the US capital to an orbital satellite. I'm hungry, I'm tired, I've stayed up until 2 am making this, I don't know how @LateralLaksh does this, I'm going to bed.

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The Land of the Trembling Star (UK)
"Will But Arouse Thy Generous Flame"
United Kingdom of Great Britain, 2100

Since Captain @DaughterSideways is unavailable, it falls to me to deliver the standard status report of the political aspect of the realm. Forgive me any sloppiness, this is my first time delivering such a thing. If necessary, I will revise it to satisfy requirements.

Her Majesty's National Government

- The Prime Minister, Major Tamsin Lockwood, has announced on the BBC Weekly Announcement that the dorayaki rations will be increased from two per week to four per week as a direct result of our new treaty with the Pacific Democratic Union. Huzzah!
- She also announced that because of the latest pandemic, SOP 117 will be now in force. Do not leave your houses unless you are allocated to the military or to a critical area of employment. Also, wash your hands and make sure to disinfect any packages you get, especially ones containing your rations.
- Regarding the war, she has pledged to continue the negotiations with the Floyai League, which may be a major interstellar ally against our enemies the Lat. The two have a racial rivalry, the Lat used to be slaves to the Floyai, according to InterstellarNews, but then started genociding them.

- The Chancellor, Lieutenant Priya Sinha, has pledged to increase the allocation of people to working within the NHS from 4 to 5 million, citing the pandemic as the reason we need more people there. The budget being announced next week is expected to have a surge for training funding.
- The Labour Party Committee has voted to implement the latest Clause 4, which pledged to maintain the present socialist state, even in peacetime. The Tories are on record as wishing for military socialism to be temporary, but Labour seems to be more with the people's opinions. Capitalism is extremely inefficient and prioritises those who wish to put themselves ahead of the national interest. Who would want it back?

Liberal Democrats
- The Lib Dem-shepherded latest campaign to squash any form of 'national disunity' in the country, including any form of racial, gender, orientation or mindtype bigotry or any support of opposition, seems to be quite popular. Who the hell would put their own petty prejudices ahead of the country?
- Anyway, the latest statistics for the 'service guarantees citizenship' initiative to accelerate immigrants into national service are quite promising, showing a very good take-up rate. Lib Dem leader Captain Harry Lam has been credited for the success as he has taken it on as a project of his own.

The Parliamentary Opposition
Unfortunately, they still exist and still refuse to join the National Government. Talk of revising the parliamentary oath to declare you will sit with the national interest, i.e. the government, is ongoing. I do hope they succeed, the opposition just takes up time that could be used much more wisely.

Socialist Momentum
- Practises a form of abstentionism that only lasts as long as the time until the next opportunity to make some sort of performative gesture about how much they hate the monarchy, or how the military socialism is fake socialism, or from some of them how some secretive elite are behind it all.

Independent Green
- Opposes the housing projects the Government keeps planning while calling them murderers. Look, we need space for all those immigrants who are serving with us against the Lat. And there was an official apology for the shooting of several ecologist protesters a few years ago, isn't that enough?

British Freedom
- About to be expelled from the Parliament for good after it was proven that they were part of the conspiracy aimed at undermining National Service. Honestly, if it was up to me, I would just string them all up for treason against the Crown. Modern-day Guy Fawkes, all of them.

The Extra-Parliamentary Opposition
Only down to one faction left after my former company (before I transferred to bureaucracy) kicked down the doors of the last SNF headquarters.

People's Republican
- A far-left terrorist group that is most well-known for assassinating King George VII in 2083. We've managed to root most of their bases out, but their leadership is proving very elusive. But God willing, we will uproot this weed and avenge our lost King.


Okay that was a fair bit. But yeah, the whole conceit was "left-wing/SLP-ish wishes, broadly, but subverted horrifically". You have widespread acceptance of diversities, but mostly because bigotry and prejudice is seen as undermining the war effort. You have the end of capitalism, but that's because conscription was interpreted the widest possible and everyone is now an employee of the state, all companies either bent or were nationalised. It's a command economy, in other words. More housing? Yes, but environmentalist protesters could be shot for protesting.

This is a very collectivist, very militaristic society that has gone through a lot of trauma and has come out of it... very different. It has been at war with the Lat for more than 20 years by 2100, the National Government is now on its fifteenth incarnation, and views of the opposition has regressed to 18th century standards as treasonous, and is probably gonna go even worse with the oath revision.

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Political Parties of the United States


The Democratic Party is chock full of what can only be described as the perfect representation of the modern conservative movement. While the party wins votes because President Dolan and his buddies put the fear of god and people with brown skin into his supporters, the platform is full of people who say "no no no I'm not a socialist like the USSR or Spain, I'm a Prussian socialist"- which of course, is socialism that supports private property and the growth of the west while opposing strikes and longer work weeks. Lets check how their wonderful primary is going!
President Terry Dolan (D-CT) - President Dolan is wonderfully popular within his own party and among almost every faction that could possibly exist, from the Christian fundamentalists, to the Prussian-style Socialists, to the working man who just wants to keep on getting jobs building those damn neighborhood walls. Dolan's regime has only lasted four years, but it seems as strong as ever. However, the man is - gasps - aging, and the famed John Entine wing of the Democratic Party would hate to see such an old fart holding things up in the White House, so of course, he has to have an opponent. Well, two actually.

Lt. Governor Robert Anderholt (D-AL) - After about two years the "Democrats Against Dolan" program found their best candidate, some random Lt. Governor from one of the safest Democratic states in the nation. Anderholt knows he's not going to win, I think everybody knows that, and instead he feels like a sort of controlled opposition, like the one you'd see in a dictatorship, and its clear he's only in it to gain momentum for the 2022 Alabama gubernatorial election. He's making sure he can get Dolan's endorsement too, as his "attacks" on the president are all remarkably soft.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel (D-IL) - ????? Yeah I have no clue what this man is doing. Emanuel is known as a campaigner for mask-off "Duty to die" policies, which would be fine and dandy, but as a black northern Jew the groups that those ideals would appeal to generally despise him. Hell, the man is probably risking his own life by campaigning in his own rallies, but I suppose he's gotta get his point across somehow.

The Republican Party, the party of Roosevelt, Wood, and Lodge, has decided to once again enter a race by calling out for greater American expansion across the globe. Sure, President Dolan just sent troops to shoot down members of the Southern Chinese Independence Movement, but that simply wasn't enough. They want blood for the blood god and hey, if you'll vote for them maybe they'll tear down those pesky walls in Birmingham and give some meager civil rights advances! Let's look at who their candidates are this time around.
Sen. Bruce P. Jackson (R-NY) - For about four straight elections Senator Jackson has entered the Republican primary as a key contender, faltered almost immediately, and collapsed to go back to New York grumbling about Communism in Europe or something. However, on his fifth run, Jackson looks stronger than ever after the passage of the Jackson-Miller Act with Democratic Senator Stephen Miller that has become quite popular with Republican voters.

Gov. Charlie Summers (R-ME) - Originally celebrated as the man who could defeat both Jackson and Dolan, Summers has faced nothing but criticism since he began his run. The Parti Franco-Américain has claimed that he suppressed the vote during his incredibly close re-election campaign, he's faced attacks for his response to the Augusta Prison Riot, and he may have some corrupt dealings in his past. Of course he'll still poll at 16% because he's got some strange ties to the media that just love fawning over him.


Rep. Gene Amondson (R-OR) - Yeah of all the candidates I'd expect to be polling in a close fourth place in the Republican primary, a 77 year old ex-reverend and logger who only got famous for beating liver cancer 40 years ago and also for being probably the worst governor in Oregon history after getting caught running an operation to discredit anti-logging activists in Oregon in the 1990s which included probable election-rigging against the Socialist-Ecologists. Still, he somehow made a comeback 18 years ago and we're dealing with the consequences right now.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) - Rand Paul is the best example of "only a Republican because he hates the Democrats", he's anti-war and anti-imperialism and he's basically a walking advertisement for the Anti-Imperialist League. He got elected in Kentucky off of that Bluegrass Libertarian tradition and because he's anti-eugenics, which alone puts him in the upper echelon of senators. Too bad he wants to eat the poors. Just form a third party at this point dog, you already have a 68% approval rating in a Democratic state.

Mr. Leonard Padilla (R-CA) - You know, I knew the Republicans were in bad shape but holy fuck this dude is a literal bounty hunter polling at 5%. Your party is fucked.

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) - The only Republican in Minnesota's Congressional Delegation is basically just Democrat, but she's risking it all to run, as her expected support from the Women's Party (who backed her to two successful electoral victories in 2016 and 2018) isn't backing her, and her base is being eaten up by Amondson. Not only that but her participation in the Republican primary could cost her Democratic endorsement, which means Minnesota will probably return to its all-local delegation once more.

Left-Alternative: The unification of the Socialist, Workers, Communist, and Ecology Parties has been nothing but good for the LA, who now consistently get 4%! Their two senate seats as a result of momentary fusion with the Volksunion and Green Republicans has been great, and there's a possibility that they could finally win a state. Lets also not forget that long-serving party chairman Walt Brown has a bit of a bone to pick with a certain Republican...

Progressive Conservative: No please keep talking about compromise I'm sure it will end the rampant machine politics and racism that exists all over. Speaking of which how did that fusion attempt with the Democrats in New York go? Yeah exactly.

Liberation!: Please just join the Left-Alternative.

Larouche Was Right: LaRouche died of mysterious causes 3 years ago, and since then his tiny little cult has somehow grown as many are beginning to believe he was killed by the government. His wife is currently running and trying to secure the Volksunion endorsement, which won't happen, but hey they could get some federal representation soon!

Christian Union: Jack Fellure wants you to know that Terry Dolan isn't a real Christian because he works with Catholics and reads a version of the bible that isn't the King James Version.

Anti-Imperialist League (?): Could this be the year???? Ever since 1996 the AIL has constantly been hinting at turning their organization into a real political party. They've always pussied out by endorsing the lesser of two evils or by letting state/county organizations decide, but with Rand Paul looking popular and new chairman (and totally straight man) Justin Raimondo apparently calling for a party structure, there's certainly a possibility.

Women's Party: What an insane centrist nightmare. Hillary Rodham's spine has officially given out as everyone's favorite "WHITE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT" organization is heavily considering backing Bruce fucking Jackson and giving him a boost in the Republican primary. Jesus Christ I thought they were broken when their members joined the police in the Chicago riots or when they ran the anti-homosexuality campaign in California, but now they're not even trying.

Flat Tax: Bill Clinton is mad that some failson stole his thunder and his massive base of 0.1% of the voting population. Remember when he was going to change Arkansas before he got caught with hookers?

Sam Walton: Sam Walton has abandoned the Republican Party after they failed to push for a flat tax and is now running an incredibly meager independent campaign. Despite outspending everyone by an at least 3-1 margin, he's only polling at 7%, although his campaign might be on the upswing soon enough.

Regional/Ethnic Parties:

Minnesota Farmer-Labor: Trying their hardest to keep unity between the wings of their party that supports the Left Alternative and the wing that supports the Democrats. They'll go neutral again, but they'll also unseat Bachmann and Penny and reclaim their one-party system.

Minnesota Independence: Fucked. Completely fucked. Enjoy federal representation while it lasts and congratulations on endorsing Jackson for the fifth time.

Parti Franco-Américain: Lying to themselves by saying that this is finally the year they'll run that unpledged electors slate in Maine instead of just pussying out again and endorsing Dolan. I'm pretty sure LePage already has at this point so there's not even really a point. Their affiliate in Louisiana is a little bolder, but that's only because Edwin Edwards is becoming increasingly liberal in his 90s and they're basically controlled opposition anyways.


Mecham Movement: Arizona's favorite third-party cult of personality is yet again looking to split the Democratic vote and send Republicans into victory in Arizona. Didn't Mecham die like 10 years ago???

Black People's, Asian Unity, La Raza, Lula Home: Very hard to gain national votes when most of your potential supporters are disenfranchised, but you do get to join some local machines I suppose. The pain never ends.


Professional E-Sports Failure

: Hey guys remember when the Movement for a People's Party was intended to be a left-wing platform where Progressives could challenge the Dems from the left and pave the way for a multi-party system? Well, we sure do! And sure we’ve been getting a lot of support since the National Tyranny Union Coalition of the Democratic Party and the Centre-Right Party (still surprised at how Evan McMullin got so much support with that awful name) took over the country. But on the other hand, things have also been uh- not so great ever since our numbers swelled faster than the party infrastructure could handle and our voters started trying to kill each other. However, it’s time for us to return to that era of good ol’ Progressivism, giving the inner city a hand while helping put this country back together. And with superstars like AOC, Nina Turner, and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa making sure that our faction’s still up and running, we’ll be unstoppable! Wait, what do you mean the Patriot’s poll numbers are rising?

Populists: Sure, the Progressives have been good and all, drumming up support. But this is the People’s Party after all and someone has to help fix opioid-filled run-down towns over in what they call “fly-over” country. Indeed, with years gone by it seems that we’ve forgotten what really made America great, becoming part of a massively divided coalition currently trying to murder itself which is united only by its hatred of the ruling party. And sure we might argue about policy sometimes with the Progressives but in the end, we're sure they're always gonna be on our side (not those weirdos in the Panthers though, they're better off ignored if you get my drift). And though House Minority Whip Richard Ojeda has done his best to whip this place into order, he's started considering blowing his brains out if he hears the name “Amy McGrath” again. And as even more of his supporters have been calling for a coalition with the Patriots to kick those damned liberal elites out of the party, it's been awfully difficult keeping that shotgun away from him.

Patriots: Indeed the STORM was only the beginning, a test of our faith against the tyranny of "President" Biden's THEFT of the Presidency and took over the greatest nation on Earth. And as the TYRANT, Phony Kamala destroyed the Republican Party under her wicked talons, we were left adrift in the wilderness, like what happened to those Jews in the Bible. And then just like how Moses saved the Jews, our TRUE President returned from exile and guided us to our own Red Sea. For it was our TRUE President’s plan to not tear ourselves apart, but to UNITE against the sinister forces plotting to steal our children and destroy our culture. Yes, the People's Party shall be the New Zion on which the silent majority shall rebuild its strength and honor, to avenge our President. Brace yourselves, brothers and sisters, for the TRUE STROM coming!

Panthers: If you, dear reader want to look for a faction that will give this country the change it needs then give yourselves to the People's Party Panthers and join the revolution! (note: this is not advocating for a violent revolution, please do not insinuate otherwise) For from the very beginning, it has been our duty to tear down the corrupt establishments of this nation by whatever means necessary, bringing true freedom and equality to the oppressed of America. (note: we are not associated with black separatism, Puetro Rican separatism, or other dangerous forms of racial nationalism) And it has become our leader's goal to embrace the legacy of those crushed under the fist of racial supremacy, continuing the work of Fred Hampton to unite all colors, creeds, and citizens against those who seek to keep us down (note: Assata Rivera is not a terrorist and never attempted to mail bomb the LAPD). And while there have been rumors labeling us as dangerous criminals we invite you to seek out the truth and cleanse your mind of these globalist lies from the businesses elite. (note: we also condone anti-Semitism, we are not anti-Semites, please do not call us anti-Semites)
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Third-Party Hell: Michigan (aka What if all the Major Third-Parties from 1892 to now were in an electoral system)

Once the playground of the Progressives and Socialists it has now fractured into pieces thanks to deindustrialization and free trade coming from Progressives and Independent-Republicans. Leaders from this state come from all over from Walter Reuther to Gerald Ford, but over the years it has gone down the drain into radicalization and craziness. Michigan showcases the ever fracturing Midwest, and the country as a whole.

Progressives- The "natural governing party" intercity liberals and suburban people unite! Basically your standard large safety net, environmentalism, and being liberal and social issues. Criticized for being radical or not radical enough, such is the case for any center-left party. They are still on top even with them being mum on free trade.

Socialist- The left-wing party, sometimes goes into coalition with Progressives. They have also made sure that unionization is still a thing in any remaining factories. Socialism is still all the rage with college kids along with some of the unemployed factory workers making an...interesting coalition

American Independent Party- The other part of the unemployed factory workers, anti-globalization and seeped with anti-semitic rhetoric. More left-wing than the Southern state AIP parties on economic issues, they are still very anti-immigrant and are usually in conflict with the even crazier party on the right. They have seen a major resurgence, especially with Reform not doing what they promised and the I-R's continuing reluctance to abandon free trade principles

Independent-Republicans- The Party of Ford, both the man and the business. Popular with small business owners and some of the suburban and rural areas. Ford, both of them, are very much still popular and help keep the party afloat even as they support free trade policies. However, there is a worry as they have shocking fallen down from the AIP for the first time and are now scrambling to fight tooth and nail to get back to the good ol' days of Ford

Reform-Where the remaining workers have gone to, anti-free trade and pro-union policies everywhere. This makes them very popular with workers both current and former. Reform is one of the more "wild cards" being involved with many governments, but never really a leading party in the polls

Populists- The party of the farmers, a very small party that can be seen in the more northern areas of the state. They don't have much in the way of seats, but they can be crucial swing votes making them a kingmaker like Reform, but with even more focus on their small amount of members.

Dixiecrats- The white supremacist paramilitaries. The scariest people in the state house/state senate when they get it. Stay away from these people they will screw you if you aren't a WASP. There have been attempts to destroy them, and each time they have failed and come back more insane than ever.