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Time Enough

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The 2020 Labour Party (Hell) Leadership Election

Ah, Here we are again. After former leader Robert Mellish (Fmr. Gov, Realm of the Castle of Bones) was torn apart by the spores of a fungal demon, the Hell Labour Party has been without a leader.
In their place, four main contestants have emerged in this competitive race to the top.
“Where’s Ramsay MacDonald?”
“Satan has kept him locked up in a peaceful void for the entirety of hells safety!”


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One day I'll make a stupid gimmick list without overthinking it to a stupid degree, but today isn't that day.

You Were Expecting Someone Else?

List of Actors to play Doctor Who:

1. William Hartnell (1963-1966)
2. Peter Cushing (1966-1970)
3. Geoffrey Bayldon (1970-1973)
4. Richard Hurndall (1973-1975)
5. John Hurt (1975-1982)
6. Michael Jayston (1982-1986)
>The Valeyard: Trevor Martin
7. David Warner (1986-1989)

8. Rowan Atkinson (TV movie) (1993)

9. Richard E. Grant (2005-2006)
10. David Morrissey (2006-2011)
11. David Bradley (2011-2014)
>The War Who: Tom Baker
12. Toby Jones (2014-2017)
13. Jo Martin (2017-present)
>The Fugitive Who: Arabella Weir

Just Who Is Who?
How Season 12 is trying to expand the definition of what Doctor Who can be--in both cases of the word
SyFy Reviewer--05/02/2017

Picture, in your head, the character Doctor Who. The image you see will, of course, depending on your age, vary from a babyfaced bowtie wearer to a grandfatherly chap in glasses to maybe even the man from Blackadder looking like he wants to fire his agent. However, plenty of those details will remain constant. Those aspects that remain the same all derive from the performance of William Hartnell. Since he came onto the screen over 50 years ago, Doctor Who has, despite changing face, remained in his image--a paternal scientist-grandfather, the old wizard who knows what's best for you.

This can largely be attributed to the BBC's decision to cast Peter Cushing as Hartnell's replacement. In the short-term, this was a genius move, as with the two Hammer Dalek movies (fans still argue about their precise placement in canon to this day) under his belt, Cushing was the only other actor to have experience playing Doctor Who. Over the long run, however, the closeness of Cushing's character to Hartnell's meant that the show--once a byword for infinite possibility--began to stagnate, offering up the same manic pepper-pots, the same medieval romps, the same bases under siege, again and again. Just as these problems with the show had been created by fidelity to one version of character, another version of the character was needed to fix them. After "Hartnell but more energetic", "Hartnell but more posh", and "Hartnell but more Hartnell", the young Hurt was a radical breath of fresh air. It wasn't to last.

The stories under Hurt were just as fresh-faced as the actor himself, but some of their content was just too distressing for public opinion. After a suggestion in a cliffhanger that Doctor Who was about to suffer an alien monster growing to full size in his chest, producer George Gallachio was forced to step down. This began a slow downward slide for the show, with popular controversy and criticism beginning to have a knock-on effect on quality. Indeed, Doctor Who himself was placed on trial by his peers, the Time Variance Agency serving as a clumsy stand-in for Mary Whitehouse and Brian Tesler, and the prosecutor an idealised image of Doctor Who from the past revealed as a cackling madman. The modern show has been more subtle about airing out-of-universe drama metaphorically in the show.

The revived BBC show initially tried to synthesise the two eras by combining the youth of Hurt with the attitude of Hartnell, but cracks in this approach were there from the beginning, and a gothic Grant gave way to a metrosexual Morrissey. The advent of David Bradley in many ways represented a complete reversal from earlier--a show as odd as Hurt with a protagonist as unsexy as Hartnell, a pattern that continued with Jones. Somehow, though, the controversy over any of these has been completely dwarfed by the casting of Jo Martin, whose firm school-teacher style would be completely unremarkable--even somewhat of a throwback--if it weren't for the face that it came out of. The appearance of a black woman as Doctor Who is somehow more remarkable than any of the changes and retcons of the Gatiss era.

In a lot of ways, Martin represents yet another front in the eternal war to get the character built on an eternal regeneration of the self to change from their beginnings. That's why Weir's appearance in the latest episode is so important. While fan debates fly over the Watsonian reason for this incarnation--a War incarnation? A forgotten pre-Hartnell face? A regeneration of the movie version?--the Doylist reasoning is clear. The idea of the Fugitive Who is the same as with all retconned Doctor Whos (Doctors Who?). Just as Baker's War Who introduced darker shadows into Doctor Who's past, Weir's incarnation is meant to warm the audience up to the idea that Doctor Who has been female before. This is an important step for the show to take.

The picture in your head of Doctor Who has been out of date for a while. Time moves on for those of us not possessed of T.A.R.D.I.S, and the old white man dictating terms to the universe has been an anachronism for decades. It worked very well in the past. But maybe the man from the 49th century should get up to date with the 21st.


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A random chapter heading snippet from Murder in Hitlerstadt 2.0:

The Death of Wu San-kuei
Alone in the Millions
The Poisoned Bride
The Tao-shih Chronicles 3: Five-Mile Pass
More Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

Top Five Movies in China, 2016 (I had to cut this so the others could fit on a single page, alas)

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Drontheim Vice
Rose Red
Mission to Mainburg
Our Home in the East

Top Five Movies in the Reich, 2016

Beren and Lúthien
Partisan Yakov
Mickey Goes to Mars
A Scandal in Bohemia
Paradise Lost

Top Five Movies in America, 2016


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Western New York
Actually, might as well post all of them...

A variety of sources indicate there is growing unrest, dominated by the illegal Einheit ("Unity") labor movement, in the industrial cities of Danzig, Gotenhaufen and Hamburg. In Danzig, workers at the Danziger Werft shipyard openly clashed with both Ordinary and Secret Police
units. The protesters were eventually dispersed by machine gun fire, but there are reportedly plans for a general strike and transport boycott to commence next Monday. As of this morning, the streets of all three cities were quiet with few pedestrians or motorists to be

The New York Times, October 2, 2016

The Führer’s daughters dazzle all the eyes of the Reich at the Bückebergfest! Great displays of agricultural products from all ends of the Reich stand testament to the skill and steadiness of Germanic warrior-farmers and housewives.

Völkischer Beobachter, October 2, 2016


Today, speaking to the press, Senate Majority Leader Martin Giesinger (F-Wi) firmly denied rumors his party was considering easing or even ending the trade embargo with the Third Reich. “We’ll ease the restrictions the second the Reich abandons its occupied territories and undergoes democratic reforms – then and only then. It’s not up for debate.”

New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, October 7, 2016

Genetic research conducted by the Office of Racial Policy has conclusively proven that many so-called Germanics in the Americas are actually of Slavic origin. This should come as no surprise given their lack of racial awareness and loyalty.

Neues Volk, November 2016


Recently, heroic fighters of the 6th Komi Partisan Brigade carried out a daring operation in the fascist-occupied zone. After infiltrating past the soldiers of so-called master race manning the border, the partisans destroyed a major railway bridge over the Sysola River and then, evading all attempts at pursuit, escaped back into the safety of the free zone.

Krasnoye Znamya, October 22, 2016

Generaloberst Manfred Bergmann, speaking for the High Command of the Armed Forces, denied the claims recently made by the Judeo-Bolshevik bandit command. “There was no sabotage, no armed battle. The bridge collapsed because of age and neglect.”

Der Angriff, October 24, 2016

Former Generaloberst Manfred Bergmann committed suicide overnight. Kripo sources tell us there will be no need for an investigation.

Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, October 27, 2016


“Die Franzosen sind eine lateinisch-keltische Nation in Europa. Im korrekten Selbstverständnis des französischen Staates, der die aus der Revolution stammende Idee der Gleichheit zwischen den Rassen zurückweist, können nur diejenigen mit der richtigen Abstammung als Teil des französischen Volkes gelten. Eine vorsichtige Betrachtung der Geschichte zeigt, dass das Meiste an Mut und Ritterlichkeit der französischen Nation entweder auf eine germanische Führungselite (die Merowinger, Karl der Große etc.) oder auf den Einfluss von reinen Lateinern italienischen Ursprungs zurückzuführen ist.”
‘Franzosen’ Der Große Brockhaus (16th Edition – 1949)

“Die Franzosen sind eine keltische Nation in Europa. Im korrekten Selbstverständnis des französischen Staates, der die aus der Revolution stammende Idee der Gleichheit zwischen den Rassen zurückweist, können nur diejenigen mit der richtigen Abstammung als Teil des französischen Volkes gelten. Eine vorsichtige Betrachtung der Geschichte zeigt, dass das Meiste an Mut und Ritterlichkeit der französischen Nation entweder auf eine germanische Führungselite (die Merowinger, Karl der Große etc.).”
‘Franzosen’ Der Große Brockhaus (17th Edition – 1970)

(I should probably translate that one back into English...)


“Ich bin der Vater!
Ich bin der Siedler!
Ich bin der Soldat!
Ich bin das Volk!
Ich bin das Reich!
Ich bin der Führer!
Ich bin die Zukunft!

Ich bin die Zukunft, Mjölnir


“Under great fanfare, including a delegation of Governor Tom Sorvelo and all sixteen of Western New York's congressional representatives, Curtiss-Wright formally completed the 1000th CW 942 super-jet assembled at their factory complex in Orchard Park, New York. The plane was ordered by Brazil's BLA airline and will be flown to Sao Paolo-Santo André International Airport, where it will operate the Sao Paolo-London Harlow route.”

Buffalo Courier-Express, November 14, 2016

“The Luftwaffe has just announced a major export deal with Egypt, one potentially worth billions of Reichsmarks. The initial terms of the deal involve the lease of ten used Junkers 748 fighters to the Royal Egyptian Air Force, with options for additional leases and sales looking
very favorable.”

Germanische Luftwacht, November 2016


15 December is a glorious day, the day the Germanic legions, strong and disciplined, drove out the Judeo-Bolshevik hordes from their lair in what is now the beautiful city of Arischburg. Today, the ever-victorious and loyal men of the Wehrmacht and SS stand as an undefeatable wall around this Greater Germanic Reich of ours, believing in the Führer, masters of fate.

Der Pimpf, December 2016

Germans now make up the second largest ethnic group in the Soviet Confederation's Sverdlovsk Oblast. 152,000 German and 'Germanic' deserters and refugees reside in the westernmost oblast of the free territory of the Confederation, surpassing the 148,000 Tatars, and making up approximately three percent of the oblast's total population.

Commonwealth Forces News Service, December 13, 2016


“Hohe Nacht der klaren Sterne,
die wie weite Brükken stehn
über einer tiefen Ferne –
drüber unsre Herzen gehn.

Hohe Nacht mit großen Feuern,
die auf allen Bergen sind –
heut muß sich die Erd erneuern
wie ein junggeboren Kind.

Mütter, euch sind alle Feuer,
alle Sterne ausgestellt,
Mütter tief in euren Herzen
Schlägt das Herz der weiten Welt.”

Hohe Nacht der klaren Sterne
(German Yule hymn)


Districts of Gau-Hitlerstadt

Prenzlauer Berg-Horst-Wessel

Führers of the Greater Germanic Reich

Adolf Hitler (1933-1965)
Heinrich Himmler (1965-1969)
Reinhard Heydrich (1969-1976)
Gustav Lerner (1976-2007)
Otto Hierländer (2007-)

Presidents of the United States of America

1940-1948 Thomas Dewey (Republican)
1948-1952 Harold Stassen (R)
1952-1960 Estes Kefauver (Democrat)
1964-1968 Earl Warren (R)
1968-1972 Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (D)
1972-1980 George W. Romney (R)
1980-1988 Roman Strzechowski (D)
1988-1992 Mario Cuomo (D)
1992-1996 Robert Rambin (R)
2000-2008 Fury Nolan (D)
2008-2012 Thomas Priestly (D)
2012-2016 Charles Lewicki (D)
2016- Lena Fanning (Federalist)


<insert title here>
Public Holidays in the Republic of Canada

New Year's Day – January 1

Constitution Day – January 24

Celebrated in honour of the promulgation of the Constitution by the Chief Magistrate of the British Isles in 1837. This celebration consists of fireworks, flag-waving, and feasting. However celebrating Canada’s national day on 24 January is controversial as this is the same date as the British Isles’ national day, Charter Day. As such, many believe this day inherently associates Canadian identity with the British Isles. Calls exist for replacing it with a day in honour of the 1948 Amendment declaring Canada a republic, among other suggestions, but these calls are as of yet unsuccessful.

St Patrick's Day – March 17
Sheelah’s Day – March 18

Brought over by Irish immigrants fleeing the Great Famine in the 1820s, these two Irish national days are marked by a celebration of Irishness, including a vast parade in Toronto. Despite repeated attempts to make this a church holiday, St. Patrick’s Day continues to be marked with pub crawls and copious amounts of drinking. This drinking continues until the morning of Sheelah’s Day, named after a woman who, according to Irish folklore, was St. Patrick’s wife. Historically this celebration was limited to Catholics and some Presbyterians, but it has since spread across Canada as more and more Irish cultural attributes have become stressed in order to create an identity distinct from both the British Isles and the United States.

Good Friday – March or April

Easter Monday – The Monday after Good Friday

May Day – May 1

O’Connell Day – August 6

Celebrated on the birthday of Daniel O’Connell (1775-1847), the great Irish political leader who fought for religious equality, Irish autonomy, anti-slavery, and many often great liberal causes. In particular, he is often credited for Section IX of the British Charter which assured universal religious equality. This day was spread by Irish immigrants fleeing the Great Famine of the 1820s, who took with them an intense love for the imprisoned leader of the Irish people, and this day was for them a way to honour their politics while calling for further organization. As O’Connell became an increasingly-prominent figure in Radical circles in the 1830s and 40s, across the pond many non-Irish celebrated his life as well. Ultimately, it was after the great and massive 1875 centennial celebration of his birth that O’Connell Day became a fixed celebration, becoming statutory in 1879.

Today this day consists of large commemorative ceremonies, and it is a practice for the Governor of Canada to give a speech in Hampden Square, Toronto honouring O’Connell’s work for liberty. Recent shifts in historiography towards his intense anti-slavery have shifted the tenor of the holiday, though only partially. It is also a day of peaceful protest for a great number of political causes, owing to O’Connell’s association with peaceful protest. This day is similarly celebrated across the border in Laurentie (especially Montreal), in Newfoundland, in parts of the United States and Buenaventura, and of course it is especially celebrated in Ireland.

Flag Day - August 24

Celebrated in honour of the first flying of Canada’s national flag in 1949 at the stroke of midnight.

Humboldt Day – September 14

Celebrated in honour of the great Prussian scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt (1759-1859), whose vast contributions to biology, geography, and virtually every related field through exploring Spanish America and India made him an icon in his lifetime. This day was originally celebrated by German immigrants in particular in honour of their culture’s great contribution to the Americas, but after the unification of Germany without Prussia it came to celebrate Humboldt and his contributions to science. More recently, attention has been paid to his belief in environmental conservation and his opposition to colonialism, and as a result he has been positively contrasted with Columbus and his exploration through conquest. As such, this holiday has only increased in magnitude as a result.

Thanksgiving – Second Monday of October

Halloween – October 31

Brought over by Irish immigrants fleeing the Great Famine in the 1820s, this holiday consists of children “guising”, or wearing costumes while going between houses to ask for some sort of food. “Stingy Jacks”, or carved pumpkins, are put outside doors. This holiday was originally exclusively Irish, but it gradually spread to other communities, and in the late nineteenth century it came to be viewed as distinctively Canadian despite related holidays existing in Newfoundland, parts of the United States and Buenaventura, and Ireland. As a result, it only grew more prominent. Today, Halloween is a public holiday, centred around the vast Halloween parade in Toronto.

Christmas – December 25

St. Stephen’s Day – December 26

Time Enough

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2018-: Andrew Lansley (New Democratic)
2018 (Coalition with CommonWealth) def: Stephen Kinnock (Labour-CoOp), Lisa Nandy (CommonWealth), Zac Goldsmith (The Greens), Gary Younge-Elle O'Rourke (Democratic Left), Claire Hanna-Éilis Ryan (Sinn Féin-Workers Party), Dawn Purvis (Democratic Unionist Party)

New Democratic:
Andrew Lansley isn't the most inspiring figure but he's managed to stop the New Democrats from crashing into the wall that was Stephen Kinnock's Labour (Kinnock is pissed) after the three years of Vince Cable. He's promised that he won't be embracing austerity or free market liberalism which nearly broke the rather protectionist nation and seems to be coming off as being the Left of the Party. He does have to avoid being couped by Rudd's who have been gunning against every leaders since May for failing to be...One Nation enough.

CommonWealth: The CommonWealth used to be a weird Christian Socialist, that positioned itself as further Left as the Labour Party. Now it's somehow it's really chugged on the New Liberalism, New Britain rhetoric as being the true liberator of humanity (John Major was a major influence on this idea). Now it's the Social Liberal heart of Britain, for better or worse. Lisa Nandy is ensuring that Lansley keeps to his promises of Liberalisation of British Nationalised industry and Cooperative Business loans. Also the New Green Belt act because the CommonWealth really love the land, the land, 'twas God who gave the land-

Stephen Kinnock comes from a long train of thought in the Labour Party which seems to be mainly, return Britain back to it's 45-59 glory. Unsurprisingly that was a Labour Government so...But yes, Stephen is saying that Labour is preaching 'Bevanism for the 21st Century' constantly so no nukes, no private healthcare and we need to bring back the Yugoslavian model (despite Bryan Gould saying it's shit constantly).

The Greens: Zac Goldsmith believes we should have a Green economy...one that's based on Capitalism and...Social Credit. Okay, look I know the links between The Greens and British Social Credit Movement is a long and stupid one but this always makes me stop and shrug. Oh also Zac Goldsmith has another leadership campaign coming up again in which he faces up against...Ed Davey. Oh yeah, that's the shit.

Democratic Left: EuroCommunism, Eco-Socialism, Communalism, the fastest growing Left Wing Party since 1980 and probably the party of choice for socially conscious university students, members of the GLBT+ community and Marxists across Britain since the CPGB started stanning the Korean People's Republic. Now this party has showcased it's diversity by having a Black Socialist and a Transgender Marxist as there leaders and the polls show them being the gaining an extra ten seats from Labour next election and nothing will slow the-
Oh fuck Kier Starmer tweeted support for Shining Path, Song Binbin and Baathism again. Fucking hell Kier, you crazy fucking Pabloist.

Sinn Féin-Workers Party: Irish Nationalism and SoCIaLIsM (really some wobbly mixture of Social Democracy and Marxist Leninism I guess) is the message for the day for this party. It's a rather awkward mixture, but it's habit of appearing in Westminster has lead to some wonderfully meme worthy moments. Like the time an ancient Tomás Mac Giolla compared Northern Ireland to fucking Korea and the Aden and the time Claire Hanna called Roland Rudd a twat. Shame about there tied with an organisation that brutally murders people whenever it feels like it, stans 'Socialist' dictators and is probably a front for the Warsaw Pact at this point.

Democratic Unionist Party: Unionist and 'Democratic Socialist', this group represents the Unionists who don't vote for the UUP because there New Democratic puppets and don't believe in True Unionism. Unlike there rivals, they really lean into there paramilitary image and love to march around with there bully boys whenever the chance comes up. There is the problem that the paramilitary image they have is rather awkward when they have to answer questions about drug dealing, 'scabs' being murdered with carbombs and that time they blew a bomb up near a Pride March. Dawn is trying to make the party seem like cuddly progressives...which I doubt she'll do it, but her attempts are admirable.


Well-known member
Political parties represented in the Congress of the United States of the American Nation as of 2121

2121-present: Vladimir Callahan (BZ) / J. R. "Rainy" Santos (IL) (Jubilee)
2120: def. Marcia Kovach (ED) / J. P. Murad Pitts (PA) (Democratic), Alameda Sorenson (OH) / Maxi Fischer (MO) (Anti-Latin League), various

Jubilee ~ Coalition of the American People: Having only emerged recently to support the dashing, larger-than-life figure of Mayor of Houston-turned-President Vladimir Callahan, the Jubilee Coalition - though billing itself as a firmly American exceptionalist, with a strong Columbianist undercurrent - is as questionably coherent as they come.
  • Liberal Republican: The party of "new free enterprise" and "exurban rights" is... not as happy with President Callahan as they would like, what's with his flamboyant attitude, undeclared approval of red-light districts and refusal to slash Democratic regulations in half, buuuut at least he negotiated a swell deal with the Transpacific Association, didn't he?
  • Union of American Nationalists: What started out as a collection of utopist communes, Columbianist clubs and historical reenactment societies is now the primary benefactor of Callahan's rapid rise to the Oval Office. While they commend Callahan's efforts to make food manufacturing more efficient and expand public projects in the Midwest and along the Gulf Coast, Nationalist chair Skipper Hansen has criticized Callahan's recent Transpacific trade deal.
  • Independents for Callahan: A motley lot of firstborn congresscritters proudly bearing the banner of "Vlad Callahan and Rainy too!", even if some of them prefer to downplay Vice President Santos' ethnicity. Most of them are former photographers and community activists and whatnot, though those nearer to the northern border tend to be more closely associated with the Columbian Church and a lot more scary in terms of rhetoric.
  • German-American Progressive Bund: Probably the most left-wing members of the Coalition overall, despite most of their candidates consistently employing vicious anti-Canadian fearmongering.
Democratic: The Democrats were pretty peeved about Kovach losing them the Oval Office for the first time in 20 years, and were scared of port cities losing their extensive powers and privileges - Georgia Ports Commissioner is called the fifth pillar of US government for a reason. Now, though? Not so much. Rafeena Bankhead feels way too giddy about 2124 for some reason.

Anti-Latin League: Though diminishing, the number of American voters who still remember Quebecois tyranny is substantial enough for the isolationist Anti-Latin League to continue to coast into Congress with all of its 16 representatives. Even then, this small party is increasingly fractious, as its four-time presidential nominee, General Alameda Sorenson of the Second Quebecois War, finds her previously unassailable position challenged by up-and-coming Iowa congressman Thelrick Fox, who has accused her of being willfully soft on Mexican "invasion" of American culture and commerce. Somehow, only one representative so far has defected to the Jubilee.

  • Prohibition: The honorable Alexander J. Craddick of Kansas is the sole sitting U.S. Representative to continue to identify with this minuscule, practically anachronistic movement - what's with almost all attempts at National Prohibition having worked out badly for the Americans - and at 89 years old he continues to firmly oppose the proliferation of alcohol, psychoactives, virtual engines and the sex trade. This also, precariously enough, makes him the kingmaker between Sorenson's anti-Parisian faction and Fox's more radical faction.
Workingmen's Movement: For those who think the Democrats are too restrictive on labor and lenient on red-light districts. Would be more effective in Congress if they weren't held up by the question of whether a virtual engine is disruptive of socialist society or not, or how much Catholicism is too much.

Radical Labor: For those who think the Workingmen's Movement is too restrictive on red-light districts. The three representatives who do belong to the party are united on sex work and freedom of distribution advocacy and disparate on everything else, and are often the butt of jokes between congressional sessions. "A seafood-farming jazz musician, a sex work lawyer and a cyborg ex-clodhopper go into a bar..."
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I am absolutely here for more "Radical Marxist Keir Starmer" in AH.
It’s funny to imagine and also weirdly plausible given he was briefly a Pabolian Trot. Any scenario where the New Left doesn’t get absorbed by the Labour Party, you could see Starmer joining whatever Red & Green Group will provide him (before he discovered the wonders of the ‘Soft Left’).

Also imagining Starmer calling someone a ‘Capitalist Roader’ will never stop being funny.

Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
Top 5 TD's of the 1990s (Workers Times):

As we head towards the New Millennium we look at some of the most important, revolutionary and charismatic TD's that have been in the Dáil Éireann over the course of this decade;

1). John Goodwillie, Green, Dublin South Central
One of the key Left Wing voices in the Green party, John Goowillie has been a campaigner for a variety of Socialist and LGBT causes. Goodwillie was voted as part of the Anti-Spring vote of the Left in the 1994 By-Election and has spent his time in the Dáil promoting the ideas and ideals of Just Transition and Green Values which has made Goodwillie considered the 'Green TD for Working Class'. His promotion of LGBT causes whilst controversial has made him the darling of the Irish LGBT community.

2). Liz McManus, Democratic Left, Wicklow
One of the bright young things of Democratic Left Liz McManus has been one of the most prominent Democratic Socialist voices. She's also been leading the Democratic Left's efforts in Education and has gotten the Labour Government to increase educational funding and to help define quality controls for schools. She's also promoted childcare reform which has made her popular amongst Single mothers everywhere with many seeing her as a future leader of the Democratic Left.

3). Róisín Shortall, Labour, Dublin North-West
Shortall has made a name for herself by being one of the prominent policy wonks of the Labour party and has managed to get a job in the cabinet as a spokesperson for Social and Family Affairs. Unlike others in the Labour Party, Shortall has spent much of her time crafting new Social Democratic ideas that the Labour Party have often ignored. Her wit and ideas have gone across the pond with some of her ideas being printed in the British Labour Party's Tribune magazine.

4). Emmett Stagg, Democratic Left, Kildare
After Militant tendency was kicked out, Emmett Stagg decided to take the Democratic Left whip. Initially an odd fit to Democratic Left (old habits die hard), Stagg has taken to the Democratic Left like a duck to water. He's prominent in promoting the perceived idea of a Democratic Socialist 'Third Way' that is neither Liberal Capitalism/Social Democracy nor Soviet style Socialism and has become popular with the Left Trade Unionists in Ireland and is considered the bridge between the Democratic Left and the Socialist Party.

5). Nuala Ahern, Green, Lenister
The Greens are considered by many to be the raising force in Irish politics since the Spring Tide and the subsequent return of Fianna Fail to the centre of Irish politics. Whilst a classic Green in numerous respects, Nuala's support of John Goodwillie has made them considered the odd couple of both Green Politics in the World and the Green Party itself. Despite annoyances at the two TD's support of each other from some in the Green party, the pairs vision for the Green Party could mean they would be able to take the place in Irish politics that the Workers party once did.

Time Enough

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People's Voice!:
2026-2030: Angela Rayner (Labour)
2026 (Coalition with Lib Dems) def: Boris Johnson (Conservative), Layla Moran (Lib Dems), Jo Cherry (SNP), Mhairi Black (SPP), Nigel Farage (Reform-DUP), Magid-Magid-Anabel Morris (Green-People's Voice)
AV+ Referndum: For 57%, Against 43%

2030-2034: Rishi Sunak (Conservative)
2030 (Coalition with DUP) def: Angela Rayner (Labour), Layla Moran (Lib Dems), Alexandra Philips (DUP), Grace Campbell-Mhairi Black (People's Voice Alliance)
2034-: Grace Campbell (People's Voice Alliance)
2034 (Coalition with Labour) def: Rishi Sunak (Conservative Alliance), Annaliese Dodds (Labour), Ash Sakar-Elizabeth Hayden (Momentum)

People's Voice:
The Young Have Decided! They Want To Be In The Euro, They Want To Be Europeans, They Want Reefer (and other narcotics), They Want Direct Democracy, They Want A Green Economy and They Want a Leader Who Wears Nike Air Force Ones and Vintage Garms into parliament instead of being a stuffy suit! Grace Campbell has managed to capture the people who voted Remain and the new youth who want something else than Conservatism or nice Social Democracy. They want Green Pan-European Populism I guess. Of course this awkward coalition of former FPBEr's, Eco-Socialists, former Layla Stans, Scottish Nationalists and Progressives will probably collapse…I hope so at least. I can't stand the idea of a Prime Minister who listens to Stormzy and Idles.

People’s Voice Factions:

Chuka and Heidi were the future once I guess and now there awkwardly back in parliament. At least Luciana Berger went down with her ship and we could all congratulate her on being a good sport. These two’s constant defections and shite like that is really giving People’s Voice a bad name. The only really sane one is Annabel

‘Centre’: In a normal party they would be the Left. A gaggle of European Social Democrats who’s main ideological leader is Feminist Comedian (and Daughter of EU/Eco Warrior Alistair Campbell) Grace Campbell this grouping is the main core of the party. See the problem with Blair was he wasn’t a comedian and wasn’t able to sell Social Democracy and the EU as banter.

‘Left’: Mhairi Black (or ‘TERFinder General’ the Guardian sneers like a twat) leads this bunch of Democratic Socialists, EcoSocialists, Cooperative types, Left Wing Populists and Lloyd Russell-Moyle (folks are surprised he hasn’t just defected to Momentum yet, he has be a BroSocialist with Burgon). This group seem to be highly influenced by late McDonnell thought which showcases the guiding hand of the former Maoist’s hand on both of the major British Centre-Left parties.

Labour: Gone are the halcyon days of Corbyn and Rayner, instead we have the stable and calm leadership of Annaliese Dodds who is thankful that the People Voice Alliance didn't decimate Labour like they did the Liberal Democrats (#Layla Was Robbed). Labour went in coalition generally to shore up the Left of the People's Voice Alliance, in the hope to keep it on a vaguely Left Wing route instead of bland Centrist Pro-European Populism. The fact that Annaliese was made Chancellor gives us hope yet that this People's Alliance Government won't just be New Labour 2.0 now supported by some aging Extinction Rebellion protestors who smell of weed.

Conservative Alliance:
The attempt to create a Brexit that would appease everyone went down with the public like a glass of warm piss but there ever increasing crankiness and collaboration between the Conservatives and Reform/DUP lead to the Conservative Alliance once AV+ fucked up the traditional ideas of big tents. Essentially now three parties in one, many of the moderates fucked off to People's Voice and now we have this group that seems to consist of the best and brightest of Boris's rule (so Priti Patel is still part of the front bench, ahhhhhh), the spinning remains of Farage's Right Populism and Darren Grimes.

Momentum: The belief that Angela and Annaliese have destroyed the legacy of the true blessed man of Socialism, Corbyn (RIP) has meant that Momentum exists like an awkward boil on British democracy, having cannibalised NIP along the way (Evie McGovern has now rejoined Labour). Given a lot of folks who voted People's Voice also voted for this gaggle of aging Corbynistas, Communists and that one person who keeps on rambling about Bookchin it really shows how fair down the crappier British politics. Still it's fun seeing Ash Sarkar and Elizabeth Hayden saying that Nadia Whittome has betrayed Socialism by...bringing back Free Dentistry. Cool, cool, cool I guess.

Scottish National Party: Jo Cherry torched the party and now all we have left is Margert Ferrier leading a gaggle of Transphobes, #SalmondWasStichedUp types and the occasional Blood and Soil types who usually spends there time say the SNP should be more like Sinn Fein. So I can't wait for the addition of Economic Populism and collapsing into a violent spasms upon getting into Government.

Other Parties:

How does this awkward coalition continue to exist? Maybe because George Galloway sunk all his losses into this and somehow it got Laura Pidcock back into parliament. She's now a fucking lunatic who keeps on talking about (((Zionism))) and is increasingly TERFy by the day so Pidcock is spending her Middle Age doing normal things...


This maybe one of the dumbest things that I've ever done, forgive me.
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In a desperate attempt to prevent the Great War from happening and Britain going syndicalist, Arthur Clarke time-travels back in time and shakes Gavrilo Princip's hand to disintegrate him. Now, maybe, this will change in that world...

The new present: the Great War has come as the Tsar of all the Russias decides to spread those Russias from coast to coast. The Entente Nations, dominated by allied Germany and Britain, are scrambling to hold them back. Who wins? Whichever side you play as!



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The Place Beyond The Pines
Extinct Parties of the Republic of the State of New York
Being the supporters of a tighter Continental Government, they weren't exactly popular in New York especially given Governor Clinton was a vocal critic of the failed Philadelphia Constitution. However once the Congress was written off, Hamilton remolded them in his image.
Decentralists: While they always held the leadership of the State in the Revolution, the wars that broke out after their "successful" defense against the Philadelphia Constitution did much to erode their goodwill, and they floundered.
Whig Party: The Whigs dominated New York during the Second Republic, not just through graft and greed, not just through The Old Man's iron fist, and not just through oppositional incompetence, but through all three simultaneously building off of each other. However even the mighty can fall, and the party civil war following Hamilton's death split the Party and ironically did more for the Republic's democracy than either Clinton.
Democracy Party: It may be said that the Democracy Party died just before it could seize on the Whig Party Civil War to finally claw back to the top spot following the Hamilton reign. But the answer is after DeWitt Clinton died, no one really came to be the leader of the party, and it seemed all that held it together was a deep loathing of the Governor, and once he was gone, entropy kicked in.
Equal Rights Party: Despite only existing for 7 years, the Equal Rights Party is arguably one of the most important parties in New York history, their alliance with Van Buren’s Whig faction enabled the Knickerbocker to succeed against his one-time friend Marcy in 1841.
Radical Party: The Radical Party certainly lived up to its name, and somehow managed to even get one of their own into the Governor’s Mansion, but even at the height of its power they could not keep its workerist and agrarian wings united in purpose.