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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    Enjoying @zaffre on various trent timelines. Can I assume there's no point in doing more as they're all basically the same? There was one very popular one on ah.com 'they shall meet us on the open sea' I think, that I glanced at, found impenetrable and backed away from.
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game

    Oh yes I missed the bit where you indicate on here that you've done your bit. Thanks @Von Callay
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game

    I'd be happy to give that a go too.
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    Thoughts on Dahomey - 3

    One of the things I've tried to get across was the way in which, like everything, it's more complicated than it might seen at first glance. So Dahomey went from having an absolute Monarch to one where non royals were powerful enough to stand their ground and this also came hand in hand with low...
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    A Failure of Lenin: What happens next?

    I am entirely ignorant about anything post 1900 that isn't happening in Africa so I'm going to have to sit out on this one. But it's an interesting question as to what's most likely if the Kerensky government gets a stay of execution in 1917. Do they still drop out of the war? Do the...
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    Thoughts on Dahomey - 3

    Dunno who found the pictures for this out of @Meadow or @AndyC but thanks to both of you, regardless. This set of three are the first, but hopefully not only, articles I've written for this site and I'm delighted that you put them up and that I've had such intelligent comments on them. Those of...
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War - Part IX

    I was just joking mate. They're excellent, incredibly informative and I wouldn't want them changed.
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War - Part IX

    Another excellent article @Alex Richards. The problem with it from my perspective is it's so conclusive it doesn't leave much room for commentary.
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    The Barbary Pirates: From Annoyance to Menace

    The idea of an atlantic staging port for muslim raids certainty existed. There was a persistent rumour among the corsairs that Lundy off Devon in the Bristol channel was used as one though no English sources ever mention this so I'd doubt it happened. But it showed interest. It never happened...
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    The Barbary Pirates: From Annoyance to Menace

    There were a lot of English renegades amongst the corsairs as well as Dutch (due to wanting to continue the fight against the Spanish after James I's peace). Jack Ward, Henry Mainwaring etc. Mainwaring is perhaps the most interesting for your purposes in that he was based in both Newfoundland...
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    German Soldiers, Jamaican Rebels, Eggnog Cocktails, and the Bible: The Origins of “Tom and Jerry”

    Utterly fascinating @Thande (Enjoy the 292 notifications you'll have upon returning from Canada).
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    What would a Gore presidency look like?

    I simply don't buy that it'll automatically mean no Iraq. He was a man who was consistently hawkish about Iraq both in and out of government. In 1998, he said there was no doubt at all that Hussein's WMD were a grave threat and pushed for harsher reactions. In Feb 2002, he said that Iraq...
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    Alternate Terminology: Naval Gazing, Part 1

    Another good article, though I'll admit I can't get over my annoyance every time the Lundy myth is repeated even in a throw away context.
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    What would a 1980s Tony Benn premiership look like?

    At the risk of channelling Art, I'd believe that when it happened.
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    Going Over The Top: War Correspondents

    Wonderful article David. Something I didn't know much about and you've made me very much want to know more.
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    Review - War Plan Crimson, by Michael Cnudde

    Great review. This doesn't sound like my sort of thing at all but, I'm not going to lie, you've got me wanting to try it.
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    Thoughts on Dahomey - Part 2

    I feel blessed by all this intelligent commentary. That's a really interesting and plausible suggestion.
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    WI Battle Of The Boyne Stuart Victory?

    The idea of the protestant lords going 'thank god, William is dead now Mary can be the figurehead queen we always wanted' and then Mary turns up going 'god has punished me for disloyalty to my father by killing my husband, we need to surrender' is quite appealing.
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    WI Battle Of The Boyne Stuart Victory?

    Good points. The counter point to the Jacobites having more' credibility mind is so too do their opponents. It's not a German or Dutch King but a good Scottish protestant Queen from the Stuart line.
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    WI Battle Of The Boyne Stuart Victory?

    By the time of the Boyne the Jacobite campaign in Ireland has already scored a lot of own goals. The complete loss of Ulster just did not need to happen and a more decisive leader than James could have secured Ireland already. And well most of James' infantry simply wasn't good enough because he...