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    Marx in Texas (Tex-Marx?)

    Saw shared around, "hey did you know Karl Marx almost emigrated to Texas?", which doesn't source that but does source that among the German immigrants who moved there in the 19th century, one was Marx's brother-in-law, and established a lot of small communities and had a lot of cultural...
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    Chamberlain Resigns, And Other Things That Did Not Happen discussion

    An alternative history essay book from an alternative history, Chamberlain Resigns And Other Things That Did Not Happen is out now from Sea Lion and features the Franco-British Union, minor butterflies swinging major battles, pub fights, Kim Newman books, people in places they shouldn't be, and...
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    Daily Mail future prediction now Daily Mail alternate history by default

    Back in 2011, the Mail had Dominic Sandbrook write a fever-dream prediction of what happens if the euro fell. The grim dark future where there is only war in Europe was.... yesterday. So now it's a very strange alternate history by default,and I assumed everyone would get a kick out of it...