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    Review - Alternate History Shorts: Tulip House (Paul van Rompaye) and Sons of York (Ade Grant)

    Something I've noticed from my experience at Fuldapocalypse is what it's like looking at a genre that has the "Sturgeon Ratio" of quality but is otherwise small. It was what I felt with WWIII stories, and is a huge reason why I shifted over to "cheap thrillers" in general. With those thrillers...
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    Incredibly pat historical occurrences

    There's a few weird coincidences between the 1926 World Series and the 2016 NBA Finals. -Both feature a fledgling mega-dynasty as the losers (Yankees/Warriors) -Both went to seven games. -Both had a midwestern team win their first championship (Cardinals/Cavaliers) -Both had a superstar fall...
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    Lord of the Reams: How a Paper Shortage Created Modern Fantasy

    On the exact opposite end in terms of both quality and influence, Tom Kratman's A Desert Called Peace started as one book but was split into two simply because his tendency to er, "sprawl", meant it was too big to print as a mass market paperback.
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    Airships: Part Two - Military Airships

    I know airships value as persistent surveillance platforms-but have to admit I want to see an absurdist dogfight between airships. There'd be Top Gun-style fast music as these two lummoxes fly around very slowly.
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    Ryan's Reviews: Fatherland, by Robert Harris

    I've been wanting to read Fatherland myself for some time. Great review.
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    Is there a way to make 2007-8 Derby County even worse?
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    What if Gordon Banks had Played

    It's fun to see where the inspiration for the "Parliamentary Procedure" vignette that made fun of such blatant "foreshadowing" came from.
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    How good would the Americans have been if they'd qualified for the World Cup in 2018 instead of Panama?
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    Alternate Athlete Performances

    The first ones who come to mind for me are Charlie Ward (won the Heisman Trophy but had a successful pro career as a basketball player) and Dave Winfield (baseball player, played basketball in college effectively, and got selected in not just the baseball and basketball but also the NFL draft too).
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    Alternate Athlete Performances

    Just a question I'm curious about for sports alternate history. What is the biggest difference in performance of an ATL athlete compared to their OTL self that doesn't involve injuries (be it avoiding a severe OTL injury or getting one when they didn't in real life) that you'd be willing to...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I think it's because it manages to push people's buttons and compresses almost everything bad with After 1900's board culture into one target. There's the "lots of content = good" thought. There's telling things through wikiboxes and stock photos. There's the sloppiness about even basic details...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I'd say it's fair to give even the worst work credit where credit is due. William Lind's Victoria, for instance, actually has a few decently-written passages and its pacing is smooth, certainly smoother than some other (and otherwise far better and far less creepy) books. Compare this with say...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I've read some of Smith's published work, and he at least clears the William W. Johnstone threshold of "bad but still publishable".
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    It's especially worse (and sadly too common) if there's not much detail and/or knowledge of the subject matter. I can tolerate it more (even if I personally don't prefer it) if there is a lot of detail and it seems plausible. But have a lack of detail and it just feels like a lazy shortcut.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    The actual WWIII in NDCR is very, very emblematic of how it's too cliche and too divergent at the same time. On one hand, it copied rather heavily from the WWIII boomlet happening on the board at that time (which in turn copied heavily from the classic Clancy/Hackett/etc... books). On the other...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    The fans kept it going, and once the critics got tired and stopped appearing in the thread, The Congressman returned.
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    Vignette Sunday: Cliche - Parliamentary Procedure

    My favorite part was shoving in Vladimir Putin. Since I've seen too many OTL figures plopped in timelines where they ought to be butterflied away, that was what rang true to me.
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    Review: Tales From An Alternate Earth - Eight Broadcasts from Parallel Dimensions

    Nice review, although this piece struck me. Well, (and this is somewhat of a digression), my biggest theory for the "barbell" nature of alternate history (where, with a few exceptions, it's either Turtledove/Conroy-style really blatant and dramatic PODs or very niche internet fiction about...
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    Ryan's Reviews: The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad

    Nice review. I read The Iron Dream myself, and while it was good, I still went "Ok, I get it. I GET IT!" less than halfway through (not that I blame Spinrad in the least for trying to hammer his point home).
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    Advancements in technologies made obsolete before they were perfected IOTL

    I know of the fundamental issues with multi-turret tanks, but I've entertained a thought exercise where due to war necessity and a need to keep the lines hot they were still produced and upgraded en masse.