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    Viewing member profile Julius Vogel

    Viewing member profile Julius Vogel
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    Moth's Graphics & Test Thread

    Just heard about this. Sorry to hear about it and best wishes
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    Continuity UK Government in the Orkneys or Shetlands

    Can't see how it works unless rUK is swept with war and no one is able to organise anything let alone a small fleet as well as that the rUK has loads of well trained and equipped forces as well as a powerful military force nearby ala Japan/Taiwan post WW2. Just look how close Orkney is to...
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    Advancements in technologies made obsolete before they were perfected IOTL

    Maybe do some reading on Japan's HDTV investment in the 1990s. I remember regularly reading about it/government investment and nothing seemed to make it big.
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    How would the Soviets react to An Australian ISOT?

    Right, but when matters. Early - Mid Cold War USSR has little ability to hit Australia quickly.
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    How would the Soviets react to An Australian ISOT?

    Depends when right? If say 1970, then all bets are off. If late 1980s then fatalism panic
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    For King & Country: An immersive theatre experience based on Operation Sea Lion

    Whilst I was generally aware this was happening I almost never check this forum so didn't catch the details. I will come next time!
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    1921 Referendum on Southern Rhodesia admission to the USA

    Would be interesting to see how Southern Rhodesia ends up in this, given that the oft repeated criticism of the federation was that it was a project designed to improve the south over the northern bits
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    Advancements in technologies made obsolete before they were perfected IOTL

    Not quite the same premise but I've always been interested by irrigation technology. On the farm we had three arguably distinct technologies - flood, centralised high pressure spray and decentralised low pressure spray so portable they're often towed by motorbike. The first being constructed in...
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    The Phoenix Foundation: Libertarian colonialism

    Problem for this is that I don't think anyone here really knows in any detail what ANZ's policy was to the Pacific Islands in 1980. We can make some assumptions based on NZ attitudes to Vietnam, nuclear testing, to Fiji and all that - but one would probably need access to JSTOR or a good uni...
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    The Phoenix Foundation: Libertarian colonialism

    IS there are Macgyver angle here?
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    A different path for the Congo (the Belgian one, Zaire, Congo-Kinshasa, DRC)

    Zambia has some things Congo does not, at independence. It's much smaller for one. Another is that the main towns/copper/infrastructure/government is relatively concentrated in the middle, like a spine. Which probably helps government/regime keeping control. Zambia also being totally...
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    Tandsmør in your face

    Tandsmør in your face
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    Public transport without the bus – a counterfactual meander

    Slightly worried that acid baths and Footism have got shout outs ;)
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    Let's discuss France Fights On a.k.a. the Fantasque Time Line

    I read a lot of the Australian split back in the day but it got a little war gamey for me (although that isn't necessarily a bad thing).
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    WI: Conservative-DUP Agreement 2015

    It is a very interesting POD