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  1. AndyC

    The End and Afterwards

    Updated image for the S-type shuttle (made less blocky):
  2. AndyC

    Kicks and bans

    Pretty much. We'd rather avoid any drama or discussion on actions - it rarely seems to end up anywhere good - but we reckon it's necessary to have an up-to-date list of who is kicked or banned at any given time. The double kicking over the weekend didn't occur in any thread so there was minimal...
  3. AndyC

    Current kicks and bans

    The below are users who are currently kicked or banned, other than those on fishing trips (for which, see The Pond): Bans No current bans Kicks No current kicks
  4. AndyC

    Kicks and bans

    It's not a default feature available. On the other place, it appears Ian has bought a plugin that can do that; it doesn't really seem worth paying out for it right now, unless we end up giving a lot of kicks and people get really down with the issue.
  5. AndyC

    Adele Hitler: a female-born Adolf

    MODERATOR POST You know we said nothing on dead little girls? Well, maybe we should clarify that. We're looking broader to that to any post which looks like it's fantasising about something weird to do with girls and pretty dresses and/or gawky female childhoods and adolescences and so...
  6. AndyC

    Samantha Smith: the Littlest Diplomat lives

    Okay; you've got a record of posting about girls who died young, and it's got to the creepy stage. I don't know what triggers it, but it's stopping now. One week off.
  7. AndyC

    Feature requests

    Good idea - thanks.
  8. AndyC

    New Alternate History series coming up: WI the Space Race never finished

    https://deadline.com/2017/12/apple-ronald-d-moore-space-drama-series-1202227584/ The writer of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series is writing a "space drama" ordered by Apple based around exploring what would have happened if the global Space Race had never ended.
  9. AndyC

    Feature requests

    Ah well, thanks for trying. It may be worth doing the "Content like" and "Chat like" as separate likes, but it also adds a complication, so no worries.
  10. AndyC

    Feature requests

    It may be a bit obscure, but is it possible to have different likes for On Topic and Off-Topic boards? My reasoning is that likes are very useful feedback for on-topic stuff (ie writing, scenarios and PODs, associated graphics, reviews, etc), but are swamped by Off-Topic likes. You can get far...
  11. AndyC

    WI: Labour comes out against Brexit

    My feel is this is almost impossible to accurately model, without going full MRP like the YouGov model. First off - just because Labour-held seats voted Leave doesn't mean most Labour voters in those seats voted Leave. Or vice versa, for that matter. In fact, looking quickly at a YouGov from...
  12. AndyC

    AndyC's Shadowlands series

    All of this has reminded me about something I meant to put in Book 3 and missed out of the first draft so far... :)
  13. AndyC

    Campaign Cartographer

    The continents, iceans, and mountain ranges bit exists (I'll post the link when I'm back at the computer), but you have to work out the climates manually.
  14. AndyC

    WI: Conservatives win 10 fewer seats in 2017

    When a deal with either party would be active suicide, yes. Given the choice of "fatal" and "exhausting and painful", the latter wins. In practice, I'd imagine the official line to be "we will not make any deals; we will vote on a vote-by-vote basis depending on our view of the merits of each...
  15. AndyC

    So you want to make a map? – Part 1

    A very useful primer and I look forward to the next installments
  16. AndyC

    AndyC's Shadowlands series

    Very gratifying to see this :) If there's sufficient interest (and @Meadow doesn't mind), I was thinking of serialising Book 3 in the Writing section here the same way I serialise the Endeavour series.
  17. AndyC

    The End and Afterwards

    Music to an author's ears :) And, as well as the ebook being available already, I know that the paperback will be available very soon as well.
  18. AndyC

    The sliding scale of alternate history hardness

    I think this would make a good article for the Blog site. Obviously, I can't speak for Meadow, but would you be interested in submitting it as an article?
  19. AndyC

    AHC: Destroy Labour post-1979, 'Lib Dem' majority by 2000

    I think there would be significant differences - the SDP famously got a lot of previously disengaged people into activism (and they were notoriously unaware of what worked and what didn't); a more successful SDP could bring more in. The Westminster landscape could also be very different - you'd...
  20. AndyC

    AHC: Destroy Labour post-1979, 'Lib Dem' majority by 2000

    I think if you start with a worse ending to the Labour campaign in 1983, that'd help. Labour were behind the Alliance for a lot of the campaign and only just pulled ahead at the end. A result of Con 45, Alliance 28, Lab 24, resulting in something like Con 420, Lab 170, Alliance 39 would lead...