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    WI: Burr in 1800?

    Every aspiring U.S. alt-historian knows of Aaron Burr, and by extension his rather infamous persona. But, for as much of a character he was, Burr came within an inch of the presidency in 1800 - in idiosyncratically Burr fashion, by means of swindling and backroom machine politics. What if...
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    Who could be a "Democratic Reagan?"

    Looking to have a free-wielding discussion on who could possibly fill a similar niche for the Democrats as Reagan did for the Republicans. By a "Democratic Reagan," I don't mean more literal examples like actor-politicians or even that they have to necessarily govern in the '80s, although such...
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    Veridian's Vhread

    rules 1. be kind 2. only i get to self-deprecate here 3. no promises
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    WI: Nixon + Brezhnev die in a car crash?

    This is a goodie that may or may not be a preview of things to come. During the June 1973 summit at Camp David between President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev, the former, knowing full well of the latter's affinity for cars, gifted him a custom-made Continental as a sign of goodwill...
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    "Hipster" Politicians Thread

    Hey you! Yes you! Are you tired of seeing Clintons in every timeline, universal Kennedys or infinite Bushs? Tire no longer, for here's a thread for figures who could've become something markedly more! Figures who are lesser-used or obscure and could've had their place in the sun under the...