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    Titanic Alternatives

    I'm afraid that's down to the fact that I sent the article off in mid-March, having started work on it as far back as last December when the idea first hit me. I don't think they got posted about on here until last week. For what it's worth, it wasn't any deliberate snub on my part, just my past...
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    New review: And Here's To You.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    A friend of Facebook posted asking "has anyone written a contemporary counterfactual novel on the basis of the survival of the idea of the divine right of kings?" I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head though my knowledge isn't as extensive as others on here. Does anyone know of...
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    New review: Don't Be Cruel.
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    Doctor Who: Return of the Cybermen

    One of the many moments that it appears Robert Holmes inserted into Revenge that Gerry Davis hated. Which, frankly, I can't blame Davis for after re-watching the TV version recently. It would be an interesting experiment, though someone's going to have fun creating visuals for the stuff that's...
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    'JlA: The Nail' Review

    Well that’s my first Hoopla checkout of April sorted. Thanks @Charles EP M.!
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    My recent episode reviews over on Warped Factor: The Weight Best Laid Plans
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    V-S Day review

    Nice review, @SpanishSpy. It’s worth mentioning that Steele built the novel to a fair extent on the world-building he’d done for his earlier novel The Tranquility Alternative and the even earlier short story Goddard’s People. Though, like with Clarke’s Space Odyssey series, they don’t all quite...
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    The Alternate History of Bridgerton

    By a slight coincidence caused by my editor over on Warped Factor, I've got a less AH centric review of the series now up over there as well in a totally unplanned Bridgerton double-bill!
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    Another week, another episode review over on Warped Factor: Pathfinder.
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    Prequel Problems: Star Trek Federation vs First Contact

    I read Federation back in 2012, having had the paperback for awhile at that point. It’s a novel that’s hard not to adore if you’re a Trek fan, and in many ways it’s what everyone wanted Generations to be that it wasn’t. Indeed, that film still feels like a middling quality TNG two-parter with a...
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    My review of Season Two Episode Three Rules of Engagement is up now on Warped Factor.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    And now I get to be surprised that Lawson didn't even mention his own novel when he presented the 2013 Archive on Four episode The Kennedy Book Depository on some of the various book and screen takes on the JFK assassination. Though I do recommend giving it a listen for some of the archive...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Off the top of my head, there's Bryce Zabel's Surrounded By Enemies and Jeff Greenfield's If Kennedy Lived, both published in 2013. Before that, there's George Bernau's 1988 novel Promises To Keep which I've had sitting on a shelf for ages, though it seems to be a mix of AH and roman a clef, and...
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    Review of Season Two Episode Two The Bleeding Edge is now up on Warped Factor.
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    The Marble Man: The Guns of the South, The Lost Cause, and Harry Turtledove

    To quote myself from theLost Cause: Genre Trope to Avoid thread last year
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    My review of the season two opener is up over on Warped Factor though I've only thought to post about it on here today for some reason.
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    'The Bat and Balloon War' review

    Well, I’ll say this @SpanishSpy: Once I’ve read knocked a Kindle book or two off my list, I’m going to have to pick this one up.
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    The Moon Is Red: Apple TV does AH.

    For those who might be interested, my review of season one is now up over on Warped Factor and I'll be reviewing each episode of this latest season weekly as well. I'll try to post as many links here as I can, preferably without being the only poster in the thread for a few weeks.
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    Review: The Shape of Things to Come

    I can't believe I didn't mention this in the article itself! 🤦‍♂️ Thanks for mentioning it on here, though!