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    When did OTL leaders become 'plausible'?

    A series of DBWI questions that I've had bouncing around in my head for a while, but prompted by @Comisario and @AlfieJ 's excellent Shuffle timeline. When did the people who in OTL became Prime Minister first become plausible or even likely 'next PM' figures? In political betting there is a...
  2. K

    Hitler assassinated by foreign citizen pre-WWII. What happens next?

    A very common AH cliche/trope surrounds the assassination of Adolf Hitler - most commonly evoking the 1944 July Plot, or else the efforts of British Intelligence agents during war time. However up to 1939, Hitler was seen by the wider world as a far less morally black character - whether that...
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    Poll Options limit

    From what I can tell, polls are currently limited to 10 responses. The Vignette challenge has 21 entries. So that I don't need to clutter up the Writing subforum with 3 seperate voting threads, is there any way to increase the number of responses allowed in a single poll?
  4. K

    Ed Miliband's Cabinet

    Off the back of intermittant chat about what life is like in the Miliverse... With shades of 1964; if in line with contemporary polling and expectations, Labour somehow ended up as the/a party of government in 2015 but still lost the seats of both Morley and Outwood and Paisley and Renfrewshire...
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    The Loud Blast That Tears The Skies

    A recent conversation with @Sideways reminded me of this small unpublished part of The Loud Blast That Tears The Skies, originally envisaged as the flash-forward to open a Part 2 covering 1965-2015 in the timeline, or else as a finishing epilogue to cap a full 1908-2008 centenary. As I now have...