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    'Resurrection Day' review

    I do have a certain appreciation for this book. It knows that it's pulp, and I can almost forgive the anschluss plot.
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    Prequel Problems: Sharpe’s Reading Order

    Cornwell really strikes me as having been taken prisoner by his characters at this point. His standalone books and short series are still really fun, but Saxons and the Rifles have rather overpowered the joy.
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    WI: Nazi Victory

    This is a great idea, and I would love to read such a scenario.
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War L

    Good god, I missed the last article! Splendid job, Alex. Exhaustively detailed, with a great eye for personality. Well done.
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    WI: The 'Djordanian Dam' was never built?

    This is a great question, but it runs into the problem that most people here have a limited knowledge of Central Asia; even apart from the neglect of the region in education and popular culture beyond generalised clichés about the Silk Road and conquering hordes, it's hard for a layman to know...
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    What If France Had Started World War II?

    Damn it, Arthur, I knew there was a screamingly obvious one I was missing.
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    What If France Had Started World War II?

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    What If France Had Started World War II?

    I thought this was going to be an article about a French government that somehow decides to go ahead with intervening in Rhineland (or escalating the occupation back in the twenties,) but apparently no. I do wish more alternate history dealt with the idea that the Third Republic lasted from...
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    I never really got around to this. The answer will depend, in great part, as to when the borders are redrawn. Despite all I said upthread, it's quite possible that a 'New Zealand' that joins the 'Commonwealth' could try and secede; if it does- which would require a British government that's...
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    The hoax is a representation of real fears- through the 1870s and 1880s there were various war scares between Britain and Russia, and New Zealand convinced itself that it was at risk. So through the 1880s you see a whole bunch of fortifications built at the major harbors- some with the very...
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    Oh, one other thing that might help drive NZ into Federation- more great power competition in the South Pacific. The 1883 Federal Convention saw all the colonies- including NZ- demand that the UK not permit any further expansion into the islands from anyone else. The bogeyman in question...
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    1. Depends what you mean. One thing to remember is that when Queensland unilaterally annexed the territory in 1883, it did so in the name of the British Empire, not its own local colonial ambitions. I won't bore you with the theoretical underpinnings of my take on Australasian imperialism, but...
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    AH Challenge: Put a professional con artist in high office

    Horatio Bottomley is surely the goer here.
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    You know, I'd completely forgotten about that, and I honestly don't know enough to give a meaningful answer.
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    Ha! Clearly, it's the Dominion of Van Diemen's Land.
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    Hit me up if you want reading material, by the way.
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    Right! The west and north OK, so we can plausibly dispense with subdivisions of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Both have been proposed- acted upon, briefly, in the case of the Territory- but there's simply no population base for them. Barring the physical transformation of...
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    For once, Venocara, you'll be happy to have me in the thread. I'm cooking right now, but I'm posting this to remind me to come back to this thread with notes and citations- but yes, it's very possible to have more states, and they would almost certainly come out of Queensland and New South Wales.
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    Realistic *Australian Drakia

    I apologise for coming into two of your threads in a row to take issue with the premise, but I find this in bad taste. Almost offensive, actually. This runs into the same damn problem with the original Draka. The Draka were a timeline set in South Africa without the slightest interest in the...
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    Imperial World

    Again, the question doesn't make that much sense. What was the 'formal' British Empire in 1914, for example? Did the self-governing Dominions count? How about client states like Argentina? South and Central America have never, in the main, been 'formal' possessions of the United States but...