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    Hillary Clinton and the Senate Race That Nearly Wasn't (or Always Was?)

    So, it seems that everyone's 'favorite' executive spouse turned politician (Muriel Humphrey, I'm sorry, but this isn't about you) was rather on the fence about running for her seat in 2000. To be sure, she'd been asked to run as early as 1997, but it seems that at first she was rather...
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    Papabile of 1978?

    I’ve been watching The Two Popes, and, anyways, I get back into Vaticanology every few months - Papal politics are rather fun, especially for a Jew like me! With all that said, I’m curious if you lovely and talented people have any thoughts on papabile, particularly those of 1978? I once read a...
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    An English Haiti?

    The title says it all, I think, and I’m not too picky with regards to how it happens: either the Brits seize it in 1793 in their OTL invasion, it gets snatched up by Britain during the 18th century as a war prize from a very irritated ancien regime, Cromwell takes it, whatever. The question is...
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    Reagan Assassinated in 1981?

    It's been talked about. And talked about. And talked about some more. And talked about – I think you get where I'm going with this. Still, though, it is one of the classic scenarios, and I thought the minds of SLP might want a crack at it. What sort of negotiations might President Bush...
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    "Selsdon Man": Heath Sticks to the Manifesto

    I'm not the first person to speculate on this by any means, but I figure it's an interesting enough subject to warrant some more discussion here. Just a bit of recap: Heath was, of course, a One Nation Tory through and through but the 1970 manifesto, A Better Tomorrow, was a sort of a...
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    Cromwell Dies in 1654?

    The Civil Wars are just utterly fascinating to me and in doing some reading about them I discovered this. If it's been discussed before, apologies. It seems that in the late September of 1654, Oliver Cromwell was out for a carriage ride, when he decided to have a bit of fun, and he took the...
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    "A Stranger in a Strange Land" - Karl Marx in Texas?

    This scenario's been discussed before, but I thought it'd be worth bringing up. In 1843, a stateless Karl Marx seriously considered moving to the Republic of Texas, which had a large German population - he went so far as to ask the mayor of Trier for a visa. Without Marx, Wilhelm Weitling and...