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    Nahuatl remains language of New Spain

    So today I stumbled across the fact that, in 1570, Nahuatl was made the official language of New Spain; apparently, this state of affairs that continued until 1696 saw a great deal of Nahuatl literature being produced, as well as the language being taught by Spanish missionaries further south...
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    Better Italy during WW2

    Inspired by discussions earlier today I thought I'd make a thread for the matter. Italy, going into WW2, was supposed to be a serious power, with one of the world's larger militaries, and at times it did perform with good results. Unfortunately, said record is marred by a performance in 1940...
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    Carthage beating Rome and other Punic AH

    I've just been chatting with a friend, and the topic of Carthage beating Rome came up, and she came out with this: from a PoD of Hasdrubal winning at the Metaurus and successfully joining with Hannibal and taking Rome. I myself ain't quite convinced about the plausibility of that chain of...
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    Ian Does Maps

    Just mapped the results for the 2018 Colchester Borough Council elections. All-ups on new boundaries in 2016 - but the council is otherwise by thirds, meaning this year the third places were up. Since last time the Conservatives took a seat off the Lib Dems in Shrub End, bringing the...