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    Author Listing For Alt Australias On Amazon

    I'm going to apologize in advance if this comes across as pedantic. I was updating my Amazon author's page for the first time in months and was trying to add December's Alternate Australias to my list on there. Except that it looks as though I'm not listed as being one of the contributors...
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    What If? (BBC Radio 4)

    Recently digging through computer files, I came back across episodes I had saved of the long-running BBC Radio 4 series What If? hosted by the historian Christopher Andrew. Starting out as a panel series in the 1990s, by the time it ended around 2004 it had become more of a speculative...
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    Without Warning (1994)

    On the night before Halloween 1994, three asteroid fragments hit the Earth, touching off a crisis that threatened to bring about the end of the world. Or, at least did for viewers of CBS watching it unfold as live news broadcasts... Out now on Warped Factor, I look back at Without Warning 26...