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    So the co-operative lists thread died, in no small part because I kept getting bored of the usual format and tried people's patience with increasingly eclectic and overwritten prompts.(1) However, I think there's still interest for a thread of general round-robins, story games, co-operative...
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    WI Tsar and family die in Borki crash?

    Yes, this was sparked by listening to the latest episode of Revolutions but it's been going around my head for a while. What if the Tsar and his family die in the rail disaster at Borki in 1888? The Tsar and, I believe, all his children were in the dining carriage. Supposedly the Tsar rescued...
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    Cultural effects of massive Royal Navy loss in WW1/late nineteenth century?

    There are plenty of threads at the other place about how Jutland could have gone differently, but they normally rely on what are doubtless fascinating and well-informed analyses of the various British and German ships. This thread is for something different. By the turn of the twentieth century...