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    Frankish Northern Gaul

    If the Franks had only conquered Northern Gaul, ie everything north of the Loire, could they have Germanized it?
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    Moroccan colony in the Caribbean

    Moroccan Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur was interested in acquiring a sugar island in the Caribbean in cooperation with England. What if Morocco did get a sugar island in the Caribbean? Which island are they most likely to get? Could they have held it in the long term?
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    Surviving Avar Khaganate

    What if the Avar Khaganate had been able to defeat the Franks? The Khaganate had an apparently Turkic Avar elite ruling over a mostly Slavic population. I'm sure they would convert to Christianity. Anyways, the Avars had apparently adopted the language of their Slavic subjects but were bilingual...
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    Mongols invade Hungary around 1250

    Based on this thesis, https://prism.ucalgary.ca/bitstream/handle/11023/232/ucalgary_2012_pow_lindsey.pdf?sequence=2, what if the Mongols had invaded Hungary again around 1250, this time with counterweighted trebuchets in order to destroy its fortresses? I agree with Stephen Pow that Béla IV and...
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    Maori bring pigs and chickens to New Zealand

    What if the Maori had brought pigs and chickens with them to New Zealand? This would presumably lead to a higher Maori population, especially in the South Island, which was too cold for their crops. Could the Maori population be high enough for them to remain a majority in New Zealand?
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    Greek language without Islam

    Had Islam never existed, would the Levant, Egypt and Cyrenaica have eventually become predominantly Greek speaking? The coastal cities already were so but Aramaic, Coptic and Berber respectively still dominated in the hinterland.
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    Sweden-Norway intervenes in the Second Schleswig War

    What if Sweden-Norway had intervened on the Danish side in the Second Schleswig War, with the condition that Denmark gave up Holstein and held a plebiscite in Schleswig? How different would the plebiscite's results be compared to the one after World War I in our timeline? Regardless, such an...
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    Grishin instead of Gorbachev

    Viktor Grishin was considered an alternative to Gorbachev to succeed Chernenko. However, in early 1985, he dragged the ill Chernenko to vote, which was considered cruel, ruining his chances. Suppose he hadn't done this and was chosen to replace Chernenko. He was a Brezhnevite. Would he have...
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    Louis II of Hungary survives

    This two year old thread, http://forum.sealionpress.co.uk/index.php?threads/the-battle-of-mohács-and-the-destiny-of-hungary-and-central-europe.1132/, has an interesting discussion. I don't think the Hungarians could have won at Mohács. The Ottoman army was simply far better than the Hungarian...
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    The US gets Texas up to the Colorado River in 1819: Effects on further expansion?

    The US could have had Texas up to the Colorado River in the Adam-Onis Treaty in 1819. What are the effects of this? I think this could have, actually, hurt the US in the long run. In our timeline, almost all American settlers in Tejas were east of the Colorado. Thus, the Texas Revolution almost...
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    Bill Clinton admitted his affair

    What if Bill Clinton had admitted to his affair with Monica Lewinsky? Would Congress still try to impeach him for abuse of power? Even if they did, I think it would fail, as that article of impeachment was overwhelmingly voted down in our timeline. Regardless, is this enough for Gore to win in 2000?
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    Greece and Turkey not allowed to join NATO

    In our timeline, there was some opposition to allowing Greece and Turkey to join NATO. George Kennan was a prominent critic. Decades later, he justified his opposition by pointing out those two nations disliked each other and were unstable. So, what if the opponents won out? Suppose Greece and...
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    Ottomans win the 1877-78 war

    One of the biggest points of divergence of the late 19th century is an Ottoman victory over Russia in the 1877-78 war, which almost happened. The Ottomans would have kept Bulgaria and Bosnia. The First Constitutional Era would have continued. The Ottomans would not have gained a reputation as...
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    American Southern Ontario

    The US could have had Southern Ontario in the Treaty of Paris. What if the US did get it? My guess is that Canada, as we know it, is aborted. IMO, with Southern Ontario, the US is very likely to eventually control, at least, the Canadian West, as without Southern Ontario, Canada gets deprived of...
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    Chinese Outer Manchuria

    What if Outer Manchuria had been heavily settled by Chinese and Koreans before Russia could take it? Without Russian control over the region, would Japan get Sakhalin?
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    No Mormons

    What if Joseph Smith never founded Mormonism? What would the settlement of the Mountain West look like? What would Utah, especially, look like?
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    Cham conquest of Vietnam

    In our timeline, between the 15th and the 19th centuries, Vietnam conquered Champa and apparently assimilated most of the Cham population. However, there was a time the reverse came close to happening. In the late 14th century, Champa came close to conquering Vietnam. Suppose they had conquered...
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    Mongol invasion of the Holy Roman Empire

    After defeating Hungary and Poland, the Mongols were planning to invade the Holy Roman Empire but ultimately decided to withdraw. This may or not have been because of Ogedei's death. Either way, suppose they had gone through with an invasion of the Holy Roman Empire. How do things go? My guess...
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    No Arab conquest of the Maghreb

    In our timeline, the Arabs had a hard time conquering the Maghreb. Suppose they had not been able to advance beyond Cyrenaica. Can the Byzantines hold the Maghreb for very long or does the geographical separation lead it being becoming a series of Romano-Berber states? If the latter, how do such...
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    Polish-Soviet interwar border at the Curzon Line

    Suppose that, during the Polish-Soviet War, either the Soviets did not advance beyond the Curzon Line and try to take Warsaw or they were able to hold there during the Polish counter-offensive. What are the effects of this? For one, Interwar Poland would be much more heterogeneous. BTW, assuming...