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    How can Ireland dominate Britain?

    Wasn't there a treaty between three lots of rebels in Medieval England to partition England and Wales among themselves, with a super Wales, and a North and South England? Unlikely to last, but if it did it might allow Ireland to unify and possibly play a strong role in English affairs.
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    Irish Home Rule succeeds

    I wouldn't take that as a total given, as the roman catholic church and the free state enjoyed a very close relationship until the 1980s - in an ATL where Ireland has Home Rule, this wouldn't develop to the same extent, and social values might be slightly more liberal, especially if the poor...
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    WI: Crown Prince Wilhelm runs in the 1932 German Presidential Election

    He did die of a heart attack OTL, which could happen earlier or later - probably earlier with the stress of being President/Kaiser. I don't see how Hitler could disqualify him for the 1939 election without provoking a military coup, and Willhelm might have managed to crown either himself or his...
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    WI: Crown Prince Wilhelm runs in the 1932 German Presidential Election

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    WI: Crown Prince Wilhelm runs in the 1932 German Presidential Election

    According to wiki, Crown Prince Wilhelm was interested in running for the German Presidency in 1932, but his father forbid him from running as he preferred Hindenburg. But say Hindenburg decided not to run or was unable to run due to poor health, and Wilhelm II agrees to Crown Prince Wilhelm...
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    Getting a UK prime minister to lose their seat

    Boris Johnson could have lost his seat in a Conservative meltdown, and indeed still could. Needs a interesting POD to make happen - Boris becomes PM in 2016 and then fucks up so badly he loses his own seat.
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    Yes! Wins the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014?

    Anyone got any further thoughts on this?
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    Yes! Wins the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014?

    I'm more interested in dicussing the impact of a yes vote, not how it occurred, but my first thought would be that the main three parties get complacent, particularly Cameron and don't go north in the last days of the campaign to support the No campaign and Better Together, and/or Cameron makes...
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    Yes! Wins the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014?

    This is a fairly simple question, and one which has been fairly unexplored in AH up to this point. If the Yes campaign had won the Scottish Independence how would the resulting negotations between the (still devolved) Scottish Government and the British government have panned out, and what kind...
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    Divided China after World War II

    If the American's had provided some more support (Naval bombardment, lend-lease, air support), could they have maybe have held onto Hainan, or even a few coastal towns?
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    Moon Disaster (Apollo 11, Nixon and Deep Fakes)

    BoJo's remain article, and Camerons speech if remain won comes to mind.
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    The List Of Alternate History 198X Conventional World War IIIs

    The Last War on the TBOverse has a Third World War between NATO and allies, and the Warsaw Pact and Iraq, set in 2005 after a brutal crackdown in East Germany in 1989 means that the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact hold together. It's currently at about day 17 out of an 80-day war, so it will...
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    Portugal keeps Cabo Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe

    Cape Verde might be able to pick up some of the vast numbers of tourists which visit the Canaries and Madeira, particularly if it ends up in the Eurozone.
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    UK retains more of the British empire post 1945

    If the British Government had been more open to retaining protectorates east of Suez, the Trucial States (the modern-day UAE), Qatar, and Bahrain could have remained under some degree of British suzerainty. I once read that the Sheiks in the Trucial States told the British Government that they...
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    UK retains more of the British empire post 1945

    Even if the lease had been for 999 years on the new territories, not 99 years, China would have eventually have convinced the British Government to return Hong Kong.
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    UK retains more of the British empire post 1945

    Currently, the remnants of the British Empire, the British Overseas Territories are a collection of self-governing islands, most of them too small to be a viable state. They do not have any representation in Parliament, unlike Overseas France, which has representation in the French Parliament...
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    A larger Spanish Guinea

    Would it make it more tempting to any foreign powers who might consider buying it? I think the Spanish considered selling it OTL, but there wasn't much interest.
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    Could the DNVP take power in Germany?

    There was still a veneer of Democracy, if only on the grounds that Bruning had a degree of support from the Reichstag, and they were still holding Democratic elections to the Reichstag
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    Could the DNVP take power in Germany?

    The DNVP was a conservative party and in the 1928 election it lost quite a few voters to parties such as the Christian-National Peasants and Farmers Party over issues such as the failure of agricultural tariffs to tackle rural decline in Germany - this was something that the DNVP heavily pushed...
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    Could the DNVP take power in Germany?

    If they could convince Hindenburg to step down in the 1932 Presidential Election, the DNVP might be able to get Crown Prince Willhelm to run - his father forbid him because he preferred Hindenburg - if Hindenburg isn't running Willhelm might be able to convince his father otherwise. Willhelm...