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    WI: Crown Prince Wilhelm runs in the 1932 German Presidential Election

    According to wiki, Crown Prince Wilhelm was interested in running for the German Presidency in 1932, but his father forbid him from running as he preferred Hindenburg. But say Hindenburg decided not to run or was unable to run due to poor health, and Wilhelm II agrees to Crown Prince Wilhelm...
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    Yes! Wins the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014?

    This is a fairly simple question, and one which has been fairly unexplored in AH up to this point. If the Yes campaign had won the Scottish Independence how would the resulting negotations between the (still devolved) Scottish Government and the British government have panned out, and what kind...
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    UK retains more of the British empire post 1945

    Currently, the remnants of the British Empire, the British Overseas Territories are a collection of self-governing islands, most of them too small to be a viable state. They do not have any representation in Parliament, unlike Overseas France, which has representation in the French Parliament...
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    Could the DNVP take power in Germany?

    The DNVP were the primary Nationalist and Conservative party in the Weimar Republic until they were eclipsed in around 1930 by the Nazi party. They managed to retain some influence during the last years of the Weimar Republic, and ended up disbanding after Hitler passed the Enabling act in 1933...
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    Torten's Map Thread

    Reposted from the other place.
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    2019 Britain ISOT to November 1944?

    We wake tomorrow morning, to find that Britain has been sent back to November 1944 - Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan still rule large parts of Europe and Asia - The Soviet Union is waiting to descend on Europe like a Jackal. - Britain still has a massive colonial empire Britain is faced with a...
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    Conservatives Win a Majority in 2010?

    Had, in 2010 David Cameron been able to win a small majority of 10 - 20 seats, what kind of effect would that have on the 2010-2015 parliament, and the next election? The Liberal Democrats might benefit out of this, as they avoid the taint of the coalition, and the Conservatives wouldn't be able...