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    Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld: How plausible is the AH?

    In Curtis Sittenfeld's AH novel Rodham, the POD is in 1971 when Hillary turns down Bill's proposition. This makes little difference for the next two decades, but in 1992 Bill Clinton fails to overcome the scandal of his womanizing and loses the primary to Paul Tsongas. George H. W. Bush wins his...
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    WI Finland yields to Soviet demands rather than fight?

    In OTL, Finland was the exception among the USSR's Western neighbors which Stalin bullied into granting territorial concessions. But its intransigeance wasn't a foregone conclusion: even Mannerheim thought it best to yield to Soviet demands rather than risk all-out war. So what if the matter had...
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    The Atlantic on living in an alternate timeline

    I just wish the author had dug a little further and found out that Sliding Doors is a saccharine Hollywood remake of a much more gripping Polish film, Blind Chance by Krzysztof Kieślowski, in which whether making it on the train or missing it will determine where the protagonist positions...
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    WI: A pro-Axis Norway?

    Could there have been a plausible chain of events resulting in Norway being pro-Axis rather than neutral at the start of WW2? And what would have been the consequences? A lesser option would be the legal government signing a French-style armistice. Two butterflies that come to mind are that...
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    Vignette: L'Appel du 18 Juin

    On this day 80 years ago, Georges Mandel, self-proclaimed leader of the Free French, made his historical speech on the airwaves of the BBC. Genius, as the saying goes, is the encounter of a man with destiny. And few men were as well-suited for such an encounter as Georges Mandel, who had...
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    WI: A Stalin-less USSR?

    A recurring question in the AH community involves a Hitler-less Third Reich. Much less often does one come across speculation about a Stalin-less USSR. So, let's say that Stalin dies in August 1920 while fighting Polish forces at Lvov, and remains a footnote in the history of the Bolshevik...
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    WI Finland had remained a monarchy?

    For a brief while after becoming independent from Russia, Finland was a monarchy. But since the would-be king chosen by the Finnish Parliament was a Hessian prince, the defeat of the Central Powers led to the throne remaining vacant. After a few months during which Finland was officially a...
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    Has anyone read Turtledove's Through Darkest Europe and could volunteer a review?

    In Harry Turtledove's 2018 novel Through Darkest Europe, a divergence in medieval theology resulted in the emergence of a progressive, democratic and prosperous Muslim cultural sphere, while European Christendom remains an economically and socially backwards region wracked by religious...
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    Biblaridion's planetary worldbuilding

    Biblaridion is a YouTuber who engages in linguistic and biological counterfactual speculation. His ongoing series on the evolution of life on an alien planet is quite interesting, and as far as I can tell from a layperson's perspective, well-researched. I find it an interesting example of...
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    WI: Wrangel Island claimed by Canada?

    Wrangel Island (named after explorer Ferdinand von Wrangel, a relative of the other one) is a desolate stretch of land in the Arctic Ocean, located to the north of Chukotka. A remnant population of mammoths apparently survived there until early historical times. In OTL, it was claimed shortly...
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    La Maison-Bleue: A Canadian AH comedy about Québécois independence

    Coming up next month, this political fiction comedy by Ricardo Trogi imagines that the 1995 referendum goes the other way, and Quebec becomes independent. Twenty-five years later, its bumbling president is looking for ways to boost his sagging popularity.
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    WI: Hollywood without John Ford

    Inspired by @RyanF's article, a question for cinema buffs: Before he became a director, John Ford worked in a number of menial positions in the film industry. According to this article: On one occasion he had a close call: What if the explosion had killed him? How different would Hollywood...
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    What if Romania had remained in the Axis to the end?

    In OTL, Romania's defection from the Axis was the result of a coup by King Michael in August 1944, which resulted in the overthrow of strongman Ion Antonescu, a harsh armistice with the USSR, and Romanian forces fighting alongside those of the Allies for the remainer of the war. Some Romanian...
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    Viability of a pro-US Korean government-in-exile on Jeju Island?

    Over at the France Fights On forum the post-war fate of Korea is being discussed, and it seems likely that all of it will end up in the Soviet sphere of influence. Should that happen, what would be the viability of a non-Communist, US-aligned Korean government relocating to Jeju Island as a...
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    WI: Tattoos as an upper-class cultural signifier?

    Back at the other place, @Thande once explained that from the 18th to the mid-20th century, in Britain tattoos were a signifier of upper-class status (or at least pretensions). That conversation was recently brought back to mind by a plot detail of the France Fights On TL, in which Franco...
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    At the Edge of the Abyss: A different WW2 by Thomas Diana

    Thomas Diana, a fellow member of the France Fights On forum, has just published his own alternate history book At the Edge of the Abyss, the story of a world in which WW2 ends much earlier than in OTL, and the markedly post-war world that results from the stalemate doesn't remain peaceful for...
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    Chernobyl (the series) as template for dystopian atompunk?

    Months after watching it, I'm still thinking of Craig Mazin's mini-series Chernobyl, not only because I was in my early teens when the accident happened and it brings back memories, but also because of the masterful reconstitution of late Soviet daily life. It now occurs to me that 1980s USSR...
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    The bomb does explode: WI the 1962 air strike on the South Vietnamese presidential palace had been successful?

    On 27 February 1962, two disgruntled pilots from the Republic of Vietnam Air Force took off with their A-1 Skyraider ground attack planes, and instead of conducting a bombing raid on Viet Cong positions in the Mekong delta as ordered, they targeted Ngo Dinh Diem's presidential palace. It was a...
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    AH challenge: Nominal survival of the Ottomans after WW1?

    What would have needed to go differently during the Turkish War of Independence, for the Ottoman regime to remain nominally in place instead of being deposed by the Turkish National Movement? I'm calling this an Italian scenario because Mehmed VI (or one of his relatives) would likely be a...
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    Which script does WIAF's independent Yakutia use?

    Thirteen years ago, when With Iron and Fire was still in its early stages of development, Chuck Häberl contributed the story "Jakutija", in which the misadventures of two Siberian linguists resulted in their newly independent country adopting as its official script Soyombo, rather than the Latin...