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    Drake's Drum

    Among the many good covers of the SLP collection, this is definitely one of the best ones. Generally speaking, it was a clever idea to go for a recognizable style with the cover art, now it's part of the SLP brand.
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    Conquest of the British Raj

    I don't think the Qing dynasty, even at the height of its power, had the capability nor, in fact, the will, to vassalize the Indian subcontinent. What might happen, however, is that China's attempt to invade Burma in the 1760s is successful and the kingdom gets turned into a tributary state...
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    If the Civil Rights Act hadn't been passed, when/would the individual Southern states repeal segregation?

    My guess is that the go-to pretext would be "freedom of association". Surely a man is entitled to decide who gets to enter his property and who he agrees to do business with [gendered language deliberate] without the nanny state interfering in the matter?
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    Interviewing the AH Community: Alex Wallace of 'Alternate History Online'

    I've always felt that making the country's largest city also the national capital helps keep the government on its toes for that very reason: if popular discontent gets bad enough, the people can just march up and storm the seats of power. That's more difficult to do if the capital is a distant...
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    Interviewing the AH Community: Alex Wallace of 'Alternate History Online'

    For Ottawa, you'll need to ask @Bruno . Now this raises an interesting question, what would it have taken for Washington D.C. to become the American Saint Petersburg?
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    Interviewing the AH Community: Alex Wallace of 'Alternate History Online'

    It amazes me that online alternate history has now been around long enough that it's possible to take a historical perspective to it, its growth, evolution, etc. The first iteration of what would become AH.com was founded 20 years ago, before many of its current members were born. It seems that...
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    Forgotten Conflicts: The Libyan-Chadian War

    This specific conflict is one of those for me. I was a teen at the time, and I remember that the Aozou Strip came up in the news every once in a while.
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    Unbuilt Paris

    What, no Plan Voisin? My personal favorite unbuilt Paris is the one in the Jour J story "L'Imagination au pouvoir?" A civil war that erupts after the death of De Gaulle in 1968 destroys much of the city, which is then rebuilt according to the principles of psychedelic counterculture. Several of...
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    "Hipster" Politicians Thread

    In 1940, one of the co-founders of the America First Committee alongside a youthful Gerald Ford was Yale Law School student R. Douglas Stuart Jr., heir of the Quaker Oats business. He would later become active in the Republican Party and served as ambassador to Norway under Reagan. In different...
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    Ryan's Reviews: Fatherland, by Robert Harris

    Ever since I started doing academic research on the relationship between the UK and the EU a quarter-century ago, I've simply come across too many claims that European integration is the Third Reich by another name to be entirely convinced that the cover art wasn't coincidental.
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    Ryan's Reviews: Fatherland, by Robert Harris

    I'm not blaming Harris, but in the story the alternate European Community is a completely incidental detail, so what I wonder about is the ulterior motive of featuring the flag prominently on the cover, when it would have been just as good to have the swastika alone. Not to mention that a...
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    Ryan's Reviews: Fatherland, by Robert Harris

    Huh, I had never noticed until now that the first UK edition of the book featured the flag of the European Union next to the Nazi one on its cover. Because why waste an opportunity to associate European integration with Nazi Germany, it's not like that will ever be taken seriously by anyone down...
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    Review - The Plot Against America

    I've only watched the first episode so far, and I was concerned that the series would make the same mistake as the book and go for a second-order counterfactual. I'm reassured to know that it actually ends on a more ambiguous note. John Turturro's performance is impressive; a lesser actor would...
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    The SLP Flag Thread

    That's a great flag indeed for a FH post-Communist China. It would also work great in the setting of The Expanse.
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    Scenes We'd Like To See: Alternate Movies, Television & Other Pop Culture Miscellanea

    For pandemic-related reasons, the summer of 2020 was the first one in over 40 years without a big-budget Hollywood movie. This article reflects on the hiatus and the broader history of the summer blockbuster: Between Jaws, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas can...
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    Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition: There must be in-groups whom the law protects...

    Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect. (Francis M. Wilhoit)
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    Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld: How plausible is the AH?

    In Curtis Sittenfeld's AH novel Rodham, the POD is in 1971 when Hillary turns down Bill's proposition. This makes little difference for the next two decades, but in 1992 Bill Clinton fails to overcome the scandal of his womanizing and loses the primary to Paul Tsongas. George H. W. Bush wins his...
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    WI Finland yields to Soviet demands rather than fight?

    Also a fair question. The military experience of the post-purge Red Army would be limited to the clashes against Japan and the invasion of Poland, both of which were lopsided victories. Does anyone know if there was a serious effort OTL to learn the lessons of the Winter War?
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    WI Finland yields to Soviet demands rather than fight?

    In OTL, Finland was the exception among the USSR's Western neighbors which Stalin bullied into granting territorial concessions. But its intransigeance wasn't a foregone conclusion: even Mannerheim thought it best to yield to Soviet demands rather than risk all-out war. So what if the matter had...
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    French Oran

    Indeed. Like, seriously, you can count on the fingers of both hands the French movies about the Indochinese and Algerian wars combined.