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    WI: Radio Presidential Debates

    One idea which I find interesting is whether or not the major party nominees would agree to a nationwide radio presidential debate around the 1920s-1940s. Could this had been done? What circumstances would have to be there in order for this to become a possibility? How would this impact American...
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    WI: Balkanized America as a result of a worse Great Depression

    This is a topic which has come up many times before, but I haven't really seen it done well, so I wonder what you guys may think of this. If a worse Great Depression had caused America to collapse, and then balkanize, what new countries may emerge? How would they be run? What would their...
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    AHC/WI: Esperanto becomes the lingua franca

    Could Esperanto become the lingua franca of the world? If so, what would the impact of that be?
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    Should the Writing forum be made public?

    I don't see any reason why it shouldn't. It may get a lot more people to sign up, as they can now see TLs and may sign up to comment on TLs and be inspired to make their own. And besides, if you look at the other alternate history forums such as AH.com, the Sufficient Velocity AH forum, and the...
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    No Safavids

    What would had happened had there been no Safavid Empire? Little known fact but prior to the Safavids Iran was a Sunni Muslim region, so no Safavids may lead to Iran remaining Sunni. The Safavids were also the first native Persian empire to rule over all of Persia since the Sassanians.
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    Soviet Civil War

    Could the USSR's collapse been a lot more violent? What would be the best POD for that to happen? Perhaps had the 1991 coup gone awry, but I think it is a bit too late for that.
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    2013 Intervention in Syria

    What if the crisis sparked by the Ghouta attack in 2013 led to the US intervening in Syria? This will surely lead to a fall of the Assad regime, but what will the aftermath of it be?
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    Resource Thread

    I thought this was a good idea. People can post a list a books they have which might help people in developing a more plausible AH, and others can ask in this thread for books about a specific topic.
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    PC/AHC: Yugoslavia survives

    Could Yugoslavia survive following a POD after World War II? Or was its problems too big to overcome? And if it could survive, what would need to take place?
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    Interesting PODs not commonly used

    I posted a thread like this on AH.com, and I want to see SLP's ideas. One idea I've thought about is an Arab Maghreb Union, which can happen in a plausible way if you can somehow find a way to prevent the Western Sahara dispute.
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    PC/AHC: Silver Republicans & Gold Democrats

    Could the two main parties position on currency been reversed? If so, how could it had been done?
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    Thurmond does it

    Let's say Thurmond manages to deadlock the Electoral College in 1948. What happens next? I think Dewey and Truman might work out a deal instead of negotiating with Thurmond, yet in any case this will be a major boon to segregationists. You might see a campaign, which might succeed, advocating...
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    PC/AHC: Partial failure for the Revolutions of 1989

    An idea I think is interesting is where most revolutions in Eastern Europe fail, but there are a few countries which do manage to end communism. Is this plausible, and if so how can this be achieved?
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    Reverse Cold War

    I made a similar thread on AH.com but it didn't get much attention. The idea here is that a liberal, democratic Russia faces off against a communist America. Looking at older threads many people seem to think it's very hard to have this be accomplished, but I think it is more likely than what...
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    Soviets don't intervene in Afghanistan in 1979

    There were many in the Soviet Politburo who thought that going into Afghanistan was a bad idea. Say they manage to convince Brezhnev that it is. What would happen next? I can see the situation in Afghanistan leading to a civil war, with the USSR giving the communists military and monetary aid...
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    WI: Nixon victory in 1960

    The 1960 US Presidential Election was awfully close. Had Nixon won in 1960, how would his presidency turn out?
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    Madagascar Revolt during World War I

    In the 1910s there was a nationalist secret society in Madagascar known as the Vy Vato Sakelika which had the aim of expelling the French from the island and restoring the Merina Kingdom. At the same time, there was no French commander in Madagascar. VVS was founded a year before World War I. If...