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    A larger Spanish Guinea

    A lot of this depends on how Spain is able to get a larger Spanish Guinea which will be linked to broader Spanish political and geopolitical situation. I don't think it plausible that Spain can hold all the territory without serious changes to the later war with Britain and the Napoleonic Wars...
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    Alex's Comissions and Maps Thread

    Cool and very pretty. What year is it?
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    Cartographicum Thandeum

    So, this isn't FTPT, the margin of victory isn't important in establishing safe seats. Surely a better approach is to show the percentage victory for the lead candidate. So: Local authority X Brexit Party 40% Liberals 30% Labour 25% etc. and Local authority Y Brexit Party 30% Liberals 20%...
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    Cartographicum Thandeum

    I too have noticed that Leeds local election Wikipedia is very very good right now. Consider that every ward has its own page and electoral history, for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirkstall_(ward) Now as for the all ups. The reason we desperately needed to shift the boundaries was...