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    PODs of the Thirty Years War XXX

    Thirty! You made it! I do wonder whether the peace talks happened there because of the arrangement for neutrality in place since the early 1640s. That map is amazing too. All the little Köln exclaves, and then the just giving up with 'Kleinstaaten'.
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    An Ocean of Flame: "Roll Northumbria" and Alternate History

    I was expecting this to be an AH hypothesis where a surviving Kingdom of Northumbria becomes the ruler of the waves but this was even nicer!
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    French Oran

    Population of Oran in the 1960s: slightly over 300,000 people with maybe room for an extra 100,000 inhabitants from the people who fled during the war. Today: 600,000 in the city, with an extra 700,000 in the surrounding suburbs. There's just no room for the more than a million people...
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    What If Belgium and the Netherlands Had Remained One Country?

    This is outrageous! This is called Bois-le-Duc!
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    French Oran

    Uh? The OAS were the French soldiers who wanted to keep fighting despite the announcement Algeria would choose its own fate, not Algerian independence fighters.
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    French Oran

    I'm not saying the 'native' Algerians will be violent, though they'd still have reason to want their rattachement to independent Algeria. I'm saying the OAS will be, out of all proportion, and will be looking to cause massacres.
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    French Oran

    There was a place the French kept but in Tunisia and it was a naval base at Bizerte. This is how it went on. Clear victory on the ground for the French and two years later, the Tunisians got them to leave just like they wanted in the first place. Militarily, Oran can be probably be held on to...
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    Exploring Alternate Wars of the Roses: The Other Warwick

    I found it clear enough. What gets me furious every time, though, and that's not directed towards you at all, is the tendency to refer to people exclusively by their title and to switch to their new ones sometimes without any attention being drawn to it. At least include their bloody names! I...
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    Roman Marcomannia

    Not a guarantee: see the Illyrian and Dalmatian provinces now having now a Slavic language. Not sure exactly why it kept in Romania, @Yokai Man might be able to illuminate us on this one, but in Gaul and Hispania it required a large buy-in by elites already favourably looking towards Rome and...
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    Africa during the Scramble: The Great Lakes Kingdoms

    It gets weirder. Their tombs were later excavated and found empty. Some also claim it wasn't turning 'native' but extremely advanced syphilis making their brains rot. The claim about that speech are apparently repeated in a 2012 book overviewing colonial societies. But this might just be...
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    Africa during the Scramble: The Great Lakes Kingdoms

    Those two were so infamous they actually were mentioned in middle school, I think. What if Aguirre got mixed with The Man Who Would be King and it ended up worse than in either case.
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    Chains of Consequences: the Perils of Choosing a Veep

    One thing left out is that while the Vice-Presidency was the aforementioned 'bucket of piss', up until fairly recently, that has not been true in the past three decades: starting with Al Gore, but continued with both Cheney and Biden, the Vice-Presidents have had enormous influence and an...
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War XXIX

    They lost control of Brunswick. The name of their bloody duchy. Granted, that happened all the time in the HRE, most notably with the Archbishop of Cologne being forbidden to set foot in the city, I believe, but still!
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War XXIX

    Fucking Guelphs.
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    What makes a Commodore?

    Sabra and Shatila were not forgotten names in France's far-left ten or fifteen years ago. There was hardly a demonstration where they got out where the names did not appear on some banners. I dearly hope Yousef Nazzal is not the same man as the academic in Zayed University?
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    How Germany Was Divided: A History of Partition Plans

    For complete head-fuckery, he was a major mover and shaker in the LoN, then was the guy who pushed the Franco-British union during the fall of France. Huge de Gaulle opponent (including poisoning the well re FDR) and then one of his major people. Was a big financier and also father of France's...
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    Poland goes Protestant in 1562

    It does mean Henri Valois is not offered the crown. He had had Protestant leanings in childhood but that was gone and there were bona fide Protestant princes available.
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    AHC/WI: Esperanto becomes the lingua franca

    That's the sort of thing that would need a sweeping cultural change in France. Five centuries of conscious imperialistic strategy through language (plenty other imperialism through other means, of course) is not going to vanish because the League is asking nicely.
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    Review: Queensway

    Honestly made me think of Keyser Söze.