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    PODs of the Thirty Years War XXX

    Probably. Denmark's lengthy but unsuccessful talks were in Hamburg as it happens. Certainly everyone seems to have agreed it needed to be on the opposite side of the empire to Bavaria/Austria.
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    An Ocean of Flame: "Roll Northumbria" and Alternate History

    That is one of the best thought-experiment wanderings I've ever come across.
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    Election maps and assorted others

    Brisbane's shifts compared to the static picture elsewhere look interesting.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    The concept of 'the President so awful that it makes the public wonder what the problem was we had with the monarchy anyway' is a fascinating one. Especially if the lack of establishment means Andrew's been actually hung out to dry by the direct line of succession.
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    Rajneeshi Community

    It does definitely look like they could have been able to essentially take the county over- they were already 10% or so of the population at the height after all.
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    What If Belgium and the Netherlands Had Remained One Country?

    Doesn't that sort of PoD mean Antwerp either doesn't fall, or is probably quickly recaptured and so the majority of the population who fled return home within a few years? Which would make Brabant more of a reformed centre as well.
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    What If Belgium and the Netherlands Had Remained One Country?

    The biggest effects would undoubtedly have been the religious balance of the early republic- Brabant and (most of?) Flanders would have to be voting provinces even if the Dutch don't manage to claim the rest of the south, which essentially means there's a strong in-built Catholic block- they'd...
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    Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

    The arguments about whether Dodos or Roombas are better pets must be superb.
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    Alliance: Metamorphosis

    Nothing wrong with a little Kafka of course.
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    Election maps and assorted others

    Always been impressed by those two bits of the Rhineland that still voted Zentrum even in '33.
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    Callan's Graphics and Things

    I'm assuming Tennant's Master is a blend of his darker moments as the Doctor and Kilgrave?
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    Alliance: Metamorphosis

    First things first, welcome aboard. I think this falls into the category of 'yes, once you've explained it it all makes sense.' Which is an issue in both marketing and politics where you're somewhat relying on people making an immediate snap decision on whether to look further.
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    Roman Marcomannia

    Dacia also had extensive resources, that's why they tried to keep it.
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    Roman Marcomannia

    It's more that if they've got a province on either side, it would be a significant shortening of the borders.
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    A Loyal City on a Hill - The Commonwealth Wank

    Seems like the CNPP might soon be restricted to just PA and NJ.
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    Roman Marcomannia

    I'd have thought it would be similar in history to Dacia? A difficult province to hold, subject to frequent raids that lasts about a century before being lost and given up 50 years later. There'd probably be a serious attempt to conquer the Free Dacians in the lands in-between the two...
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    The Rise and Fall (And Possible Rise?) Of Girls Comics, Part Two

    The lack of an actually organised fanbase does strike me as something that's very difficult to change- that feels very 'outside box' culture rather than the sort of 'inside box' issues within the industry that could be affected by a different editor or something.
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    AH Run-downs, summaries and general gubbins

    I'm assuming it was the SDP who championed the lignite mines here then?
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    Africa during the Scramble: The Great Lakes Kingdoms

    I'd been aware of some of this- mostly the 1890s Hutu-Tutsi situation- but the complexities in Buganda and their impact on the historiography were new. It's amazing how much the whole continent suddenly became very interconnected very suddenly in that period.
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    Caprice's Maps and What-Not

    Probably the geographic centre of the nation.