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    Peter the Great Killed At Poltava

    IOTL the Battle of Poltava in 1709 was a decisive Russian victory, ending King Charles XII of Sweden's invasion of Russian and turning the tide of the Great Northern War. But it nearly ended in tragedy. During the battle Peter the Great was shot in the chest, only surviving because the bullet...
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    Successful Anarcho-Syndicalism

    IOTL Anarcho-Syndicalism was a major strain of leftist ideology in the 1910s-1930s. There were several very large anarcho-syndicalist organizations during this time, such as the Industrial Workers of the World (150,000 members at it's peak in 1917), the Italian Syndicalist Union (500,000 members...
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    WI: George Washington Leaves Office After One Term?

    By the end of his first term George Washington was feeling pretty sick of politics and being President. He planned on not running for a second term (going so far as to have James Madison draft a farewell message in 1792), but was convinced to run again because he felt he was the only person who...
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    WI: Surviving Catharism

    Catharism was a Gnostic heresy that was primarily active in Southern France and Northern Italy between the 1100s and 1300s. They believed that the material world was evil and that a person would be continually reincarnated until they renounced material things, and also believed that the material...