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    Spain keeps Mexico.

    If the US goes to war with Spain over Texas etc. does it take the opportunity to take Cuba and Puerto Rico?
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    Alternate World War 2

    The most frustrating thing about WW2 is that there's a literal world full of potential PODs, but 99% of discussion is about the same 5 or 6. Same with the ACW and to a lesser extent WWI.
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    New Schedule and Editor

    Three cheers for Andy for this year, and three cheers to Youngmarshall for taking over.
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    George Galloway's Queensway

    It would be hilarious if this book turned out to be absolutely brilliant. Of course, the odds of that happening are about the same as me winning the lottery, getting struck by lightning, and then getting eaten by a shark, but it's possible. Skinny I love you Skinny
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    We live in a society.

    We live in a society.
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    What If More Vikings or the Chola Empire Colonize the Americas?

    It's relevant because we're discussing the Vikings, a subject that the Nazis took a great deal of interest in. We should be extra dubious of anything a Nazi claims about the Vikings, because Nazis and Neo-Nazis have a habit of making shit up about them.
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    If those who had died in "their time" had lived longer (if Oscar Wilde had seen WWI and other ideas)

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the "father of anarchism", died in 1865, 6 years before the Paris Commune would try to implement parts of his program before being crushed by the French government. Proudhon was only 56 when he died, so he could have easily lived for a decade or two after the Commune's...
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    Question: is this before or after the Kongo's slave trade had been largely closed to the Portuguese? Also, what is the possibility of Antonian missionaries spreading the Word through Africa?
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    Peter the Great Killed At Poltava

    IOTL the Battle of Poltava in 1709 was a decisive Russian victory, ending King Charles XII of Sweden's invasion of Russian and turning the tide of the Great Northern War. But it nearly ended in tragedy. During the battle Peter the Great was shot in the chest, only surviving because the bullet...
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    What If Catholic Monks Led the First Expeditions to the Americas?

    Why exactly would Catholic monks lead the first expeditions? Prior to Columbus's journey there's no good reason for Catholic monks to cross the Atlantic, and afterwards the secular authorities have every reason to explore, invade, and colonize these lands. Furthermore, I question the idea that...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Not the worst name in Star Wars. Originally the Emperor was going to be Cos Dashit, but someone must have told George Lucas to sound it out and he was renamed Palpatine.
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    Thande's Retro Look at Sea Lion Press Titles

    I'm not sure I follow. I know he was a Conservative, but did he work for them or something?
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    Thande's Retro Look at Sea Lion Press Titles

    What ever happened to EdT?
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    How could Benjamin Franklyn been first u.s. president??

    Franklin's age and health put him completely out of the running for President. At the time of the Constitutional Convention he was 81 years old and in poor health, suffering from a sizeable bladder stone that left him in great pain and often bedridden. He died in 1790, so had he been President...
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    What If the Mali Empire or a Chinese Empire Colonizes the Americas?

    I would add to this that slavery in the Americas was based on simple economic logic: the European powers had a ton of new land and resources that they wished to exploit as cheaply as possible, and the obvious solution to that is to enslave people. I don't see why the Chinese, Malians, or any...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Well for starters Zhirinovsky is obviously Caligula.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    I kind of want it to be real, just because the idea of a bunch of rich businessmen picking notorious critic of American corporations Smedley Butler as their plot's leader tickles me pink.
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    New moderator: Redolegna

    Welcome aboard @Redolegna. Excellent choice.
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    Citizenship, Subjecthood and Nationality in Alternate History

    You could see that too, but what I'm thinking of is having completely different racial categories emerging, or even no categories at all. For example, in a world where China was the dominant colonial power we might not see the concept of "Asian" emerge, or in a world where Islam becomes the...
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    Citizenship, Subjecthood and Nationality in Alternate History

    A related discussion we could talk about is race. Given that IOTL racial categorizations were created in response to colonialism and the need to justify European hegemony it's pretty clear that we could end up with different categories. And that in turn effects how people would view citizenship...