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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Yeah, I don't think it was real because of that.
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    What would 1960s Nazi Germany actually look like?

    Speaking of organic stuff I can see the Nazis pretending to be ecological minded in propaganda and having people infiltrate green movements in the West and trying to turn them Nazi-friendly.
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    Steampunk Research Thread

    Didn't Charlie Stross basically that Steampunk should shine a light on the horrors of the Victorian era and not a cogs-based pulp adventure novel?
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    What would 1960s Nazi Germany actually look like?

    TBH, I can see the East be like a punishment detail for like the people in the military and SS too well-connected to fire, sending the fuckups to man the radar stations in the urals, combined with really ideological German settlers in the towns would be grim as hell.
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    What would 1960s Nazi Germany actually look like?

    Now I am half-imagining punks with armbands of Stars of David and Polish Home Army logos playing ska or reggae because if the Nazis despised Jazz then they would hate Ska as well.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    My first foray in AH was reading a YA novel about a failed American Revolution with the founders in exile in Spanish Louisiana. I'd never heard of Turtledov until AH.com
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    Far right anti-colonialism?

    On another note I can see a scenario where a surviving reformed USSR attracts a bunch of western Nazbols and Yockey acolytes seeing the USSR as a white bulwark against the Sino-Muslim hordes.
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    WI: President Nixon (1961-???)

    I can see Nixon's Civil Rights Act to be both half-baked and pleasing no one. I can also see this scenario being a great backdrop for a story.
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    Far right anti-colonialism?

    TTL's German fascists could kickstart "The Great Replacement" conspiracy theory several decades ahead.
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    Far right anti-colonialism?

    That or Switzerland.
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    Far right anti-colonialism?

    Well there are the Eurasianists that use Anti-imperialist rhetoric, but that is in service trying to rebirth a new russian empire.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I'd blame Guns of the South but I think it goes farther than that.
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    Vichy stays recognised diplomatically

    This lowkey reminds me of what happened with Greece like the Anglo/Americans backing a group that was shall we say ideologically opposed to the resistance on the ground.
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    Times that I think I was all alone, I just sit back and think I haven't sold my soul

    Times that I think I was all alone, I just sit back and think I haven't sold my soul
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    Left SR don't revolt against the Brest-Litovsk Treaty

    I can see them ending up like the other parties in the PRC's United Front.
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    Hitler assassinated by foreign citizen pre-WWII. What happens next?

    I can see this third reich surviving with no Eastern Front lasting until the late forties when nukes and Stalin comes knocking.
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    Go West My Queen!: A Fantastical History

    Nice, a not-fantasy Huey Long.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I would pay good money for a West Wing parody of that TL.
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    Post-Reich reordering of Europe - Operation Humpty Dumpty?

    I can see the Baltic be like a German Transdnesieria as well.