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    Liberal Party after larger 1966 Labour victory

    In 1966, Labour under Harold Wilson won a large majority of 96, and came close to winning seats such as Bath, Truro, Yeovil, Cheltenham, Isle of Ely, Hereford, Colchester, or South Gloucestershire (much of which is now covered by Thornbury and Yate), which went on to became areas of Liberal...
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    WI: Newt Gingrich primaried in 1992?

    In 1992, Newt Gingrich, then House Minority Whip, faced a primary challenge from Georgia State Rep Herman Clark, who attacked him for his involvement in the House banking scandal, and won by only 980 votes. What if that primary goes the other way? What does the GOP look like without a man who...
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    WI: Moderates win 2010 Swedish election

    Calling @Utgard96 and @Makemakean In the 2010 election, the Moderate Party almost dethroned the Social Democrats as the largest party in Sweden - the SAP received 30.7% and 112 seats while the Moderates got 107 seats and 30.1%. Let's assume for the sake of argument that Mona Sahlin messes up...
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    Different left candidate in 2015 Labour leadership election

    During the scramble to find a candidate of their own for the 2015 Labour leadership election, the Labour left reportedly considered candidates other than Jeremy Corbyn, including Jon Trickett or Lisa Nandy. So what if Trickett or Nandy or somebody else had been the left candidate after all...
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    Email notifications

    I still get emails saying that there are new posts in the PMQs thread (because I've posted it and therefore am watching it) even though I've unchecked the 'receive email notifications' box in my settings. What else can I do?