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    A Stitch in Time: A Cross-Atlantic Timeline

    Welcome to my unified thread for A Stitch in Time, the name of the umbrella timeline binding my American Three's A Crowd and my British Spoil the Broth, both of which present much more unstable party systems than the OTL American two and British two-and-minnows party systems This is the world...
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    Three's A Crowd: 2020 Democratic Opinion Polling - 2018

    As Americans prepare to go to the polls for the midterms, some of them will chance to encounter with a rare creature - a pollster! This pollster isn't asking them about the midterms, but about who will they want to support in the coming primaries for 2020. While most of them think "It's too...
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    Three's A Crowd: The 2016 Presidential Election

    Might as well set up a poll just for the sake of it, just to see people's views and decisions and whatnot. Predicting Klobuchar klobbering o'klock tho It has been four years since President Warren Beatty won a landslide victory in the election, and it is time for the American people to decide...
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    Contact Light: A universe of rainbow imperialism

    We evolved once, long long ago, on an unknown planet called Earth We must have done well, but then the Mice came Crafty, cunning, malevolent, they took us all and enslaved us Some became their cruel experiments and became... something other than human Others were sent to mine resources to...
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    Slight change request

    This is my profile page's search thing, and it's all unseeable unless you mouse over it. I didn't know there was other options until I moused over it just now Could it be changed so that we can read the other options, maybe in white text?
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    Glitchy frontpage?

    When I have my phone sideways, like I normally do, I find it hard to open the list to get to the forum or the books or basically anything. Just tried it vertically and it's somewhat better, but still unresponsive some of the time.
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    More options in Personal Messages?

    I find I can't delete things or edit them after a while, and this can be awfully awkward. Is there a way this could be dealt with? If not, thanks for reading anyway.
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    Azul Chronicles Thread.

    Yeah, this is basically the thread for anything Azul Chronicles. First of all, a disclaimer just to make sure it's clear who created the map: The base map I use to portray Azulia is not mine, it belongs to "Imperator Frank" over on Alternatehistory.com and is used with permission. Anyway...
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    Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

    Since everyone else is doing it, might as well. Although I do question why we don't have an united graphics thing where people can post their graphics and everyone else can comment on it. I feel that would encourage a sense of discussion rather than "this thread is mine" etc. Anyway, for The...