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    Formula One whatifs

    I've discovered that stupendous website last month and I can't get my mind out of it. https://www.statsf1.com/en/default.aspx There are trillions of whatifs hidden in that site guts. Gilles Villeneuve, for a start. At the time of his death (May 8, 1982) he was completely disgusted with...
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    mind-blowing historical coincidences thread

    as said in the title... the same surgeon, Professor Émile Letournel, repaired the badly broken legs of many french F1 drivers - 1979 Patrick Depailler - 1980 Jean Pierre Jabouille - 1982 Didier Pironi - 1986 Jacques Laffitte while he did a good job every time it was career ending. And it...
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    Space TLs - for the common man - needs tips and advice.

    This adress to non die-hard fans of the space program, with basic or reasonnable knowledge of space matters. I also deals with hard space TLs, I mean rooted in the space program as it happened, 1957 - 2017. In ten years at AH.com I felt that space TLs were a class on their own. Sure, the board...
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    Grab bag of cancelled manned space flights

    http://www.astronautix.com/y/yourflighthbeencancelled.html As said in the title: a bunch of manned spaceflights program were cancelled close enough from their first flights. Kind of multiverse manned spaceflight graveyard :) - DynaSoar (first flight planned for 1965) - MOL military space...
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    My own take at "Apollo program does not stop"

    As said in the tin. There is a simple POD for the lunar flights not to stop by 1972. Back to November 1968, when Nixon was elected. As every president, he had a transition team and they wrote a report on the space program. The chairman was Charles H. Townes, who got the Nobel Prize in 1966 for...