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  1. J

    Invasion of Afghanistan Delayed, 2001-2002

    This can all be taken with a major dosage of salt considering some of the sources out there and the need to try and make things dramatic but the Invasion of Afghanistan, by the US, NATO and Australian forces in 2001 was kind of a shoestring operation. Not that thats too crazy a thing, the allies...
  2. J

    Japhy's Maps in the Wall thread

    I'm clearly not all that well known for my Maps, but I've done a few over the years and I figure as part of my grand reorganization it would be good to post some here. Some I'm proud of, some are very bland things that are mostly in existance purely for Utilitarian needs. This one is mostly in...
  3. J

    Bestist Non-SLP AH

    As the title says, now that the worst discussion has pretty much settled on my pick being correct, what is Best in AH that isn't here?
  4. J

    Japhy's American Civil War AH Grabbag

    I have been considering, for a year or more at this point eventually putting my feet back in the water of trying to put together some stuff about the ACW being as its always one of the most popular settings for Alternate History. Not to cause too much of a fuss but I've been a bit worried about...
  5. J

    ACW: Backdoor to Richmond, 1864

    Whats an AH website without someone like me tossing up multiple American Civil War What Ifs? So, in 1864 the Union had finally the means, and the leadership to pull off a coordinated offensive against the Confederacy. The Grant-Sherman plan sought to overwhelm the Confederate forces and to...
  6. J

    Japhy's HoS&G List Thread

    This isn't some sort of discontent at the main thread which is shaping up fine but I'm going to on some slow work days pull up old lists I've made elsewhere on the web, fix them up a bit and store them here. Obviously people can ask about them or critique them too, especially as more then a few...