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  1. Shock

    New member From United States
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  2. Tsar of New Zealand

    Hurts my case, but that's okay From New Zealand
  3. Indicus

    <insert title here> From Trawno
  4. TheCoolCucumber

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  5. lurker

    New member
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  6. zaffre

    And, they are racist From Massachusetts
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  7. awnman

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  8. Japhy

    You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Joe Kenn 30 From Albany, NY
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  9. theev

    Chief Strategist of the UMass Democrats
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  10. Lowtuff

    Well-known member From Petropavlosk-on-the-Rhine
  11. rmanoj

    Branch Dravidian 29
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  12. Oppo

    Erik Ƭ̵̬̊
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  13. Dom

    my word is my bond From Auckland via London
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  14. MAC88

    Well-known member From WI, USA
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  15. Sulemain

    ungodly man of learning From Coventry
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  16. Mosak

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