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  1. Uhura's Mazda

    Queer Hardie From Tamaki Makaurau
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  2. napoleon IV

    Jacob REEEEEEEs-Mogg
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  3. Dom

    Untitled Moderator Account From Auckland via London
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  4. RQ7y7

    New member
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  5. Tsar of New Zealand

    Popular Front for the Defeat of Bidenism From Wellington
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  6. Boru

    New member
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  7. Death's Companion

    Well-known member
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  8. d32123

    Well-known member From Seattle
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  9. OwenM

    Your guess is as good as mine. 23 From Colwyn Bay/Manchester
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  10. Md139115

    You have not even begun to grasp the madness
  11. theev

    Well-known member
  12. Woolly Mammoth

    100% Woolly
  13. Callan

    Absolutely Dire From Toronto
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  14. von mises

    Psycho killer, qu'est-ce que est? From Tiverton and Honiton
  15. Elektronaut

    Twinkxtinction Rebellion
  16. Archdeacon of Dunwich

    That's Except for Posters in Scotland
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  17. Sulemain

    Raise Your Fist, 95th! From Coventry
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  18. Indicus

    Active member
  19. Bruno

    Weird Writer From Ottawa
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