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  1. Alex Richards

    With his appurtenances From Derbyshire
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  2. Callan

    Absolutely Dire From Toronto
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  3. Time Enough

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  4. von mises

    Stalin From Abertawe
  5. Skaven

    Campist by 2020, Posadist by 2021
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  6. asanh

    handsome and intelligent aristocrat
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  7. iainbhx

    Wicked Uncle
  8. Dan1988

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  9. Ingsoc

    In my head canon Blair is still PM
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  10. Space Oddity

    Yes, It's Me Again. Plain To See Again.
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  11. MernStahl

    Egocentrism, say it with me
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  12. Nanwe

    The Troika always wins From Lund, DK
  13. Skinny87

    Nye Bevan, with the Crocodile, in the GMC Chambers
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  14. Septicrd

    New member
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  15. Youngmarshall

    A neutral milk hotel is a complicit milk hotel From Occupied Northumbria
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  16. OwenM

    Your guess is as good as mine. 22 From Colwyn Bay/Manchester
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  17. RyanF

    Abbot of Unreason From Falkirk
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  18. Yokai Man

    Active member
  19. aurinoko

    fuck him up socrates From Back home
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  20. Death's Companion

    Well-known member
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