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  1. Mosak

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  2. Guernsey Donkey

    Kimi No Sei
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  3. Hendryk

    There will be adequate food From France
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  4. Torten

    Well-known member
  5. Comisario

    Well-known member From Plaistow, London
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  6. von mises

  7. simonmacm

    New member
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  8. Redolegna

    Champagne Socialist 29 From Paris
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  9. ViktorVonVibblestein

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  10. OwenM

    Your guess is as good as mine. 22 From Colwyn Bay/Manchester
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  11. Rasputin

    Essentially winging it From Khanate of the Crimson Horde
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  12. Mumby

    'I love the pun he will go far' From Lincoln District, North Midland Region, CWGB
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  13. Stateless

    Skinny, born in '87, therefore my username is -
  14. Tom Colton

    the eu is like asean but it actually does things From Singapore
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  15. Lavidor

    Active member
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  16. Lord Roem

    Banish Bercow to the land of winds and ghosts From Surrey Quays
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  17. Youngmarshall

    Who will slate the Geordies when I'm gone? From Occupied Northumbria
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  18. Ulster

    Well-known member 25
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  19. David Flin

    Professionals get paid.
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