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Turquoise Blue

Turquoise Blue
Name: Gwen Rachel Jones.
Nicknames: Tibby! ^^

Hello! I'm Tibby and nice to meet you! I'm a profoundly deaf person so if ever you meet me keep that in mind!

I like doing worldbuilding and alternate politics which are my favourite things to do AHwise!

I'm from Wales which is a beautiful country and I love it to bits!
Oct 16, 1995 (Age: 24)
Kemr, FK




Here's my timelines.
The far future - one of imperialism, catgirls and SPAAACE - Contact Light
Catgirl hackers in Atlantis? A fae leading Roman Ibadi Muslim Wales? The world's gone nuts. - Turn Around, Bright Eyes.
The story, not of a world, but of a single (Welsh-Korean fused) people. - Notes on Treforic Culture - Part 4: Name Registers



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