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    AH Challenge: Put a professional con artist in high office

    If we're talking Russian royal impostors surely False Dmitry I merits a mention, given he was 'successful' enough to be Tsar for a little while? There's probably several royal impostors who you could contrive a way to get onto the throne, in the right circumstances.
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    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    Any chance for Senator Charles Hardy and the 1930s Riverina Movement in NSW to get off the ground in any capacity? Or was enthusiasm for that always doomed to dissipate with the removal of the contentious Labor Premier Jack Lang?
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    Prequel Problems: Endeavour

    Make it a feel good story about Lovecraft's relationship with his pet cat. There's no way that could be controversial.
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    'Superman: Red Son' film review

    He could have just befriended Stalin's real son after saving the hockey team from their plane crash.
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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The Taiping (and Their Multitude of Foibles)

    Yang Xiuqing, Shi Dakai, and Hong Rengan all fulfilled prime minister-ish roles for a time IOTL (you often see them referred to as 'chief minister'), but it never really worked out- the power went to Yang's head and he plotted usurpation (or he was disliked enough that his enemies could...
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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The Taiping (and Their Multitude of Foibles)

    Perhaps, but I imagine much of the (''properly'') Christian west would still be rather dismissive of Hong's supposed revelation. Even a classical rebel movement that seizes power and establishes a new dynasty would still have China's many entrenched and systematic issues to deal with, though-...
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    Prequel Problems: Jar Jar Binks and the Curate’s Egg

    IDK, there's some of that stuff, but its mostly character-based- the whole Obi-Wan and the droids thing; Leia's memories of her mother; Uncle Owen going from someone who was familiar enough with Anakin to darkly comment about Luke being too much like his father to... Anakin's step-brother who...
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    Louis II of Hungary survives

    I imagine the fortunes of Ferdinand and his descendants would be effected by them only having their Austrian territories and not the Kingdoms of Bohemia and Hungary? Even if you take warring over Hungary to have been more trouble than it was worth historically, doesn't not having Bohemia leave...
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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The Taiping Rebellion

    Because Samurai are more iconic than some Chinese rebellion no one has heard of, I suppose?
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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The Taiping Rebellion

    Yeah, I've always found it fascinating. Supposedly his character in The Last Samurai was very, very, loosely inspired by Ward. But there's not really any commonalities other than ''American doing soldierly things in 19th-century Asia''. We do have Charlton Heston's Khartoum movie, though-...
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    Africa During the Scramble: Prodigal Sons

    Going by that last paragraph, I suppose Ethiopia is the closest we came to an African country remaining independent throughout the colonial period, only disqualified by a few years under Mussolini?
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    WI Bulgarian Monarchy restored after Fall of Communism?

    An Australian Queen of Albania would be cool, if nothing else.
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    Africa during the Scramble: Exile to Paradise

    I've always found the Andamans quite fascinating. Particularly the 'Battle of Aberdeen'.
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    How can Ireland dominate Britain?

    You thinking of the Percy/Mortimer/Glyndwr rebellion against Henry IV?
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    How can Ireland dominate Britain?

    How plausible is a scenario where Ireland is firmly united but England remains split up into a bunch of different statelets (as it was in the post-Roman and Heptarchy periods)? Because then United Ireland could presumably exert itself on the eastern shore of the Irish sea to some extent. I...